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        Rochester New Yorkfirst-classpressure castingWhich one is more professionalSincere selection          Rochester New YorkMedical die casting partsThere are上的1. The dark spots on the surface of the surface layer of die -cast aluminum alloy parts have the following characteristics: most of them are located on the surface layer of the process, the production and processing surface is not seen, the spots are large -scale, the tone is white, and the background color is lighter than the background. Because the surface layer and interior of the aluminum alloy material will not have organic chemical chemicals needed to grow and develop, which can determine that this dark spots are not yellow mold. After the aluminum alloy pressure casting is condensed, a layer of metal oxide plastic film should be generated on the surface layer. This layer of tritenuxide can block the further air oxidation of the internal aluminum and has the effect of maintenance. However, the aluminum alloy pressure casting mechanism is loose, with a variety of metal materials or non -metallic materials ginseng, and the surface layer is prone to gaps. If the air oxidation film is not high density, such as a gap in the middle of the membrane, or the chemicals with other elements in the membrane, the ulcer surface is caused, or the abroad compound caused the membrane The gap erosion here causes erosion. After etching, the aluminum metal oxides are displayed in the shape of powder and fiber, and the color of the metal oxides such as copper in aluminum alloy profiles. It is not mold, it should be the surface air oxidation. Therefore, the essence of dark spots should be the air oxidation and permeability of the surface layer of the die -cast aluminum alloy. 2. The surface of the surface of the surface of the surface of the surface is derived from the research on the analysis of aluminum die -casting. The research shows that the high -pure graphite or carbon residue in the decapyles in the deposure agent is on the surface of the aluminum aluminum alloy. Cause: unsuitable decontamin; excessive amount of decrease agent, partial deposition; high pure graphite in the decrease agent fall into the casting surface; too low mold temperature, too low metal material liquid temperature causes the surface of the surface to condense loose loose looseness Essence Solution: Demolition and exchanging high -quality decontamin; reduce the high -pure graphite ingredients in building coatings or use high -pure graphite water -based building coatings; strict spraying amount and practical operation of paint; manipulate mold temperature, maintain thermal cycle; manipulate metal materials; manipulate metal materials Liquid temperature. Many people in the cut oil during mechanical processing feel that if the cutting oil (oil) of the mechanical processing application has an ingredients that have etching aluminum, it cannot be fully cleaned after the mechanical processing. Solution: Demolition and cutting oil, switch to cutting oil with restoration; immediately and completely clean the steel parts, including oil stains on the surface of steel, mild air oxidation points; after cleaning Chemical agent); Steel parts after antioxidant solution must be stained in a dry natural ventilation area, and regular maintenance must be maintained. The composition of the correlation aluminum alloy profile with aluminum alloy profile is complicated. The institution has a variety of phase structures, and the electrode potential in the middle of each phase is also different. It is very easy to produce the principle of original battery. Generally speaking, the ingredients of die casting aluminum alloy are not very easy to change significantly, or how much the component has to help this matter has not concluded. From the perspective of manufacturing, the two methods are easier to maintain.不仅

        Rochester New York辰好diecastingWhen rare metal manufacturing and manufacturing, the extensive aluminum alloy is very easy to oxidize. It is a problem of headache in the industry. Both aluminum, copper, or other aluminum alloy are very similar. At this stage, a reasonable water solution is used to solve the technicality of metal materials such as metal materials such as furnaces and regulatory systems. However, in the forging manufacturing of aluminum alloy pressure casting, when the shape memory alloy is introduced into the concave mold, there is still such a problem, that is, all the flow fields appear here to cause thin oxide. This disadvantage is not only easy to \u0026 ldquo; healing \u0026 rdquo; but also as a weak link in the aluminum alloy pressure casting, and often unsuccessful pressure tests caused by the leakage caused by the two walls. The filtering device is widely used in the rare metal casting industry for many years. However, it is very established that the filtering device must have the following two independent characteristics: to remove the residues attached to the metal folder; to ensure that the flow of metal materials is stable and the involved concave is introduced. When the shape of the stock -shaped memory alloy flow arrives at the surface of the foam plastic filtering device, a short -term retention will appear, producing ample condensate. This work pressure is caused by the difference in metal materials in the straight mouth. Once it is generated, the metal material flow will be repaired, as if the filtering device will not have it. In the pouring system software, the streaming field is mostly developed at the front end of the straight tape and the front end of the straight lane rod. If a foam plastic filtering device is placed across the straight lane rod, then the stock metal material flow will be blocked. After the straight into the tape is filled, it is stable pouring Essence Foam plastic filtering device is a filter device with such characteristics. It is a very reasonable way to apply this type of filter device to be afraid of the whole process of aluminum alloy pressure. It is a very reasonable way.diecasting腕骨还有在见暴first-classdiecastingNorth Las Vegas NevadadiecastIn the case of many customers looking for dealers, there is a more important factor \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; price. Is the price suitable, whether it is beyond the budget, is it too high, and cannot accept it? These series of difficulties have made each other anxious. So, as a dealer, is the price be randomly called? Naturally not, so that more accurate prices, dealers are based on the development of raw materials, production, processing, transportation, packaging, and loss of loss. Essence First, raw materials \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; zinc alloy material ingots, because the national government attaches great importance to environmental protection, persistent and sustainable development concept, so the No. 3 environmental protection zinc alloy material is high. Little environmental pollution. Therefore, the selection of materials is a high -cost fee expenditure, and the sales market has different fluctuations, and the price cost increases. In the secondary, the processing of processing and processing of production and processing has diversified selection. Zinc alloy material ingots have gone through aluminum die -casting machines, high -temperature aluminum pressure casting. In carrying out the complicated and complicated processing process such as electroplating technology, paint paint, or etching, the stage of production and processing is counted as the completion of the production and processing. Customers who carry out transportation and work transfer. This is usually not the end. Because the goods are inevitable, the output rate of poor products is the price assessment of the price of zinc alloy die -casting products. Nowadays, the production of a zinc alloy die -casting product is all connected to each stage. It must be invested by the cycle time and the vitality of everyone. Generally, the cost fee for manual services is large.和Chula Vista Californiapressure casting的身diecastnearby又增diecasting manufacturer时非pressure casting

1. Considering the thickness of the wall, the difference in thickness will affect filling. 2. In view of the problem of release, it is very important to implement aluminum die casting, and such problems often occur in practice. This is more difficult to handle than injection molding, so it should be careful when setting up and calculating the power of the release. Generally, the mold is 1 to 3 degrees to consider the smoothness of the release. The outer aperture type is less than the internal aperture type, the outer aperture type is 1 degree, and the internal aperture type is about 2 to 3 degrees. 3. Considering the design of mold design, if there are multiple positions in the heart, please do not put two heads at low. Over time, the problem is easy to occur; 4. Some die -casting parts may have special requirements, such as special requirements, such as Spraying and dust removal should avoid important appearances to facilitate setting the grid overflow slot. 5. Avoid the complexity of the mold layout as much as possible in the layout. If multiple hearts or spirals need to be used; 6. Please note that for parts that need to be processed on the surface, appropriate amount of processing must be performed when designing parts. If the internal pores are exposed too much and too little, it is treated with rough positioning. Black leather has not yet been treated, so waiting for the spark to enter the mold. How much will we give you? The best amount is less than 0.8mm, and the processing layer has a hard layer, so there is almost no pores. Protection 7. Pay attention to the selection of materials and use ADC12 or A380 according to specific requirements. 8. Aluminum alloy is not elastic, as long as it is plastic, it is deducted. 9. Usually not deep holes! Open the hole when it is processed after the mold is turned on. 10. For thin wall parts, it should not be too thin. In addition, ribs must be reinforced to improve the resistance. The temperature of aluminum castings should be about 800 degrees Celsius! The service life of the mold is usually short, but it is usually damaged at about 80K like a motor shell.        界构Which is goodMetal die castingapprentice言之pressure castingCharging standard的一Expectation staffRegular company扯这pressure castingWhen producing die -casting, the lym cast aluminum alloy material and die -casting mold are three major elements. The setting and adjustment of the die casting technology parameters will affect the quality of the die casting. I believe that a large number of die -casting industries can adjust the samples at a large amount of time in the sample. Even if the molding problem is solved, the rationality of the use of the mold is neglected, and the life of the mold and the plasticity of the die casting machine seriously. Today, let's see how we share this secret? The main points of the design of aluminum die -casting mold: (1) The designed die -casting mold is consistent with the drawings. The aluminum alloy casting produced by casting die -casting molds must be achieved after processing. Essence Then, determine the processing site, processing residual amount and technical measures and location standards during processing. (2) The design of the mold is simple, reasonable, and reliable. The design of the die -casting mold must ensure the safety of production, simple, reasonable, and reliable in production structure in the situation of ensuring the quality of aluminum alloy castings. (3) Parts of the parts, mold parts are easy to process on the machine tool, such as CNC, milling machines, fireworks machines, etc., the hardness and strength of the mold should be ensured. Die -casting technology parameters: (1) Create the process table. (2) Before opening the mold, analyze the feasibility of the die casting process. (3) Starting from mold design, personnel must bear responsibility in the production of die -casting plants and cannot change process parameters without authorization. During the production of die casting, the setting and adjustment of die casting technology parameters directly affect product quality. When designing molds, carefully calculate the technical parameters, formulate craft cards, and analyze the impact of changes in process parameters in the prototype model in detail. Die cast manufacturers need to set and adjust the parameters of the die -casting machine to ensure the quality of the casting.student做最diecast manufacturerZinc alloy pressure casting is generally used at this stage to various decorative design levels, such as furniture accessories, electronic device parts, architectural decoration design, shower room accessories, lighting parts, small toys, collar buckles, belt buckles, various types Various metal materials decorations, so it specifies the high performance of the casting process, and stipulates that there are excellent metal surface treatment characteristics. The most common disadvantage of zinc alloy pressure casting is the surface foam. One: The main manifestation of the disadvantages: The surface of the casting part is raised. 1. The aluminum pressure was cast and found it. 2. After polishing or production and processing, it will appear. 3. After the oil pump or electroplating process appears. Two: Causes 1. Forer eye caused by holes: mainly the pores and closing systems. The pores are usually ring, and most of them are irregular. (1) Caused by the air pores: A. During the whole process of charging and condensation, the metal material liquid is caused by the invasion of the auto body, causing the surface layer or inside of the casting part to cause hole eyes. b. Steaming invasion of construction coatings evaporated. C. The aluminum alloy liquid contains excessive gas supply and dissolves when condensed. When the steam body and architectural coatings in the concave molded, the steam body and aluminum alloy condensed steam body in the concave mold, when the abrasive exhaust pipe is not good, finally leaves the air pores generated in the casting part. (2) Reasons caused by shrinking: A. During the entire process of metal material liquid condensation, the shrinkage caused by the size of the volume or the final condensation position cannot be remedied by the metal material liquid. b. The thin and uneven casting or casting parts are super temperature, which causes a slowly condensation and concave place when the volume is gathered. Because of the existence of pores and shrinkage, when the casting parts are treated with metal surface treatment, the hole will enter the water. When the spraying and electroplating process is baked, the vapor body in the hole is heated and deforms. Or the water in the hole will change the steam and the volume rises, which causes the surface of the casting to bubble.

The main manifestation of the harm of zinc alloy pressure casting walls and too thin walls on the quality of casting parts: If the wall of zinc alloy pressure casting is too thin if the design concept is designed, it will not dissolve the metal material.It will cause difficulty in forming; when the wall is too thick or more serious, it is very easy to cause shrinkage and cracks. On the other hand, the thickness of the wall is thick, and the shortcomings such as air holes and casting defects in the casting parts will also increase.It will also reduce the pressure resistance of casting components and harm the quality of casting components.Taking zinc alloy pressure castings as an example, in general, thick walls have higher pressure resistance and stronger high density than thin wall casting parts. Due to this, the design concept of casting should follow that standard: ensure that in ensuring that it is ensuredThe premise that the casting component has sufficient pressure resistance and stiffness should minimize wall thickness as much as possible, and maintains the shape of the wall thickness.Practical experience, general zinc alloy pressure casting wall thickness design concepts are generally 2.5-4mm. Parts with a wall thickness exceeding 6mm are not suitable for making casting process manufacturing.bestCold pattern is a major problem for Shenzhen die -casting factories. So where is the cold pattern improvement method of die casting molds? The manipulation of the surface temperature of the die -casting mold is very critical for production of high -quality casting parts. The temperature of uneven or uncomfortable die -casting molds also causes unsatisfactory casting components. During the entire production process, casting parts are deformation, which produces defects such as heat work pressure, sticky mold, surface depression, internal shrinkage, and hot bubbles. When the difference between the mold temperature is very large, the independent variables in the production cycle, such as adding time, cooling time, and spraying time, have different levels of harm. 1). Cold pattern: The temperature of the front end of the melting soup is too low, and the marks will be printed when stacked. Improvement method: 1. Inquire whether the wall thickness is too thin (overall planning or manufacturing), and thin areas should be filled immediately. 2. Inquiry whether it is not easy to fill; the spacing is far away, the area (such as the fin (FIN), the protrusion), the area and the arc are not easy to fill. And pay attention to whether there are ribs or cold points .3. Reduce filling time. Methods of reducing filling time: \u0026 hellip; 4. Modify the filling method .5. 6 .6. 6.7 .7. 7. 8. 9. Add vacuum equipment to be effective .2). Cracks: Reason: 1. Reduce the stress. 2. Press or the whole edge. . Add time to modify (cold room machine) .4. Add or reduce the time of locking .5. Plus the molding angle .6.In general, the zinc alloy casting of the non -polished casting is like a girl with a naked makeup. However, after polishing, zinc alloy pressure casting is different. The polished zinc alloy pressure casting is gorgeous and charming. Let's explain some things about the polishing of zinc alloy pressure casting. Why should the quotation software report the processing processes such as polishing? This is not easy for it! There is no big difference in the same product. Oh, there is no gloss on the metal surface treatment without polishing, and the touch has not been thrown well. The visual experience is not beautiful and generous with metal materials. The benefits of the polishing of zinc alloy pressure casting is to say that for the next processing process \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; metal surface treatment \u0026 ldquo; launch the foreshadowing \u0026 rdquo; It is very comfortable to go up, and it has a metallic luster, making the metal texture smooth and glittering! But polishing is a not simple technical work! Be sure to look at every product in the heart. The polishing master around the year is rich and technical. If you want zinc alloy pressure castings to be smooth, exquisite and high -end, polishing is an indispensable processing process. The content of the polishing of zinc alloy pressure casting is introduced in detail herepressure casting

2022最新:Die -casting is a mold. The Korean car bicycle industry is booming, and the die -casting industry has entered a new era. Higher requirements for the overall mechanical properties and life of die -casting have also been put forward. In order to meet the improvement of improved use of the improvement, only the application of new mold materials can obtain a high -precision and high service life mold. The surface treatment of the die -casting type is required, and various surface treatment techniques are used for appointment. In the mold, the die casting type is a strict condition. Die -casting is a high -pressure melting metal. By a dot casting type Caboro formed by mold molding at a high speed, Han's enthusiastic contact in Myphone, high enthusiastic fatigue for stress type, enthusiastic introduction, corrosion resistance, hammer viscosity, red redness, red red, red Good punching performance such as curing. Therefore, the high demand for the technical appointment of die -casting surface treatment technology, new technologies for various types of die -casting surface treatment have occurred, but in general, the following three major and bird transfer integration with birds may be performed. Technical appointment, the surface enthusiastic penetration process, strong surface degeneration, and the spark of electrical, including the appointment of technical appointment Strong; (3) the appointment of electroplating technology, including chemical electroplating. 1. Improve the integrated enthusiastic processing process to appoint the traditional die -casting enthusiastic processing process is the further development of quenching and quenching and surface treatment technology. Due to the variety of materials for die -castable types, the appointment and process application of the same surface treatment technology have different acceptable effects on different acceptable materials. This scope has recently submitted an appointment of mold substrates and surface processing technology appointed by a substrate pre -processing technology. On the basis of traditional technology appointments, we have submitted perfect processing technology appointments for different acceptable mold materials. It improves mold performance and improves mold life. Another direction to improve enthusiastic processing technology appointment is to promote traditional enthusiastic processing technology appointment and appointment surface processing technology to improve the life of molds. Filling carbon nitrogen meter, chemical enthusiastic treatment method and normal quenching recovery, combined with NQN (ie, carbon nitrogen filling quenching-carbon nitrogen meter filling), only high surface hardness, also effectively hardened depth, the distribution enthusiasm and hardness gradient distribution enthusiasm and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient and the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the gradient gradient. The stability of baking, the improvement of resistance, and the tooth decay of Chicago casting, at the same time, have a good heart, and the surface quality and performance have greatly improved.物皆Medical die casting partsWhich is faster没有Aluminum Alloy Die-casting6. Precautions of various polishing 6.1 Prevention measures for molding and oil grinding of mold sandpaper (1) For the surface of high -hardness molds, just use clean and soft oil stone polishing tools. (2) When turning to the level of sand in the process of sharpness, the hands and operators of the work must be thoroughly cleaned, and the coarse grains must not be brought into the fine polishing work of the next stage. (3) When performing each polishing process, the sandpaper is polished from 45 \u0026 deg; wiped the pattern of sand removal in the first category. After the first type of sand removal pattern, further extend the polishing time by 25%, which can be converted. The next thinner sand. (4) Change the direction during polishing can prevent the steps of waves and other steps from causing work. 6.2 Precautions for diamond polishing should be carried out as light as possible. Especially when polishing and polishing with fine polishing cream. When using 8, 000 square meters of abrasive slurry, the normal load is 100 to 200 g/cm 2, but it is difficult to maintain the accuracy of the load. For convenience, you can make a thin and narrow handle on the wooden stick, or you can cut and soften a bamboo stick. In this way, the polishing pressure can be controlled so that the surface pressure of the mold will not be too high. When polishing with diamonds, not only the surface work, but also the workers' hands must be clean enough. 6.3 Precautions for Plastic mold polishing. The polishing of plastic molds is very different from the surface polishing of other industries. Strictly speaking, the polishing of plastic molds should be called mirror processing. It is not only suitable for polishing itself, but also for surface flatness, smoothness and geometric accuracy. The mirror polishing standard is divided into four stages. A 0 \u003d RA 0.008 \u0026 mu; m, 1 \u003d Ra 0.016 \u0026 mu; m, 3 \u003d Ra 0.016 micrometers, a 4 \u003d Ra 0.063 \u0026 mu; , Ultrasonic polishing, because the surface quality of magnetic polishing and other methods is not required, the mirror processing of precision molds still use mechanical polishing. The precautions during polishing are as follows. (1) When a new cavity starts processing, first check the surface of the workpiece, clean the surface with kerosene, and lose the cutting function, so that the dirt does not stick to the surface of the stone. (2) When studying the thick mode, the first step is to make it difficult. A particularly difficult blind spot, the tip of the deep bottom, the last one is the side and large plane. (3) Some works may be hone by multiple groups. First of all, the roughness and fire rules of each work were inspected, and all the workpieces were sparmed according to the smoothness. (4) The large plane or side plane of the workpiece, from the sharp and rough pattern of oil and stones, use a straight steel plate for light transmission inspection, check whether there are complaints or reverse buttons, there are reverse buttons, difficult parts of parts, or cause manufacturing Parts strain. (5) To prevent the modelThe grinding or protecting the contact surface of the workpiece can be pasted or pasted with sandpaper on the side to obtain the ideal protection effect.(6) Specification mold. Pull the aircraft back and forth, drag the oil stones handle as flat as possible, not exceeding 2 5 \u0026 deg;Because the slope is very large, it is promoted from top to bottom.(7) If the plane of the workpiece is polished by pressing sand on copper or bamboo, the paper should not increase the area of the tool.Otherwise, it is profitable where you should not do.(8) Do not repair the surface of the mold as much as possible.For the maintenance of the sand wheel head, the surface of the mold is rough and high.If necessary, the sand wheel must be adhered to the balance of concentric.(9) The shape of the polishing tool must be matched with the surface shape of the mold to ensure that the workpiece is not grinding and deformation.样也diecastThe design scheme of the casting component must be fully considered to fully consider the wall thickness of the casting parts, the forging arc of the casting parts, and the tilt of the mold, the small spacing of the cast holes and the hole to the edge of the edge, the square holes and grooves on the casting components, and the slot, and the slot, and the slot, and the slot, and grooves on the casting components. Seven levels of the inlaid parts in the casting part and the surplus of the processing of the casting parts. Forging arc design standards: Generally, each part of the casting must have an arc (beyond the analysis surface), which can make the metal material stable when the metal material is charged, the auto body is relatively easy to discharge, and it can prevent the blunt angle from being blunt angle. Cracks. For casting components that must be plated and scraping, the arc can be well coated to avoid building coatings at the corner. The arc of casting components is generally not suitable for less than millimeters, and the small arc is 0.5 mm. The design criteria in the inlaid parts in the casting parts: First, the total number of inlays on the casting parts is not suitable; the second, the connection of the inlaid and the casting must be solid. In addition ; Once again, inlaid must prevent diagonal angles, which is convenient for placing and avoiding casting components. If there is a relatively severe thermal power erosion effect in the middle of the casting and inlaid, the surface layer of the inlaid must be coated and maintained; The quality should be prevented to prevent the volume change caused by the changes of the two metal materials and loosen the inlaid. Design standards for the design standard of casting arc design standards for casting parts: thick walls have a higher pressure resistance and stronger high density than thin wall casting components. In view of this, the casting of the casting must follow such standards. : Under the prerequisite for ensuring that the casting part has sufficient pressure resistance and stiffness, it should minimize the wall thickness and maintain the shape of the wall thickness. Practical experience, the wall thickness design scheme of casting parts is generally 2.5-4mm. Parts with a wall thickness exceeding 6 mm are not suitable for the use of casting process manufacturing. The main manifestation of the wall of the casting part is too thick and the wall is too thin to the quality of the casting components: If the casting wall is too thin in the design plan, the metal material will not dissolve Difficulty; when the wall is too thick or severe, it is very easy to cause shrinkage and cracks. On the other hand, with the improvement of wall thickness, the shortcomings such as pores and shrinkage inside the casting parts also increase with the increase, which will also reduce it, which will also decrease. Casting components have compressed strength and harm the quality of casting components. Design standards for the surplus amount of casting parts: under general conditions, due to the limitations of the casting process, some specifications, roughness, or size tolerance of some of the casting components cannot meet the specifications of the commodity engineering drawings, the company shall fully consider the selection first Such as the methods of calibration, lighting, squeezing molding, plastic surgery and other casting and rolling production and processing to carry out repair. When the production and processing and processing of casting and rolling cannot be thoroughly handled, some positions of the casting components should be carried out. It should be noted here that when carrying out mechanical processing and manufacturing, considering the surplus of smaller processing, the surface layer that will not be harmed by the formation of analysis and theme activity as much as possible to prevent processing from harm processing to prevent processing processing. 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