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        NorwichnearbyMedical die casting partsCompany Office Number【Invited to discuss】Delivery & Service          NorwichAluminum Alloy Die-castingAround南脸Zinc alloy materials are generally more common in the three types of zinc alloy materials that include oil pumps, sandblasting treatment, and powder spraying. Oil pump, nicknamed metal surface treatment and paint. Paining (Painting) is a name of Taiwan, China. In fact, the name of the surface spray production and processing of industrial products, the production and processing of oil pumps include plastic fuel injection, silk printing ink, transplanting production and processing; Color, silk ink. Emperor and diesel are atomized on the oil pump, and the components of mixed with gas indoors and gas in the engine burning room are performed. The sprayer characteristics of the fuel jet pump include a fabricated particle size distribution, welding smoke and dust all over, the beam position, effective range, and external diffusion cone angle. The nozzle is composed of a pair of high -precision puppets of a needle valve and dinker. The effect of steam pressure on the top side of the needle valve, get rid of the yellow power to make the needle -type valve rising, and then the gasoline and diesel flow to the working pressure chamber. The fuel injection pump is divided into holes, bearing, and throwing valve type according to the top of the head. Touch the end of the fuel jet pump and the temperature, the temperature is very high. Powder spraying uses an arc discharge condition to make static powder sucking on the steel parts. The whole process of the powder spray is: the rolling gun is connected to the negative level, the steel parts grounding device (level), the electrostatic powder is sent to the spray gun by the air supply system software to compress the steam body by air, and the front end of the paint gun is developed and the electrostatic electrostatic electrical electrical electricity is developed. The pressure caused by the generator, because the arc discharge, caused the positive charge of the gathered around it, the powder is sprayed out by the gun's mouth, forming a control circuit to generate a sensor -to -power building coating object. The steel parts with the opposite polarity between the two have increased the powder after the sprayed, and the larger the accumulation of the positive charge. When it is a certain thin, because the electrostatic sensor is resistant, it will not suck again, and then all steel will make all steel. The pieces get a certain thin powder -shaped coating, and then the powder is melted, flat, and dry, that is, a hard polyurethane coating sandblasting treatment is used on the surface of the steel part. Spray the spray (copper ore sand, quartz sand, diamonds, iron sand, and sea sand). It is quickly sprayed to the surface layer of the steel parts, which changes the surface or appearance of the surface layer of the steel parts. Because the impact of wear -resistant materials on the surface layer of the steel parts and drilling effects, the surface layer of the steel parts obtains a certain degree of cleanliness and different surface roughness, which improves the physical properties of the surface layer of the steel parts. Relieve fatigue, enhance the adhesion of it and the middle of the coating, increase the use of polyurethane coatings, and it is also beneficial to the calm decorative design of building coatings.以粒

        Norwich物能diecasting manufacturer4. A shiny working environment. The polishing process must be completed in two independent workplaces. In other words, it must be noted that the previous steps are the sand particles left on the surface of the workpiece on the surface of the workpiece. Generally, after 1200 # paper is completed, after the oil stones and thick polishing, the dustlessness of the workpiece polished, so that the dust particles are not adhered to the surface of the mold in the air. 1 meter or more gloss (including 1 meter) is necessary, and must be performed in a clean polishing room. To do more accurate polishing should be an absolutely clean space. Dust, smoke, dandruff and oral splash will be discarded, and the surface can be cleaned by precision polishing. After the polishing technology is completed, the surface of the part must be firm in dustproof. When the polishing process stops, you must carefully remove all abrasives and lubricants to ensure that the surface of the part is cleaned, and then apply rust coating on the surface of the part. 5. Elements that affect surface gloss. 5 Surface conditions of workpiece. During the processing process, the surface is damaged by heat, internal stress or other factors. When the cutting parameters are not appropriate, it will affect the polishing effect. Because the surface after spark processing is less than the surface polishing after processing and thermal treatment, the spark essence processing is performed before the spark processing, otherwise it will form a thin thin layer on the surface. For example, if it is not suitable for accurate electrical sparks, the depth of the heating layer is the highest. Can reach 4 meters. The hardness of the hardening thin layer is higher than the substrate and must be removed. Therefore, by adding rough grinding, it is best to provide a good foundation for polishing. 5.2 The quality of steel. High -quality steel is a prerequisite for obtaining good polishing quality. Various types of materials and pores in steel will affect the polishing effect. In order to achieve the best polishing effect, the parts must specify the polishing surface roughness when processing. When the parts are determined to need mirror polishing. It must choose the high polishing performance of the steel, unless the heat is treated, the effect cannot achieve the expected effect. 5.3 Thermal treatment process. If the heat treatment is not appropriate, the hardness of the steel surface is difficult to polite due to uneven or different characteristics. 5.4 Hot -rolled technology. Because polishing is mainly done by hand, human skills are still the main reason for the quality of gloss. Although polishing technology is considered to affect the roughness of the surface, if it is not mixed with high -quality steel and accurate thermal treatment process, it is actually impossible to obtain satisfactory polishing effects. On the contrary, the polishing technology is not good, so no matter how good the steel is, the mirror effect cannot be obtained.Metal die casting道理还有在灭向majorMedical die casting partsSheffieldZinc alloy die castingThe casting components of die -casting manufacturers mainly include appearance, essential quality and application quality. Stive quality refers to the roughness of casting, surface disadvantages, specification errors, appearance errors, net weight errors; essential quality key refers to the ingredients, process performance, physical performance, alloy composition, and its holes and cracks inside the casting parts. , Ginseng, shrinking pine, etc.; application quality refers to the durability working ability of casting parts under different standards, including abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, excitement resistance, fatigue, shock absorption, etc. Performance such as cutting, weldability and other use. The quality of casting components of die -casting manufacturers is very harmful to the characteristics of machinery and equipment products. For example, the wear resistance and specifications of machine tool castings immediately endanger the precision of CNC lathes to maintain the service life; the specifications and roughness of the inner wall of the inner walls of various pumps, hoods and hydraulic accessories, and the accuracy and roughness of the lines of the lines of the hydraulic accessories. Immediately endanger the efficiency of the pump and hydraulic transmission system, the development trend of calorie consumption and steam erosion, etc.; Sexual heat, immediately harm the life of the diesel engine. There are many elements that harm the quality of casting components. The first is the design concept of casting components. When carrying out design ideas, in addition to opening the shape of the geometric graphics and specifications according to the characteristics of the standard and metal composite material in the work, it is necessary to consider the rationalization of design ideas from the perspective of forging aluminum alloy and forging process characteristics, which show The specification utility and condensation, collection, geographical stress and other problems are caused to prevent or reduce the shortcomings of the components of the casting components shrinking, deformation, and cracking. Second, we must have effective forging processes. That is, according to the structure, net weight and specifications of the casting component, the characteristics of forging aluminum alloy and manufacturing standards, select the appropriate clinical diagnostic surface and modeling design, and core methods, and effectively set the forged tendons, cold iron, counterfeit and pouring system software. To ensure high -quality casting. The third is the quality of forging raw materials. Metal materials return scrap, refractory insulation materials, raw materials, solutions, mold, mold and its casting sand, sand adhesives, architectural coatings and other raw materials, which will cause the casting parts The disadvantages such as slag, the appearance and internal quality of the creation parts, and the casting parts are reported when they are more serious. The fourth is the actual operation of the processing process. It is necessary to formulate effective processing procedures for processing technology, improve the technical strength of employees, and make proper implementation of the technical specifications of processing technology. Die cast manufacturers should manipulate and detect the quality of casting components in the forging manufacturing. Firstly, the processing and testing of processing and testing from raw materials, auxiliary materials to the manipulation and testing of each actual product. Each process is strictly carried out manipulation and testing in accordance with the processing process standards and technical standards. In the end, the product quality inspection of the manufactured casting components. It is necessary to configure effective inspection methods and suitable inspection staff. Generally, the appearance quality of the casting can be used to distinguish the roughness of the casting with a relatively sample block; the tiny cracks of the surface layer can be checked with color and magnetic powder method. For the internal quality of the casting component, it can use sound, ultrasound, vortex, X -rayWiring and \u0026 gamma; radiation and other methods to check and distinguish regularly. The disadvantages of sand -type casting and casting components are: cold partitions, insufficient watering, pores, residue, sand clamps, sand, sand, and sandy sand. 1. Insufficient cold partition and lack of pouring in the shape of the memory alloy is not enough, or the charging standard is weak. Before the concave molds are paved, the metal material liquid will terminate the liquidity, which will cause the casting parts to cause insufficient watering or cold partial shortcomings. Essence When you do n’t have enough watering, the casting parts can not be obtained in detail; although the casting parts can get a detailed design during cold, but because there is an unfinished joint seam, the physical properties of the casting parts are seriously damaged. Avoid insufficient watering and cold separation: increase the pouring temperature and pouring rate. 2. The porosity steam body did not immediately escape immediately before the metal material liquid shell was shell, and the pore eye disadvantages were transformed into the casting parts. The inner cavity of the pores is clean, bright or light -containing air oxide. After the pores are caused in the casting parts, the total area of \u200b\u200bthe reasonable load -bearing will be reduced, and the stress will cause stress around the pores to reduce the impact resistance and relieve fatigue of the casting parts. The pores will also reduce the high density of casting components, resulting in the reporting of casting parts that regulates the pressure test. In addition, the erosion resistance and temperature resistance of the air pores are also poorly harmful. Avoid the cause of the pores: reduce the gas content in the metal material solution, expand the breathability of the sand mold, and add exhausting the output at the highest point of the concave mold. 3. Sand grains that are not eliminated on the surface layer of slag casting parts are called slag. The residue is not only harmful to the shape of the casting component, but also enhances the amount of labor of the removal of casting and drilling production and processing, and even the life of the equipment. For example, when the surface layer of the tooth casting is sticky, it is very easy to destroy. If there are residue in the equipment parts such as pumps or diesel engines, it will endanger the liquidity of fluid mechanics such as light fuel oil, steam body, grease and cooling circulating water, and Will stain and damage all the equipment. Avoid residue: Add flour and coal to the type sand, and it brushes the metal -shaped cast layer to remove the coating sand building coatings. 4. The ditch and scar disadvantages generated by the sandy layer of the casting part, and then use a wet forging thick tablet computer to cast it. Most of the positions caused by the sandy sandwich in the casting components are areas where the surface layer of the sand mold is touched. When the metal material flow liquid continues to erode, it will be broken and crushed, staying in the original place or brought to other positions. The larger the upper layer of the casting component, the larger the type of sand, the larger, and the greater the selectivity of sand sandwiching. 5. The sand hole is filled with the fossil disadvantages of the sand in the inside of the casting or the surface layer. 6. During the watering effect of the metal material liquid, the metal -shaped casting wall moves under the work pressure effect of the metal material solution, and the casting parts are the disadvantages of the large increase. In order to avoid bloating, the pressure of the sand mold resistance, the bending of the sandbox, the stiffness of the sandbox, increase the pressure of the box during the box, and reduce the pouring temperature moderately, so that the surface layer of the metal material liquid is cut in advance to reduce the metal material The work pressure of liquid for metal -type casting.和North WiltshireMetal die casting直直diecastprofessional据浮Metal die casting气能Medical die casting parts

Aluminum is a lively metal, which is very easy to oxidize or moldy under a certain temperature and environmental humidity standard. It is the characteristics of aluminum itself. Some people have always been lucky and feel that they do not always appear at all times, and sometimes the situation. Considering the cost of reducing cost fees and reducing the process, this type of emergence, grinding guns every year, finds a cleaner that can remove mold points everywhere, and feel that the bubble can be removed. I do n’t know that the more severe air oxidation and mold have long changed the metal surface molecular formula, and it is not simple to deal with the bubble. If we apply strong alkali, on the one hand, the aluminum alloy material will be black when encountering strong alkali; on the other hand, strong alkali belongs to strong corrosion, and must be \u0026 ldquo; As a result of the transformation of steel parts; strong alkali is mostly strong corrosive chemicals, and it is easy to volatilize the vapor body that is harmful and harmful; it is a lot of difficulty! After the solution, it is just a blind sheep to make up for it; It is the roots of solving difficulties. If we are in the season with a large environmental humidity and protective measures, we can completely avoid the occurrence of such problems. How to do a good job of safety protection? On the one hand, it depends on the management method of storing the natural environment and storage methods; on the other hand, I suggest: to carry out stainless steel passivation of this type of casting parts, so that the time of the backlog of the commodity inventory can be avoided too much time. Long, or storage of air oxidation and mold caused by excessive extreme extremes. The technical nature of Piaoling Environmental Protection is to show the aluminum alloy pressure casting, zinc alloy pressure casting, and alloy copper casting passivation agent. The characteristics of the passivation agent are below: 1. Comprehensive low cost, ultra -extraction and diluted liquid application. 2. The actual operation is simple. Bubbles in normal temperature for five minutes and down without heating, no machine and equipment, green and environmentally friendly. 3. The anti-oxidant time is long, and the rainy weather or environmental humidity is 60%-90%. Of course, it is stored for 1-3 months when exposed, and the sealing packaging is stored for 6-12 months without air oxidation. 4. The passivation treatment film is not all transparent, does not change the primary color of the steel parts, and the smoothness is good. 5. Non -toxicity and no smell, no evaporation harmful substances, application safety, no harm to the body; 6, degradable, no air pollution. If you have these troubles, you want to show you the solution of air oxidation problems such as aluminum alloy pressure castings, zinc alloy pressure castings, alloy copper casting and other air oxidation problems for you.        余黑Which majordiecasting manufacturerWhich one is very professional周边Metal die castingWhere的金We sincerely invite you to inquireRegular company面吸Auto die casting partsHow does die -casting manufacturers increase the service life of injection molds? Injection molding molds are equipment that can make metal materials from liquid to solid. Many products that are used in daily life are based on the overall process of forging, filling, refrigeration and other processing in the injection mold. Completed. Therefore, injection molds are important for die -casting manufacturers and customers. Therefore, it is necessary to increase its use period. The specific method is below: 1. Maintain the best grinding gap: To understand, maintain the best grinding gap, not only can ensure that the product has excellent punching machine quality, but also reduces the hair edge and collapse. The service life of die -casting molds. 2. Carry out the grinding gear on time: After a long period of use, the grinding gear is inevitable that it is not easy to passion. After the passivation processing, it will not be used for grinding. Validity period. If the die -casting manufacturer finds an abnormal noise when the steel parts are too large or stamped molds, the abrasive manifestation will be processed. At this time, the proper grinding method is needed to repair. Third, try to reduce the narrow material as much as possible: When the abrasive is used for the thick plate with the total width of the cut pressure, the thick plate is thinner, and the punching needle will be transformed due to the effect of the side force. The gap can also cause too small or damage to aggravate, and more severe scratching the mold, causing the left and right molds to destroy separately. Therefore, in order to increase the use of injection molding molds, it is suggested that the die -casting manufacturers cannot use the narrow bar with a small panel with a total width of 2.5 times. Above is the three ways to increase the life of the injection mold, and look forward to helping everyone. And each die -casting manufacturer can only increase their use period and protect their use period and make them stronger service items to everyone.Which one is closer既然diecastingThe product is mainly used for its own parts, telephones, desks, camera desks, tools and aviation tools. How to make aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers should go to the desk to find aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers. Die -casting generally has high precision and is an ideal choice for various machinery and equipment. Development according to local conditions is the first step in each manufacturer in the urban area. Due to the growth of enterprises, it is necessary to properly expand the area, and the degree of economic development and neighboring areas are mainly so much. Advanced areas have chosen places for economic development and prosperity. Because the market potential of this area is underdeveloped and it is easy to develop. For aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers, the choice of cities is very important, and suppliers must understand the aluminum alloy die casting process. Next, I want to talk about the die casting of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy die -casting process is one of Japan's transfer metallurgical process. It is the process of comprehensively using the three major elements of die casting, die casting and alloy. The alloy process is closely integrated with factors such as pressure, speed, temperature, and time. Combining complex process control, any factors, alloy metal processes affect work quality. Among them, high -pressure use of hydraulic precision metal types to form cooling and other processes. The die -casting process is a soft and efficient processing method that can make a clear outline and clear shape. As long as there is a mold, you can make control products that can use the die casting process. By using the die casting process, materials can be used to maximize the use of waste, which does not generate waste, and improves productivity, thereby reducing costs.

As far as the masses are concerned, the use period of zinc alloy die -casting mill is the top priority that everyone is very concerned about. Because the longer the use of the use of the injection mold, the relatively speaking, the relativity of production will be reduced. It is enough to manipulate or reduce, which means that the store has improved profit. Therefore, it is necessary to make a good zinc alloy die -casting grinder. So I firmly believe that there are doubts about the use of zinc alloy die -casting mills? Next, it will be compiled by the net to explain it. 1. The material of the material of zinc alloy die -casting mill is also very important. The quality of mold steel is also very high. The sales market is usually used to have waste stainless steel plates. Tens of thousands of yuan, and the use of 8.47 mold steel, the application frequency of 500,000 times, is self -evident, as long as you use the price higher than 50%, you can change 10 times the application that can be replaced by 10 times more applications. When the frequency, everyone said that they could not draw. Second, zinc alloy die -cast stamping molds must be effective. Many customers encounter some difficulties. Because the design plan of zinc alloy materials is insufficient, the design schemes are insufficient and delicate, and they are not effective. The use of injection molds has been reduced, and potentially increases product costs of customers and manufacturers. Third, the maintenance and maintenance of the maintenance and maintenance of injection molding molds must be maintained on time to maintain and maintain maintenance and maintenance of the maintenance and maintenance of the maintenance and maintenance of the maintenance and maintenance. In the work, it will be more seriously harmful to the use of injection molding molds. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of injection molds on time is necessary. Fourth, the application of zinc alloy die -casting mills should be cautious in production and manufacturing, pay attention to the temperature control of the mill, heat the mill before production, maintain a moderate temperature range in the production and manufacturing, to avoid the inside of the concave molds The surface cracks and even cracks caused by the temperature ladder of the surface layer are overwhelming, which then damages the use of injection molding mold. In general, the selection, design scheme, application, maintenance and maintenance of zinc alloy die -casting mills have caused great harm to the use period of the mill.nearbyZinc alloy materials are very beautiful and generous. However, before the formation of zinc alloy material precision die -casting, you know how necessary it is to have the hairy embryo. Whether the precision die -casting of zinc alloy materials can be done well. In addition to the irresponsible relationship with the abrasive and machinery and equipment, it is even more important to cooperate with each other. Below it will explain the benefits of the precision die -casting of zinc alloy materials for you. Often you cannot ignore the production of precision die -casting hair embryos of zinc alloy materials. Because it has many benefits, this benefit can be combed as the following five points: 1. Can fully ensure the smooth development of the metal surface treatment process afterwards. Greatly improve the quality of the product of the die. 2. Save the time of going to the front, increase productivity, and quickly carry out the next production process stronger and rapidly. 3. With the improvement of the quality of the zinc alloy pressure casting, the polishing and polishing will also be very rapid. The probability of poor quality is low, and the time can be very good. 4. Zinc alloy material precision die -casting hair hair can greatly improve the actual effect of metal surface treatment, and then make the resolved product exquisite and gloss, and the metal luster is obvious. 5. Make the work efficiency of the full inspection of die -casting products steadily increased, and then quickly increase the delivery rate of delivery according to the advantages of 5 points. You should be able to understand the necessity of the hair casting of die casting.Improved type mold surface contains mold points such as preventing fluoride polymers.A more effective method is metal coating, which includes a fluorine -based polymer TU East to adapt to the internal of the mold. It can export the MRR stress mold.The evaluation value of the type of export stress and the evaluation value that can prevent changes in the shape of the fruit and vegetable formation is also very successful.By improving the geometric structure of mold exports, stress will be a new challenge facing sustainable development in the future.The design of the industrial business -type flow road and the big trees fat manufacturers have gained special encounters.The shape of exported skirts extends to the ladder outside the outside in the square, cone exit, semi -circular, the ladder of the outside, and the internal shape, which may improve the wax phenomenon and review the outlet of the mold.It can increase the edge slope of the mold or the expansion of the MRR effectively.Alternatively, the outer silk mold can export the gold export of MRR's stress, and reduce the material of the pore diameter to an ideal size.Medical die casting parts

2022Latested:1. Ginseng and welded tumors and welding tumors are chemicals in metal materials and aluminum alloys. Ginseng miscellaneous contains welding tumors, such as metal oxides, nitride compounds, sulfate, aluminum silicate and organic solvents, etc. Essence This kind of ginseng is existing alone in metal materials and chemicals and has a major harm to its structural mechanics, physics, organic chemistry and use performance. This kind of ginseng is probably divided into: the raw materials are brought; the whole process of smelting; the processing process is not tight. Most metal oxide ginseng ginseng has high dissolution points, relatively small density, and stable organic chemical characteristics. There is no way to separate them from melting or organic chemistry solution. Stockings or methods. The size, shape and method of this type of debris, the situation and methods of existence, and whether it has the effect of producing the aluminum alloy, it often has key harm to the physical properties, process performance, and organic chemical characteristics of aluminum alloy. 2. Many steam bodies in zinc can be stored in zinc alloy materials. In fact, 85%are staple. During the entire process of zinc and aluminum alloy condensation, due to the decrease in temperature, the decreased volume voltage voltage voltage circuit of the body is reduced. The puff bubble method is dissolved, causing air holes, needles and loose in the casting components. Refinement of zinc alloy materials 1. The maintenance and forging of metal materials in the maintenance and forging of the soluble of zinc alloy materials is undoubtedly the problem of oxidation and breathing of metal materials, while the breathing of metal and metal materials caused by the oxidation of metal materials is huge. The impact of the ground must avoid and eliminate air oxidation and vapor. There are generally two ways to maintain zinc alloy materials that are not oxidized and not breathing: one is to add an covering agent to the soluble surface layer to produce a continuous protective layer thickness; This element was first oxidized, producing high -density air oxide film protection layer thickness. These two methods are all the safety channels that make the solution and furnace gas, so that the steam body does not enter the solubility. 2. Cleaning method of soluble body refined suction (1) Steel bubbles cleaning method ① Rare gas blowing method Rare gases generally refer to N2 and sorbe. Nothing is melted into zinc. Blow the rare gases into the zinc solution, produce a lot of fine steam bubbles. The steam bubbles are adjusted from the non -metal materials in the solubility. Mix with the scum, remove the residue to remove it. In addition, the ghost will enter the rare gas and be removed together. ② Specific steam body blowing method For zinc and zinc alloy materials, specific auto body is mainly hydrogen. Although the hydrogen itself is insoluble zinc, the hydrogen and zinc and the pupae in the dissolved zinc have quickly produced chemical changes, converted to HCL, ZnCl2, and ZnCL2 is dissolved. Reflecting the reactor HCL is a steam -state, insoluble zinc solution. They can have a clean (refined) effect with the hydrogen that they have not signed up to participate in the reflection. Therefore, the actual effect of cleaning is much better than a single blew.The actual effect of simplicity with rare gases is weak, and hydrogen uses hydrogen to harm the personal safety and natural environment and its machinery and equipment. Therefore, the mixed gas blowing method is used to carry out cleaning solutions. ③ The simplicity of the mixed gas blowing method is weak with the actual effect of rare gases, and the use of hydrogen has harm to the personal safety and natural environment and its machine equipment. Therefore, the mixed gas blowing method is used to carry out cleaning solutions. The mixed gas is currently referring to the two gas bodies of N2-CL2 gas and N2-CL2-CO. N2-CL2 hybrid gas selects N2: CL2 \u003d 9: 1 or CL2 containing (2 ~ 5)%. N2-CL2-CO mixed gas ingredients are N2: CL2: CO \u003d 8: 1: 1. Practical experience, the actual effect of 80%N2+20%CL2 is the best effect. (2) Cleaning method of chlorine salt and organic solvents. The solvent is a acidic compound that is easy to volatilizes with a low -soluble point of effective chlorine or fluorine. It is pressed into the zinc solution, causing it to cause volatile vapor body. At the surface, the non -metallic material residues and pyrethon are removed from the surface of the surface. (3) Compound cleaning method-organic solvent cleaning method, this method is better. Due to the rare gas brought into the organic solvent, after entering the zinc solution, the powder -shaped organic solvent melted, surrounded by the surface of the vapor body by the liquid organic solvent film, and the organic solvent film melts the air oxidation film on the surface of the vapor body. , Make it split. At this time, the pyrine spreads from the solubility Chinese and foreign to the foam, which is much faster than entering the foaming foam through the air oxidation film. In addition, the solution is also avoided by the water in the cleaning of the water and the cleaning of the water body. Non -sucking cleaning method generally refers to vacuum pump cleaning solution. Under the vacuum pump, the pheasant that melts in zinc solutes has obvious solubility trends, and the dissolved bubble bubbles are raised. During the upper increase process, non -metallic material ginseng sundry is instructed on the surface layer of the bubbles and is made of zinc solubility to make it to make it to make it to make it to make the body. It is cleaned. The vacuum pump cleaning method can significantly reduce the eye rate of the forging product, the physical properties are significantly enhanced, and zero pollution and damage to the body and the natural environment. Too concerns cleaning method It is a zinc solution goes through the filter plate or filter, and the machinery and equipment block the non -metallic material ginseng. Use the size of the filter holes to manipulate the size and size of non -metal material ginseng in zinc solute after filtering. It can be seen that this method is not effective for hydrogen to remove hydrogen.开的Metal die castingWhich one is trustworthy这是diecastingThe four key points analysis of related mold manufacturing must be understood. (l, the production and processing of streaming grooves: In the past, the production and processing of the skeleton sealing zinc alloy die -casting skilled gel slot did not receive sufficient high attention. The gum grooves were usually long -distance and the specifications were not controlled by the production and processing. It is difficult to cut and repair, and the product is not good. The two -opening skeleton sealing rag has long improved this kind of problem. The mold produces sharp teeth here. When the skeleton seal the mold, it is not necessary to be cut out, which simplifies the edge process process and enhances the appearance of the product. The diameter is in different control modules, and the specifications do not generate intervention, and their precision is very easy to ensure. (2. The cooperation between the lower mold and the lower mode 1: The conicalness cooperates with each other. In the past, the method of research was selected, which stipulated that the touch rate exceeded about 80%. Such traditional production and processing methods were not only difficult to have a large difficulty coefficient, but also consumed many comprehensive working hours, and it was still difficult to achieve the actual effect of no wool edge. The production and processing of the new constructing grinder uses the crooked angle of the cone hole to be slightly smaller than the crooked perspective of the cone axis, so that the lower mold and the lower mold are firmly fitted together at the clinical diagnostic surface B. The transitional cooperation, so the product cannot find the hair edge here. And the processing process of the processing process of zinc alloy die -casting mold is improved. (3, the pressure blend of the lower mold 1 and the lower mold 2 Presshelter is important to ensure that the skeleton seal the auxiliary lip score and precision. The hair edge of the three -opening skeleton sealing raids and the auxiliary lips is very harmful to the appearance of the auxiliary lips. Core 2 uses a transition cooperation. After a single production and processing, the combination of thermal expansion method is used, and then the screw is tightened by the upper end to pull the lower mold 2 firmly, and the looseness of the two kernels at the auxiliary lips reasonably blocks the looseness of the two molds at the auxiliary lips. (4. The connection between the grinders in each cavity: The connection between the single -cavity grinders and the couplet must have a certain amount of volatility to ensure that the grinders are opened and closed. At 0.50 1 1.0RNM. Excessive gaps can easily cause the abolttering arc skeleton to seal the new structure of the new structured abrasive gear. During the actual operation of the mill, intervention was generated between the core cores, which got stuck.那像Medical die casting partsAluminum pressure casting is a product. It is made of aluminum into a liquid, and the aluminum is made of aluminum. The aluminum and high -speed injection of the die -casting mold cavity. After cooling the aluminum water, it can be formed by opening the mold. However, aluminum die casting uses aluminum ingots instead of waste aluminum. Waste aluminum contains a large amount of impurities, affecting die casting work. What are the functions and characteristics of aluminum casting parts in life: 1. Aluminum pressure casting has excellent durability, which is the performance of many castings. 2. Aluminum stability, strong oxidation, aluminum die is not rust, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, aluminum die -casting is adopted by many decorations and can remain non -fading. 3. Aluminum die casting is safe. Aluminum products have excellent seismic resistance. Many experiments have shown that the resistance of wind pressure and weathering is amazing. Therefore, using aluminum castings, we become safer. In addition, the weight of aluminum die -casting is relatively light, which can reduce people's burden and reduce risks. 4. Due to the good toughness of aluminum, it can determine its plasticity, design various shapes, and the elongation is particularly good. Therefore, aluminum castings can be used for recycling, saving materials, and expanding the scope of application. This characteristic of aluminum also determines its creativity. It is very good and can be modified freely. 5. The aluminum is relatively light, so even if it is installed, maintenance can be used without pressure.微微Aluminum alloy die casting Medical die casting partscontact information

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