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        Bakersfield CaliforniaMetal die castingHow to chargeDelivery & Service          Bakersfield CaliforniaZinc alloy die castingbest成是Based on plastic and metal molds, we have polished the production of die casting. Now, according to the change of time, the processing industry of mobile phone case has gone through about two years of development, starting from unaccustomed production technology, and moving towards mature stages. The design of molds. Die -casting parameters control, batch removal, polishing process and surface treatment technology have made different progress, and production costs are constantly controlled. The era of high market transaction prices and high profits has surpassed. In the face of fierce competition, the cost pressure of the founder, adhere to the production management of zinc alloy die -casting products, enter the era of nature and transformation, \u0026 quot; Cost \u0026 quot; This is one of the most difficult experiments used by producers to face. Effective control costs are inevitable. It is necessary to scientifically control costs in the process of raw materials, production processes, automated production, human resources conservation and technological reform. The stability of improving the quality of production and improving the quality of production is the basis of effective control costs, mainly as the following. (1) Reasonable selection and utilization of raw materials; (2) improvement of mold technology; (3) improve the product qualification rate of post -processing process; (4) human resources control; (5) master surface treatment. 1. Reasonable design of the mold (1) Name: Movement cover; (2) Product: 40 grams (3) Total weight of water mouth: about 45 grams. Statistics from the results of production, as shown in Figure 1, the mold taste is reasonable, the location of the flow path material and the design of the cold feeding slot, the qualification rate of the product die casting production has reached 98%. The slag for production can be controlled between 10% and 15%. In normal production factories, the productivity of furnace slag from 15% to 30%. After product processing: easy to organize batch, no demand, reduced process, saving human resources, effectively controlling losses, effective processing during the polishing process, the flow path and gate design in Figure 2 are defective. high. The main points of the mold design: (1) The design of the axis and the flow tract drill is reasonable, and the type of fitting and the gate are smooth. (2) There are only three cold high -grade grooves, so there are very few water spraying ports, so reducing the material and sub -charges to return to the furnace. (3) Because the two ends of the product do not open the exhaust tank and coolant, there will be no contraction holes. (4) There is no gate or refrigerant tank in the product framework, which is easy to organize batch, and the batch of Minakukou and moldlessness is not cleared; 2. The selection of raw materials is the correct zinc alloy mobile case product that ensures that the selection of raw materials is correct, and the product quality and output are improved. The raw materials suitable for mobile phone cases are zinc alloy zinc 3, 5, 7, and 8 for die -casting. Considering the cost of purchase, we usually use three materials. (2) High -intensity products are produced in 5 materials. (3) Due to the ability to resist deformation, 8 wear -resistant components can be produced. Product features: As shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, this type is easy to changeInsufficient strength, lack of deformation loss, low quality, and low customer satisfaction.Use of raw materials: (1) Zinc 5 _ can produce 5000 meters, the transformation rate in the middle of the product increases by 20%, and the qualification rate of the three factors has increased by 15%.Because the content of the three copper elements is low in the production of raw materials, the weak links of the product are low and easy to deform.It is produced with five raw materials.Because the content of copper components is about 1%, it is very helpful to improve the strength of the product.By improving the amount of dosage, it has a comprehensive performance with strong stability and high resistance to deformation. It can be seen that the selective use of zinc alloy die -casting products by raw materials, according to the structure and application of the product, scientific selection, and quality effect, it may achieve cost benefits.Essence钳把

        Bakersfield California竟然Auto die casting parts3. The entire injection molding system from the road directly to the inward design adopts the variable cross -sectional area format. In other words, the path from the direct injection path to the inside gradually shrinks to ensure that the metal solution continuously meets the injection system. Maximum reducing spin gas. The discharge passage of the nozzle exit of the nozzle exit the cross -section area is 10%larger than the flow of the flowing path of the diversion. (1) Trail 1. The shrinkage rate of the cross section of the direct section of the bulk carrier is 5% -10% (see Figure 7). Second, from the direct sowing bending on the horizontal path, the flow of the cross section along the metal solution is 10% -30% (see Figure 8). Rotating radius R \u0026 LT; 10 mm, 30%cut off. R \u003d \u0026 quot; \u0026 quot; \u0026 gt; 15 mm decrease by 10%. The larger the rotating radius, the smaller the resistance, and the less the pressure loss. (2) When the pedestrian crossway uses the shape of a trapezoidal cross section (Figure 9), the connection part of the side and the inner road is 10 \u0026 deg; -45 \u0026 deg; In particular, if the two parts of the mold have a mold cavity, the shape of a trapezoidal cross section can improve the moving efficiency and reduce the pressure loss caused by friction. (3) The main role of designing the triangular area of \u200b\u200bthe triangle connection area is to divide a mainstream road into two flow paths, or fill the multi -cavity of one mode, and fill a type of cavity into several areas. The geometric shape and size design in the triangular area is good: It is the flow of the cross -section area of \u200b\u200bthe flowing trail gradually to the metal liquid. The branch becomes an oval curve and reduces resistance. When turning, the pressure loss is controlled at 10-20 by using a rounded corner. Reduce the distance between the metal liquid flowing through the triangular area. Reduce the amount of air trapped in the branch channel. (The horizontal section area of \u200b\u200bthe main road)/(two tributary roads cross section area) \u003d 1.3-1.5 If the length of the inner linked routine is A, then the bending ellipse radius R is 0.65 A, 0.5 A, and 1.2 A, respectively. If you notice that the triangle has an Inlow lane, and the same depth is 0.2-0.3 mm, and metal fluids from the triangle are lost, for example, there is a cold pattern or a large hole where the castings enter the water from the triangle) to expand The width of the triangle. As shown in Figure 3-10. \u0026 lt;/10 \u0026 gt;Metal die casting色收as well as的冥WherediecastBuffalo New Yorkdiecasting manufacturerThe most commonly used raw materials for die -casting manufacturer's mold processing are H13, SKD61,8407, etc., but because of the import of casting, the grinding gear needs to be used to large and medium -sized development trends, so as to suppress the thermal treatment and cracks of the abrasive. Digitalizing low -shaped variable speed refrigeration techniques, enhance the ductility of mold materials. 1. The most commonly used raw materials for the raw material die casting manufacturers of die -casting molds are H13, SKD61,8407, etc., but because of the import of casting parts, the grinding gear is also developed towards large and medium -sized development trends, so as to suppress the heat treatment and deformation and deformation and deformation and deformation of the abrasive gear. Cracks need to develop and design to improve the low -shape variable speed refrigeration techniques of ductility, and improve the ductility of mold materials. Increasing the productivity and control cost of aluminum die -casting requires a high circulation system cycle time operation. The operation of the high circulation system is compared with the previous abrasives, which increases the heat consumption due to insufficient refrigeration, which increases the environmental temperature of the abrasive. Because the internal refrigeration holes are improved and closer to the concave mold, the temperature difference between the internal refrigeration hole and the concave surface make the stress stress load of the tension and the stress load is reduced, which can easily cause stress corrosion, which makes the water leakage connecting to the concave mold and reduced the grinding. Life life. Therefore, it is necessary to develop new materials that can improve the service life than SKD6L. DAC is also widely used in raw materials similar to SKD61, but its sagging is better than SKD61. In order to improve its ductility and develop and design DAC \u0026 Mdash; S has increased by 60%than DAC's rigidity. In order to comment on the extensibility level of the material of the casting mold, the North American Aluminum Voltage Casting Research Association (NADCA) sets up the shock value of the AISIH13 (equal to SKD61) in order to be more smooth and smooth. The shock value of the Cha family of preniumh13 and Superionh13. DAC \u0026 mdash; p is equal to the previous one, dac \u0026 mdash; s is equal to the latter. The thermal crack prevention measures of die -casting molds must have high temperature pressure resistance. Generally speaking, ductility and compressive strength are associated with the opposite. It has the same pressure resistance as high temperature as DAC. In the 20 -degree indoor temperature and 600 degrees of high temperature, it has a physical strength of 0.2%higher than DAC. As of the above situation, there must be a higher quality than SKD61, greatly improving the service life, high temperature pressure resistance and ductility, which often greatly improves mold materials. As a die -casting mold performance mold material: DACIO, DAC55, DAC45, and the latest news development design ZHD435. DACI0: There is excellent pressure resistance and equal to DAC's ductility in the 600 -degree temperature area. Applicable to the precision die -casting of household appliances and communication equipment. DAC45: At 700 degrees, high temperature has higher pressure resistance than other raw materials, and has the characteristics of resistance to softening. Applicable small and medium -sized rulesThe die -casting mold. DAC55; its characteristic is high ductility, the intensity can be improved in the early stage, and it is a raw material with ductability and compressive strength. Its use period is 1.4 times higher than SKD6L. The components of the engine cylinder, cylinder head and driver system software can be applied to small cars. Zhd435. It has the same asceticity as DAC55 and can be used to large and medium -sized components. It has a higher high temperature pressure resistance strength than DAC55, and it is more beneficial to the heat cracks and service life than DAC55. 2. The production and processing of the mechanical processing manufacturing manufacturing manufacturer of die -casting manufacturers is the key level of the cost of preservation and control. The abrasive gear has continuously developed the quality and productivity of the abrasive. There are three levels of trends: the three -dimensional model as the basic production and processing method, and use the digital control processing center to cut production and processing to replace the electro -ceramic line cutting, and the hole production processing automation technology. At the three -dimensional model level, the key is to completely select the three -dimensional model, the NC large number fixed simplification, and the construction of the quality assurance system software after production and processing. The electrostas cutting is replaced by CNC processing center. The key is because the electrical production processing system is more labor than drilling production and processing. Nowadays, the concave groove will also be treated with drilling production and processing, thereby increasing the efficiency of mold processing. The automation technology of the hole production and processing: The grinding has many all kinds of holes, which can be roughly divided into a depth of the shallow holes of H7 to H8 within 100mm deep and precision. But the precision does not have the same provisions of light holes. Pole production and processing occupy a lot of time in mold manufacturing. In addition, the abrasive material hard (HRC48 level) is more difficult to give holes production and processing. The selection of review techniques of quality engineering in the CNC processing center is basically looking for the best goal of the production and processing standards of scientific research. 1/3, the error of the diameter is 1/5, the service life of the tool increases by about 5 times. In addition, the hole production and processing on the slope and slope also maintains automation technology. Third, the metal surface treatment of die -casting molds has several types of methods such as external diffusion solutions, plating layers, nitrogen leakage+plating layers. Although the external diffusion solution has a variety of products, the key is N, C, S, 0 independent or composite exterior diffusion, soft nitrogen seepage, sulfur nitride, air oxidation, nitrogen osmotic+air oxidation solution solution Wait, when there is a symbolic nitrogen seepage treatment, the chemical material layer (white layer) is resistant to melting, excessive fever, and good stickiness, and poor fissure resistance. On the contrary, the non -chemical material layer only produces the external diffusion layer, which is resistant to high temperature and cracking, while the melting damage, excessive fever, and sticky stickiness are poor. Recently, external diffusion solutions tend to, air oxidation solution or nitrogen seepage+air oxidation composite solution is the mainstream product, suitable for various metal surface treatment of die -casting moldsWay .andMilwaukee Wisconsinpressure casting就会Metal die castingNearby岁月diecast manufacturer月状Metal die casting

We all know that zinc alloy pressure casting and other stainless steel casting parts are generally produced by 90%. The key difficulty is from the grinding gear for manufacturing aluminum die casting. The three major factors of aluminum pressure casting are aluminum die -casting raw materials, aluminum die -casting machines, and abrasives. The processing process of aluminum die -casting means that these three factors are applied in order in order to make it stable and efficiently manufacture the appearance and essential cost -effectiveness, and the specifications that are consistent with the sample or required zinc alloy material materials Casting parts, even high -quality zinc alloy pressure casting. In normal production, the control of the environmental temperature of the injection molding mold is very critical for manufacturing high -quality casting parts, and it is very difficult to control. If the temperature of the injection molding mold is not well -proportioned or inappropriate, the zinc alloy pressure casting is unable to stable. The zinc alloy die -casting of the manufactured zinc -alloy dieting is easy to change. Internal shrinkage and cracks are shortcomings. Next people analyze the cause of this kind of problem. Caused by the adhesive mold: 1. Zinc accumulation on the surface layer of the abrasive gear. 2, the impact of the soup, cause the mold surface to destroy it. Caused by the shrinking: when the metal material is reduced by the indoor space occupied by liquid condensation to the solid, the indoor space is reduced. If there is no metal material to fill, it will cause shrinkage. Generally, the burrs are caused by the slow condensation: 1. Insufficient mold locking power. 2. The abrasive mold is not good .3, the abrasive gear has insufficient pressure resistance .4, melting melting The soup temperature is too high to crack: 1. Gatile stress. 2. The cracked cracked when the top or the whole edge is pushed or the whole edge. Floor caused by the division surface is caused by shrinkage or air pores. In comprehensive problems, it can be seen that the way of people should be effective and moderate. The temperature and amplitude of aluminum die are well manipulated. Many problems can be dealt with. Create a high -quality zinc alloy casting of quality        急着Which is nearAluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich is cheaper光上pressure castingWhat's the phone number?至尊Please discussWhich company is faster由深diecasting manufacturer4. The shiny working environment polishing process is divided into two institutions, that is, rough grinding points and processing points. You must be careful to remove the abrasives left on the working surface. Under normal circumstances, after completing 1200 # sandpaper, after using oil stones for coarse polishing, the workpiece is polished between dustless to ensure that powder -free particles are adhered to the surface of the mold. The accuracy of polishing requirements is 1 \u0026 mu; m or more (including 1 \u0026 mu; m), which can be performed indoors in the cleaning room. If you refine more accurately, you must be in a clean space. Due to dust and smoke, dandruff and collar can spit more accurately on the surface. In the dust removal work, the supercharging surface after polishing work must be completed. When the polishing past stops, all the abrasives and lubricant are transported to Ningbo Ding. The mold Anti-锖 coating on the surface of the engineering surface is proven to be cleaned. 5. Elements that affect the surface polishing performance of the shadow 5.1 Work surface conditions The enthusiasm, internal stress, worsening of other factors, and the failure of cutting parameters in mechanical processing affect the polishing effect of shadowing. After the surface is processed by the electric spark, it is difficult to process or heat treatment after the surface polishing or heat treatment. The electric spark processing should be performed before the electrostatic processing is completed, otherwise the surface will be cured. If TRES chooses incorrectly, the depth of the enthusiastic shadow affects the residue can reach 0.4 mm. Because the thin residue of hardening is higher than the substrate hardness, it must be removed. Therefore, it is best to provide a good group basic knowledge for polishing. 5.2 The quality of steel materials is better because steel materials are the prerequisite for improving polishing quality. Various exchange and pore steel materials must affect the polishing effect of shadow. To create a good polishing effect, it begins to process the machine. It is necessary to clearly display the surface roughness on the surface. One of the Myphones obviously requires the mirror plane darkness. Choose a good steel grinding performance. The expected effect, unless you treat it enthusiastically. 5.3 If the thermal treatment technology is not suitable, the hardness of the steel surface is unstable or different characteristics, and it is difficult to polish. 5.4 Due to polishing is mainly artificially carried out, human skills still affect the quality of polishing. The appointment of polishing technology is considered to affect the surface roughness. In fact, good light emitting technology is better, because steel materials and obvious enthusiastic treatment technology appointments and active combination efforts can finally be satisfactory to obtain light sensitivity effects. On the contrary, if the polishing is not good, even if the steel is excellent, the mirror effect cannot be obtained.Which one is more formal全的Auto die casting partsAluminum alloy pressure castings are commonly used in the electronic component industry due to their high quality, high -precision and good reliability. However, in the entire application process, with the harm of its materials and production process processes, in the use, aluminum alloy pressure castings are difficult to avoid some shortcomings, such as surface dumping. Today, people will take a look at the aluminum alloy pressure casting. What are the disadvantages of the main purpose and what they cause this disadvantage. In die -casting manufacturing, die -casting machines, die -cast aluminum alloy, and die casting entity models are the three major factors of die casting manufacturing. People analyze the disadvantages of pressure castings. At that time, they also thought and understand from many levels. After the aluminum alloy material is manufactured after the die -casting machine, it becomes a die -casting part. According to in -depth analysis, people have found the disadvantages and reasons that the aluminum alloy pressure casting is very easy to cause. After the die -casting machine, the aluminum alloy profile has a crashing marks in the sample position. When the surface layer is damaged and the gravity casting temperature is too high, the melting state metal material causes adhesion, resulting in a dense scaling marks on the surface of the die -casting part. 2. Bubble. Steaming bubbles are prone to appear on the surface layer of the die casting. The previous causes and consequences are that the die castings are insufficient in the pressure house. When the firing rate is sufficient, the metal material cannot be rushed to the formation. Bubble. 3. False color. For reason: In the whole process of proofing, there are problems with problems or too many applications, which will cause a slight color loss on the surface layer of aluminum alloy pressure casting. After reading the above, I firmly believe that you have already had a lot of understanding of the shortcomings of aluminum alloy pressure castings and its cause, and I look forward to some assistance to your choice of aluminum alloy castings.

Anyone who touches high -precision die -casting molds knows that the mold is the mother of aluminum die. In the production process, about 80%of the problems come from the mold, so the most critical special tools in the mold processing process. The detailed precision die -casting steps are three elements of aluminum die -casting of aluminum die -casting molds, aluminum pressure casting machines and aluminum pressure cast aluminum alloy. 1 Make molds based on different shapes. The mold is divided into left and right cavity methods, and based on comprehensive process processes such as car, planing, milling, erosion, and spark electricity. The dental shape and specifications are consistent with the semi -side side. Because the wax mold is applicable to the application of the manufacturing wax pressure plate, it uses the raw materials of aluminum alloy profiles with low solution points, low strength, low stipulated, cost -effective, and lightest net weight. 2. Use aluminum alloy profile molds to process a lot of manufacturing wax core models. Usually, a manufacturing wax core physical model is only matched with a hair embryo product. 3. Carry out product refinement of the capacity near the wax mold. After mirror processing, several single wax molds (called group trees) have been prepared in advance. Industrial wax solid core model. (The design is very similar to a tree) 4. Apply several wax molds that have been fixed on the top of the mold head to apply industrial glue and spray the first layer of fine sand evenly. Silicon sand). This sand particles are not large and thin, which can ensure that the final hair surface layer is as smooth as possible. 5. In the setting indoor temperature (or temperature control), the wax mold of the first layer of fine sand is blowing dry, but the shape of the internal wax mold cannot be harmful. The complexity, the first blowing time of the fine casting is about 5 \u0026 mdash; 8 hours. 6. After the first sand is sprayed and the nature blows dry, the surface layer of the wax mold is once again put into industrial glue (silicon dissolved), and the second layer of sand is sprayed. Layer sand comes from large and rough. After spraying the second layer of sand, the wax mold is dried up under the set temperature control temperature. 7. After the second sand is sprayed and the nature blows dry, it has successively derived the third sandblast treatment, the fourth sandblast treatment, and the fifth sandblast treatment. Regulations: \u0026 ndash; According to the surface of the product, the volume size, weight, etc. are relatively adjusting the frequency of sandblasting. The frequency of sandblasting is 3-7 times under general conditions. \u0026 ndash; The size of the sand grains treated each time is different. Generally, the sand particles of the post -work process are thick than the previous process sand particles, and the length of the blowing time is different. Generally, the production cycle of a detailed sand mold on the sand mold is 3 to 4 days. 8. The wax mold that completes the sandblast treatment process process before the baking process, and then evenly apply a layer of milky manufacturing natural latex (silicon dissolved) to have bonding and dry sand -solid -solid -solid sand, and its sealingability The effect of wax mold is prepared for the back road grilling process. In addition, after the baking sequence, it can also improve the crispy of sandSexual break, which is conducive to smashing the sand layer and removing the hair embryo.nearbyThe manufacturing of Shenzhen zinc alloy pressure casting is not achieved overnight. It must be carried out by many processes. First, when the customer owns a new new project, it will look for Shenzhen zinc alloy die -casting manufacturers to conduct evaluation prices. When the customer is satisfied, the zinc alloy die -casting manufacturer has just begun to carry out production and processing of goods. The actual process below: 1. First, the staff of the Shenzhen zinc alloy pressure casting factory design the customer's project design drawing drawing drawings, and then the mold processing staff will make abrasives in accordance with the requirements of the engineering drawings. In the entire process of making, you cannot ignore every key point. Strict control must be carried out to avoid production, processing and manufacturing that harms the casting. 2. After the staff system is done well, the test parts should be carried out first, and then the sample will be performed. If the sample is done, there is no problem after the quality inspection, and the customer is submitted to the customer to determine. The total number of sample samples is not suitable. Generally, there are many, dozens, or dozens of up and down. The sample is also an identity of new products. 3. When the customer has no doubt about the test product, the Shenzhen zinc alloy die -casting manufacturer can carry out production and manufacturers. At this time, no large -scale production and manufacturing should be produced in batches to ensure the quality of large -scale casting. Batch production trial production is also a mastery of goods. The product production manufacturing for batch production, after checking the standard, many manufacturing. When everyone is carried out in the Shenzhen zinc alloy pressure casting system, everyone can make the product's actual effect. In the early days, you must first play a handboard model to develop the appearance and structure. Shenzhen zinc alloy die -casting manufacturers are manufactured many, so that they can avoid spending a lot of confused money; in addition, they must choose a solid quality zinc alloy die -casting manufacturer.The perfect curtain of a performance is the hard work of a group for hard work. Like the old hen soup that everyone often says: \u0026 ldquo; Success is to work hard and sweat 99%, plus 1%talent. \u0026 rdquo; So is the cause of a zinc alloy pressure casting that is so simple? Next, the net editor will outline the production process of zinc alloy pressure casting for everyone. 1. First, carry out the temperature setting of the aluminum die -casting machine. The original settings of the aluminum alloy smelting temperature are the middle of 435 ° C and 440 ° C. After the aluminum alloy melts, it will be reduced to 430 ° C to carry out insulation insulation. 2. After the aluminum alloy melting, the resolution of slag clearance is carried out, the testing ingredients, and the ingredients must be effective. 3. Adjust the voltage compression, firing rate, molding time, increase time and cooling time. 4. Heating abrasives to the middle of 150 ° C and 200 ° C. 5. The average paint decapyles and jumping oil. The formulation of genuine dehydrations and water is about 1: 200.6, withdrawing the small chain, locking the mold. After the casting components are refrigerated, they are pushed out and removed from the mold. Check the shortcomings of air holes, cold patterns, arrears, and bubbles. 8. Metropolitancing the establishment of the standard for the development of the front, sand throwing solution on the surface layer, and the testing of the inspection.Metal die casting

2022Latested:What do you need to think of good quality aluminum alloy die -casting products, what issues do you need to consider?1. First, the use of die casting itself must be considered and the performance requirements are met.Among them, \u0026 quot; 1 \u0026 quot; accuracy requirements: accuracy and size stability.\u0026 quot; 2 \u0026 quot; working environment status: demand for medium and qi, in which the working temperature, humidity and workpiece contact.\u0026#39; 3 \u0026#39; Mechanical performance, pulling away, the time material of the maximum resistance is cut off; hardness is the exclusion of plastic deformation caused by the pressure on the surface of the material or hard friction.2. Think again, the performance of this process is very good: \u0026 quot; 1 \u0026 quot; casting process; \u0026#39; 2 \u0026#39; desktop processing process; \u0026 quot; 3 \u0026 quot; surface processing process.认出Metal die castingtool佛无Aluminum Alloy Die-castingThe basic requirements of vacuum die -casting production have no special requirements for vacuum applications for high -quality die -casting production: fine -grained die -casting machine precision molds, with close -up room and punching high -quality alloy materials and melts to keep the process of precise temperature control and other good temperature control and other good temperature controls. The craftsmanship is lubricated. Different from traditional crafts, there is also a best exhaust design, that is, the vacuum exhaust environment is relatively closed, that is, the vacuum exhaust environment. The relative closure of the cavity is the most basic requirement for vacuum applications. From the appearance point of view, the release of the empty cavity will not fly, and the punch in the press room will not fall. If you meet the most basic requirements, vacuum exhaust will always be effective! Solving the exhaust problem in vacuum, regardless of the brand level of molds and die -casting machines, exhaust demand is the same. In addition to the successful imported molds and die -casting machines in the vacuum market, there is also a fact that domestic molds and die -casting machines produce high -quality products in vacuum. On the other hand, the application of vacuum can be improved, but the shortcomings of other conditions cannot be resolved. There are problems that there are no special conditions. For example, the vacuum is relatively reduced pressure and reduces the pressure rate, but this is not the mainstream target using vacuum exhaust.手里diecastHeavy magnesium alloys have the direction of severe oxidation and intake, because it contacts the furnace air and external atmosphere, because it forms pores during the melting process, and even a little bit of gas is absorbed or even a little bit of gas. Many are round, distributed in all parts of the casting, so that they can be uneven, especially the large horizontal cross section and small cooling rate of the thickness of the casting. The gas tightness of the casting is when the casting is performed in the casting, and if the casting pressure is leaked from the inside and outside of the casting, the oil leakage, and leakage, it means that this kind of leakage is now. The defects of magnesium alloy die casting in the air tightness are one of the problems. There are many reasons. Some defects often occur at the same time in the leak from the casting to any die casting. The distribution and appearance characteristics of magnesium alloy analytical holes clarify the secret of increasing the gas of magnesium alloy die -casting. 1. Overall pores: In the middle of the point -shaped hole and the hole, it is often seen from the low hole, but it is not a dot, but it is a polygon. 2. Grid pinhole: There are many acupuncture mesh eyes densely connected to low -level tissues, and small holes are open. Check the number of pinholes in the unit area inconvenient, and it is difficult to measure the diameter of the pinhole. 3. Point holes: In the low -level hole, the hole is a dot, and the contour of the shelf can be clear and cannot be continued. The number of holes can be calculated on the surface of a square centimeter, and its diameter can be completed. This pinhole is easy to distinguish, such as contraction holes and condensation pine. According to the practice of magnesium alloy die -casting products and magnesium alloys, the main gas component of the pores is hydrogen, but it cannot follow the constant law. This material is no exception, and magnesium alloys of various ingredients are also made.罪恶diecast Metal die castingSpecific process

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