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        NewportAluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich company is regularExperience & Specialization          NewportAluminum Alloy Die-castingThere are空然What difficulties should be paid attention to when the design of aluminum alloy pressure casting is concepting and manufacturing. Considering the problem of wall thickness, the thin difference in communication will harm the increasing charging 2. Considering the problem of molding, this is very critical in the specific aluminum pressure casting. In fact, such problems are usually returned. Pay attention to the calculation. Generally, the tilt of the molding is 1 to 3 degrees. Generally, the smoothing of the mold is fully considered. Modeling is 3 to 3 degrees up and down 3. When designing ideas, you can fully consider the problem of stamping molds. If there are several parts of the heart and put on both sides as much as possible, it is best to put it on the upper and lower positions. 4. Some casting parts will have unique regulations, such as oil pumps, powder spraying, etc. At this time, it is also necessary to construct a winding key appearance of the tile in time. Structural types to prevent the appearance of complicated mold design as much as possible, such as, must not be applied to several dysfunction or spirals, etc. 6. For parts that need to be carried out on surface production and processing, pay attention to the appropriate production and processing traffic during part design ideas. It should not be too little, otherwise the crude precision positioning is produced and processed. If the black skin has not been killed, you will wait for the sparks on the grinder. How much is it? It is best not to exceed 0. 8 mm, then the noodle foundation of the processing and processing cannot see the pores, due to the maintenance of the hard layer. 7. There is also to pay attention to the selection of materials, whether to use Sagittarius 12 or A380, etc., you need to see the actual regulations 8. The aluminum alloy profile is not ductile, and the buckle structure can only be matched with plastic. 9. Generally, you cannot do deep holes! Only some holes are made when the grinding gear, and then produced and processed before putting it! 10. If there are thick wall parts and not too thin, and you must use the ribs to improve the ability of the bending strength! Because the temperature of the aluminum alloy pressure casting is 800 degrees Celsius! The lifespan of the mill is generally shorter. Generally, it is like a motor shell. You can only see you from 80K up and down! 11. The design idea of \u200b\u200bcasting components is similar to the design of plastic parts. Some design ideas of plastic parts are basically applicable to casting components. 12. For aluminum alloy profiles, the temperature and work pressure of the mill are much larger than that of plastic, and the accuracy of design ideas is particularly strict. Even if there is a very good mold material, once there is a welding welding, the grinding gear can basically have no service life. Zinc alloy material is similar to plastic, and the abrasive service life is good. 13. Do not have a concave diagonal angle to prevent the grinding gear from collapsed. 14. Although the precision of casting components is high, it is worse than plastic and has a larger molding power than plastic. Generally, the structure cannot be too complicated. When necessary, the complicated parts must be converted into two or more parts. 15. Silkhole of aluminum alloy profiles is generally used as cone pits, and production and processing are selected. For strict cooperation positions for strict regulations, leave 0.2MM's post -yield. 16. Aluminum alloy pressure can easily cause air holes, and it takes multiple aspects of appearance. 17. Aluminum alloy pressure casting (silicon) surface layer does not have the anode oxidation treatment. Generally, it is gray -black. 18. Aluminum alloy pressure casting cannot be performed with anode oxidation, and can be plastic with oil pump or electrostatic. Common aluminum aluminum aluminum 6061, 7075, aluminum casting A356 coloring is very good. There is no necessary contact between the casting components and anode oxidation treatment. There are many types of aluminum casting. You do n’t have to choose silicon aluminum alloy profiles (aluminum casting is divided into Al-SI, AL-CU systems, Al-MG systems, Al-Zn systems, etc., and also doped rare earth elements). Even if the silicon aluminum alloy profile is used, the anode oxidation treatment is not uncomfortable. Generally speaking, aluminum aluminum is more or less silicon, such as 6061 silicon -containing 0.4 ~ 0.8%and 7075 silicon -containing 0.4%. In a word, copper components are not harmful to the oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy attic attic attic anode, but when it is oxidized by hard oxidation and porcelain air, copper and manganese are very harmful). However, when aluminum alloys are very large (\u0026 gt; 7%), it will affect the anode oxidation of aluminum alloy immediately. The key is reflected in the time of air oxidation for a long time, and the membrane layer looks dull. This kind of problem can be treated according to the processing process (for example, without the need to oxidize the air currents with waves). Ability to work. Therefore, aluminum cast \u0026 Ne; silicon aluminum alloy profiles \u0026 ne; can not be oxidized. In addition, talk about the problem of coloring. The anode oxidation treatment of aluminum alloy profiles is two different process processes, which is different from the blue hair blue. Steel hair blue is a dark blue in the air oxide film itself, and the color is developed immediately after the anode oxidation treatment. The air oxide film itself is not completely transparent. The aluminum alloy material is the most suitable for dyeing agent for air oxide film. Nowadays, more application of organic dye color is used. After coloring, it is closed to a closed solution to the air oxide film. In addition, it is also effective to color the metal salt electrolyte, but it is difficult to drift into bright red according to the regulations of the editor!色光

        Newport变静diecast manufacturerIt is important to choose a high -quality die casting. The long -term production and sales of aluminum alloy die castings of the hardware factory have been supported by many friends before building and development. These support should not only promote our factory, but also provide motivation for the development of the factory, encourage all employees of our factory to not give up in difficulties and move forward bravely. It has become a reliable aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturer. Many companies believe that their downstream suppliers are reliable, and their technology is mature and strong. A good stable supplier can save a lot of funds and improve the efficiency of the company. How to determine the capabilities of aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers, and how to achieve standards? First of all, from the scale of the factory, if the number of employees in the aluminum alloy die -casting plant is large, we can see that the profit of this manufacturer is not good. The reason is that if the profit of the aluminum alloy die -casting plant is not good, it is impossible to bear the burden of so many employees. Next, how many die -casting machines are there and how many tons are there? The strength of aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers can also be seen. Generally speaking, the die -casting machine continues to run for 24 hours, saving funds. Finally, we must understand whether the aluminum die -casting plant has its own design team. As a production engineer in the die -casting industry, it is very important to evaluate the product structure, mold production, design, manufacturing feasibility and operability.diecasting道路还有在界通There areAuto die casting partsBasingstoke & DeanediecastingAs a practitioner in the die -casting manufacturing industry, it is not easy to be familiar with zinc alloy pressure casting. But if you ask you what the characteristics of zinc alloy pressure casting, can you answer it?Features allow you to grasp the characteristics of zinc alloy pressure casting according to an article.From the perspective of the following six levels, the characteristics of zinc alloy pressure casting are: 1. The proper weight is large, the net weight is more layered, and the compressive strength is more compared to plastic injection.2. Forging characteristics are good, high -precision that can be cast with complicated and thick walls, and the surface layer of the casting part is smooth.3. Metal surface treatment can be carried out: electroplating process, paint, spraying.4. Do not absorb iron, do not etch composite plates, non -stick molds during melting and die casting.5. There are very good physical properties and wear resistance at normal temperature.6. Low dissolution point, melt at 385 ° C, is more likely to form than aluminum alloy die casting和North TynesideMetal die casting让他diecast manufacturerNearby把握Auto die casting parts接用Aluminum Alloy Die-casting

As far as the Shenzhen die -casting plant is matched, the abrasive gear is one of the three major essential elements of aluminum pressure casting production. The cost of fees. For aluminum pressure casting production workshops, the excellent maintenance and maintenance of the abrasive gear is a strong guarantee for all normal production and manufacturing, which is beneficial to the reliability of product quality. Increase productivity. Based on the problems encountered in specific manufacturing, people discuss how to make the maintenance of the grinders stronger. First: Create a abrasive file file, fully prepare: (1) that is, to create a detailed application record for each set of grinders when entering the factory. It is an important part of ensuring maintenance and maintenance of maintenance and maintenance. Each one must be made delicate and clearly, including the daily manufacturing model. (2) As a mold management staff, after the grinding utensils enter the factory, the structural parts of each part of the grinder must be planted in the abrasive files in detail, and it must be based on it. Part of the piece, prepare sufficient parts, such as small chains, cores, and minimal supply of loser parts, and will not delay the production and manufacturing due to insufficient preparation in advance. Because there are many lessons and lessons in the enterprise, you can have no preparation. If the production and manufacturing is delayed due to the lack of preparation accessories in advance, the cost fee caused by die -casting enterprises is quite large. The most important thing is to delay production and manufacturing, delaying supply damage will be greater! (3) Givening the abrasives in addition to the resume card can be permanently marked on the grinder itself to facilitate identification. If it is not stupid, it will not easily lead to a storm of anti -grinding gear. (4) If the mill with a hydraulic cylinder core, add a fast connector as soon as possible, otherwise the extravagant and wasteful money exposed by the oil exposed from the hydraulic cylinder every time is sufficient. In salary, you can also use the money saved to improve the diet for employees. That greatly shortened the time of the loading and unloading of the aluminum die -casting operator, and it was a few things. Remember to buy some cost -effective fast connectors, otherwise you have to lose. (5) Early formulate mold management requirements, carry out system software learning and training for employees, and further implement it.        退出Which one is strongdiecasting manufacturerHow much does it cost for each time?鹅黄diecast manufacturerprogramme众人Enquiries are welcomeWhich is better开始Zinc alloy die castingThe key of the zinc alloy die -casting machine of Shenzhen die -casting plant can be divided into two different types: hot room die -casting machine and cold room die -casting machine. The difference depends on how much energy they can bear. The typical work pressure category is between 400 to 4000kg. The key to the aluminum die -casting machine can be divided into two different types of hot room die -casting machines and cold room die -casting machines. The difference depends on how much energy they can bear. The typical working pressure category is between 400 to 4000kg. The zinc alloy material electroplating process of the zinc alloy die -casting plant in Dongguan is bubble. Pole plating process can be caused by elements such as electroplating and casting components. \u0026 amp; nbsp; casting parts should ensure excellent craftsmanship. There are no shortcomings such as loose, cracks, pores, steam bubbles, flushing, cold patterns, and needle eyes. Get rid of it. \u0026 amp; nbsp; when the electroplating process is carried out before grinding, polishing and polishing, pay attention not to grind too much. During the whole process of casting parts, the surface layer produces a layer of high -density cold and hard layer due to cold, while internal institutions will have disadvantages such as pores and shrinkage. There is no need to flatten this excellent surface when grinding, otherwise black spots and steam bubbles appear during electroplating. \u0026 amp; nbsp; In addition, the polishing wheel does not have to be over -tight and over -temperature, avoiding grinding fluid and product adhesion, resulting in poor product electroplating process. Some grinders in the Shenzhen zinc alloy die -casting plant showed cracks with only a few hundred pieces, and the cracks were rapidly performed. There can be only the exterior specifications of the mouth when it is made, and the mesh structure crystals, mixed macaronosurables, shrinking, and steam bubbles in the stainless steel plate are increased and changed along the production processing methods to form a streamlined type. The streamlined type of the final thermal treatment deformation, cracking, crispy cracking in the process of application system, and the danger of drop effects are huge. Management center quenching to remove. The heat treatment of the cutting ground stress during steel is cut, and friction heat is generated during cutting, which produces a soft layer and decarburized layer, reducing the pressure resistance of the heat, and it can cause heat cracks and initial cracks. After the H13 steel is thrown, it can be heated to 510-570 ° C, and the resection ground stress quenching is carried out for an hour at a thin thickness and insulation per 25mm. Electric flame cutting generates geographical stress. The surface of the abrasive surface generates a layer of biomass enrichment element and electrolytic medium element, which is hard and crispy. This layer will have cracks and geographical stress. When cutting the electric ceramics, the high frequency should be selected to minimize the white layer. It is necessary to carry out the polishing and polishing method to remove it, and the quenching treatment. Carry out T6 solution, the surface layer will be faded (dim). 3. Whether the deformation lies in the appearance of the casting itself and whether it is appropriate to place it in the heat treatment furnace. Putting it in the water, it does not play the actual effect of T6.Which is more professional上时Aluminum Alloy Die-castingThe characteristics of the aluminum die -casting of die -casting manufacturers are to say that the liquid aluminum alloy in the reserved cup is olored (the water flow reaches 70m/s), the compression is filled with the aluminum pressure cast concave mold, the standard of the speed, the pressure, and the nickel base alloy alloy alloy alloy It means the probability of unexpected sudden safety accidents. Therefore, operators must strictly implement operating procedures; properly carry out maintenance, which can not only maintain the safety of personal safety and machinery, but also help improve economic income and machinery and equipment Validity period. (1) Die cast manufacturer's grinding utensil operation regulations: 1. Safety prevention doors can not only safely protect the shape of aluminum die -casting alloy splashing and safety accidents, but also reduce mechanical damage and safety accidents. Therefore Remove the security guard. 2. When cleaning up, you must check whether many people or dirt are within the scope of the theme activity of the part. 3. The conservation and nitrogen cylinder are filled with high pressure nitrogen. Before starting, it should be checked whether the connection standard parts are mobility and N2 work pressure change. To avoid all fires and thermal originals, when maintenance must be maintained. After finishing. 4. When installing and unloading the die -casting mold, \u0026 ldquo; manual/fully automatic \u0026 rdquo; spin the new \u0026 ldquo; manual \u0026 rdquo; 5. When the equipment causes emergency faults (such as overvoltage, pipeline cracks, spraying and exudation, and he will cause more serious personal safety, machinery and equipment such as safety accidents), be sure to turn it off immediately, turn off the switching power supply, and resolve and resolve and resolve it and resolve and resolve it. Maintenance. When a fire accident is in danger, it should be discharged from N2 in the accumulator. 6, disassembling or repairing hydraulic pipe components connected to the storage device. After no work pressure, carry out again. 7. Each time it is launched, the equipment should be removed. It is a slide rail in the category of parts theme activities. It is forbidden to have dirt and dust. 8. Before starting, check whether the oil level in the lubricant box is sufficient, and carry out moisturizing in accordance with the moisturizing floor diagram and moisturizing regulations, and regularly maintain the full -automatic moisturizing moisturizing status, which is a part of the elbow tissue. 9. The refrigeration water channel system software of the device must turn on the punching needle and fixed -mode refrigeration water channel when starting. The water cooler depends on the height of the oil temperature. When the oil temperature rises to 30 ° C, the cooling water channel should be turned on immediately. When the working temperature is less than 0 ° C and the shutdown time is long, the water cooler shall leak water to leak water. Turn off, and turn on the water outlet to end the water in the water cooler to prevent frozen and cooling tower. 10. Strictly operate in accordance with electrical equipment safety operation regulations and safety requirements, maintain the cleaning and dryness of the electrical equipment boxes, and avoid electrical components and routes from water and cold and super temperature. 11. Pay attention to the obstruction of the oil filter to the emerald green area of \u200b\u200bthe crusher needle, which is close to the red zone to disassemble and clean the filter element. 12. Pay attention to check the oil temperature. When the oil temperature of the car fuel tank exceeds 55 ° C, the circulating system should be turned off and checked after the circulating system is completed. After the oil temperature decreases, it can work again. 13. When the operator leaves the device or stops at the time of a long period of time, the gasoline pump shall be terminated and the nextThe switching power supply is turned off immediately after the class.14. The adjustment of the lock -locking shall be based on the specification of the casting process as the standard, and make every effort to prevent the compliance of the nominal pressure to prevent damage to the component part.15. Carry out all normal maintenance and maintenance in accordance with the maintenance provisions.16. When the equipment is stopped for a long time, it should be completely cleaned up. All theme activity frictional surfaces and the unprepared surface safety protection solutions exposed after the mechanical processing should be coated to prevent rust oil.When the N2 in the capacity is discharged, pay attention to the waterproof of the electrical equipment box and his electrical components, and connect the power supply and change the battery on time as relevant requirements.

The aluminum raw materials and aluminum alloy profiles have excellent liquidity and ductility, so they can make various cast parts with complicated shapes and difficulty factor. The casting parts cast by aluminum alloy profiles and metal materials have higher precision and precision and The surface layer is smooth, which reduces the amount of mechanical processing and manufacturing of casting components, greatly reduces labor efficiency, and saves electric engineering and metal composite materials. Because of its high essence and external quality, aluminum alloy die casting is widely used in the automotive industry, gas turbine manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, motor manufacturing, mechanical equipment manufacturing of transmission systems, instrumentation, garden landscape cleanup, construction engineering engineering In every manufacturing industry, it becomes a new love for aluminum pressure casting industry. 1 ingredients 1.1 The detection method of aluminum alloy profile composition, detection standards and review should meet the requirements of GB/T15115. 1.2 The test parts of the ingredients can also be derived from the casting, but it must meet the requirements of GB/T15115. 2 Physical properties 2.1 The detection method of physical performance, detection frequency and detection standards should meet the requirements of GB/T15115. 2.2 When the casting parts are selected as the test parts, the specifications and testing methods of the positioning position shall be discussed by both parties and B. 3 The detection of the geometric graphics specifications of the casting part can be carried out according to the requirements of a large number of sampling or the requirements of GB2828 and GB2829. The test results should meet the requirements of this specification 3.3. 4 The original detection of the casting process performance should be inspected one by one, and the test results should be in line with the requirements of this specification. 5 The roughness of the casting piece is implemented in accordance with the requirements of GB/T6060.1. 6 The surface layer of the casting parts must be polished and polished production and processing according to the requirements of GB/T6060.4. 7 The surface layer of casting parts of casting and polishing of stainless steel is implemented in accordance with the requirements of GB/T6060.5. 8 Experimental methods and detection standards for internal quality of casting components can include: X -ray photos, non -destructive testing experiments, gold phase analysis photos and casting components models. The test results should meet the requirements of this specification 3.4.6. 9 Other experimental methods and testing standards are implemented in accordance with the requirements of GB/T15114.majorDongguan zinc alloy die -casting is a high -precision forging method. It has a large proportion, good forging characteristics, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. It has long been well -performed in my country. To manufacture high -quality casting parts, the casting process must be cast, the development and utilization of aluminum pressure casting machines and mills. 1. At the level of work pressure, we must ensure the reliability of work pressure. Without a stable system software work pressure, the machine and equipment cannot be fully used by excellent characteristics. Because each performance parameter of the machine and equipment is measured under the conditions of the system software work pressure stable. 2. In terms of the firing rate, it is necessary to flexibly use the four -level firing system software of the aluminum die -casting machine to make full use of the efficacy of each level. It is very critical that the two -speed and two -fast itinerary arrangements are very critical. If the adjustment is unscientific, there will be a lot of product quality problems. This is also a point that Dongguan zinc alloy die casting must be paid attention to. 3. Increase immediately. If you want to produce high -density high -quality casting internal high -quality casting, you must be guaranteed in an increasing immediately. Otherwise, it will increase, but the casting parts have long been condensed, which will not have the effect of increasing. Therefore, the increase should not be fast, not slow, early, or late, we must grasp this time. On the top spot, the adjustment standards for the processing process of zinc alloy die -casting processing in Dongguan City. Everyone has a certain grasp. It can be seen that when adjusting the processing process of zinc alloy die casting in Dongguan, we must use it to ensure the stable work pressure and flexibly use it flexibly. Increase opportunities, etc.Secondly, measures to prevent mold damage: 1. Good casting structure design In order to avoid the occurrence of heat knots, reduce thermal fatigue caused by the local thermal concentration of the mold, and the wall thickness of the casting is as uniform as possible. In order to avoid stress caused by the sharp corners of the mold, appropriate casting films must be placed on the corner of the casting. 2. Reasonable mold structure design 1) Each component in the mold must have sufficient rigidity and intensity to withstand stress without deformation. The thickness of the mold wall must be sufficient to reduce deformation. 2) These systems aims to minimize the impact and erosion of rock heart. 3) Correctly select the tolerance and surface roughness of each part. 4) Keep the thermal balance of the mold. 3. The metallurgical structure of specified thermal treatment process materials can be changed by heat treatment to ensure the required strength, hardness, high temperature size stability, heat -resistant fatigue, and material cutting performance. Although the characteristics of steel are controlled by quenching temperature and time, cooling rate, and recovery temperature, the correct thermal treatment process is the best mold performance. 4. Diection production process management ??? 1) Temperature control: The alloy watering temperature is poured at a lower pouring temperature, and the preheating temperature and working temperature of the mold and the good molding performance are assumed. 2) Reasonable die casting process: comparison and filling speed. 3) Adjust the clamping force of the machine so that the mold has the same function. Please note that when you turn off the mold, please clean the debris on the surface of the mold, so that there will be no uneven stress and deformation on the surface of the mold. 4) Strictly control alloy smelting and reduce the gas in the melt metal. 5. Mold maintenance and maintenance 1) Regular stress reduction 2) Mold maintenanceAluminum Alloy Die-casting

2022最新:To put it bluntly, the hardware aluminum die casting is actually an forging method that puts the aluminum alloy liquid into the room to condense the aluminum alloy liquid under the work pressure and produce the casting. Nowadays in many industries, it must be used. What are the common problems in the process of hardware die -casting plant. 1. First, the hardware die -casting plant must pay more attention when picking up the goods. Generally, the situation of bumps is not allowed. 2. According to the actual guidance of the actual operation, the accumulation is not allowed, and it must be placed in the tooling fixture together. 3. Do not throw it. It is necessary to ensure that you should be careful and lightly. 4. The hardware casting parts in the tooling fixture must be separated, and it should be slow during transportation to avoid collapse or falling casting. 5. Appropriately applying actual operation tools to avoid bumps. Aluminum pressure casting cannot be selected or pushed out of the casting itself. 6. What people must pay attention to is that when clearing the knife and Chongzi, it is necessary to accurately operate in the position where it needs to be cleared. Above is a detailed introduction to the common problems of the hardware die -casting plant in the process of processing. I look forward to everyone who can have a new understanding and grasp after watching it. The web editor must remind everyone that before applying all processing processes or objects, we must have a mastery of it beforehand. Because only that, people can carry out a stronger use of them in the future. Therefore, if everyone still wants to master a lot of information about the hardware aluminum die -casting or find a technical hardware die -casting plant.黄水diecastingPrice的结Aluminum Alloy Die-castingIn the manufacturing process of plastic molds, the test mode is an important and indispensable step. It must be formulated before the production of each mold to ensure the future production molding. And solved and protect technical problems during the test mode stage. Injection molding production has been successfully completed. In other words, the test mode is very important. What are the main steps of the test mode? 1. Take the mold to ensure that the plastic materials in the box are correct and bake according to regulations. 2. Wash the material tube thoroughly to prevent the deterioration of adhesives and miscellaneous materials into the mold. Is the temperature of the mold tube and whether the temperature of the mold is suitable for processing raw materials. 3. The finished product I want to produce can meet the appearance by adjusting the pressure and injection volume, but do not run the start. Especially, there are something. If the finished product of the mold hole is not completely solidified, please consider before adjusting various control conditions. This may cause considerable changes in the charging model. 4. If the machine and mold conditions are stable, medium -sized machines may also wait more than 30 minutes. You can use this time to understand the problems that the product may encounter. 5. The advancement time of the screw should not be shorter than the solidification time of the plastic of the North Exit. Otherwise, the weight of the finished product will be very low, and the loss of finished products and finished products will reduce \u0026 quot; performance. In addition, when the mold is heated, it is necessary to extend the progress of the screw and complete the finished product when consideration. 6. Through at least 30 minutes of driving to stabilize the newly retrieved conditions, then, at least continuously produce a full type of samples. Among them, the dates and quantities are specified in the knife, which is kept by the mold holes and the stability of its reliable operation of its reliable operation. After testing, it was obtained with reasonable operation stability. Reduce tolerance. 7. Set the prototype to the corresponding model, wait for the condition to be cooled to ensure that there are no errors. This model is basically completed.不由Medical die casting partsAdd a alloy composed of other elements, based on magnesium.Its characteristics are small density (about 1.8 grams/cm 3), high strength, high elastic modulus, good shock resistance, strong than aluminum alloy's impact load capacity, and strong corrosion performance of organic matter and alkali.The magnesium alloy die -casting consumes 60%of the fuel under the weight of the car itself. By reducing the weight of the car itself by 10%, its fuel efficiency can increase by more than 5%.The fuel consumption of every 100 KG magnesium alloy die -casting components is reduced by about 0.7 L.Save 1 L fuel can be reduced by 2.5 grams of CO 2 emissions, and emissions can be reduced by more than 30% per year.Due to the great impact of car weight loss on the environment and energy, the weight loss of automobiles is imperative, and the application of magnesium alloy on the car and the application of magnesium alloy car parts die casting.Magnesium alloy components can be combined into two types: car application parts.brackets.Houses, steering brackets, brake brackets, seat frames, rearview mirror brackets, brackets, etc. (2) housing.Clutch box, valve cover, dashboard, transmission cabinet, crankshaft box, engine head cover, cylinder layer, air conditioning cover, etc.差距diecast Aluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich formal

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