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        San Francisco CaliforniamajorMedical die casting partsWhich one is near【We sincerely invite you to discuss】          San Francisco CaliforniaAluminum alloy die castingfirst-class变得When the mobile phone becomes a necessity of life, the appearance design of the mobile phone also cooperates with the fashion trend of the day. Aesthetic. Since the second half of 2008, the condition of zinc alloy カ イ カ ス ト mobile phones will be large -scale. The investment hotspots of mobile phone accessories in Shenzhen and Dongguan areas. Many plastic industries and metal industries have begun to change, and the alienation ダ イ カ ス ト technology has been analyzed. On the basis of plastic and metal types, consider ダ イ カ ス ト production mobile phones. Over time, the situation and industry have developed for more than 2 years. From the beginning of the production technology that started to be alienated to mature, the design of the mold, ダ イ カ ス ト parameters The control of control, the cleaning of criticism, the skilledness of the polishing and the surface treatment techniques have made different progress, and the cost of production is constantly suppressed. In the period of high unit price of market business, it is facing fierce competition and facing cost pressure. The founder is the production and operation of zinc alloy ダ イ ト ス ト products. The severe test faces. Then the effective management of expenses is inevitable. The cost is to be managed by scientific methods from the process of raw materials, production engineering, automatic production, human resources, and technical reform. Increased production and stable production quality is the root cause of effective management costs. The main performance is as follows (1) reasonable selection and use of raw materials (2) improvement of mold technology (3) Passing the process of processing engineering product products (4) Control of human resources (5 ) Control of surface treatment. 1. Reasonable design of mold (1) Name: Mobile phone cover (2) Product: 40g (3) Total weight of nozzle: about 45g. From the perspective of production results, the design of the reasonable mold nozzle, the material of the flow road, and the design of the cooling tank shown in Figure 1 have reached 98 %of the product submersible production rate. The production of slag is controlled at 10% to 15%, usually in the production plant, 15% ~ 30% of the slag production of the product after processing: the badge of the badge, easy to have small crickets, unnecessary processes, human resources, reducing losses, and and. Effective suppression, convenient processing of grinding process, and increased production. Figure 2 is a marathon player and event with defective mold design. It is difficult to process after processing, low output, and high cost. The main points of the mold design: (1) The material design of the nozzle and the flow path is reasonable, and the flow of flowing and the completion of the gate is smooth. (2) The cold stream slot is only ranked third, with few nozzles, reducing the occurrence of furnace materials and sub -materials. (3) There are no exhaust and cooling grooves on both sides of the product, and no cracks will occur. (4) The inner frame of the product has no gates and cooling tanks. The batch is simple. Use the chip without washing the nozzle and batch (5) Metal mold stable constant temperature , Life long, high production. 2. The selection of raw materials is correct in zinc alloy mobile shell products, because the selection of raw materials is correct, it can improve the quality and production of the product. Use handThe raw materials produced by the shell are zinc 3#, 5#, 7#, and 8#for die -casting. Considering the cost of purchase: (1) Generally uses 3 #materials (2) products with high strength requirements for 5 #material (3) good deformation strength, wear -resistant components for 8 #produced. Product characteristics: As shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, the model is easy to deform, insufficient strength, large deformation loss after processing, and low quality satisfaction. Use of raw materials: (1) Zinc5#production 5000 mode, the deformation rate of the middle muscle and bone of the product increases by 20%; (2) Zinc8#material, the product pass rate increases by 15%; The production of raw materials, the content of the copper elements of 3 #is low, so the weaker part of the product is the low mechanical performance, which is easy to deform 5 #material production and exchange. The improvement of the intensity has made great contributions, but the ideal qualification rate level does not reach 8 #to try to produce in materials, the product's pass rate has not deformation, which effectively improves the content of the 8 #zinc aluminum aluminum composition. The comprehensive performance of sex and high -intensity, so the use of zinc alloy ダ イ カ ス ト selected products, the structure and use of the product, according to the selection of science, achieve satisfactory quality effects and cost effects, must. 3. The analysis of the end language is clear. In the process of the development of the zinc alloy case die casting industry, stable continuous production and operation requires continuous training engineering skills. Improve the design of the mold and improve the smoothness of die -casting production. The occurrence of secondary materials, improve the rate of finished product, optimize the process, improve automatic production, reduce costs, and continue to reform, improve, and improve. Consider the combination of raw materials and reasonable use costs from the details of the product structure, which can strongly suppress creative profits.属云

        San Francisco California的手diecastingIn order to avoid the emergence of safety production accidents in Shenzhen die -casting plants, ensure the safety of production workshops, and ensure the safety and health of the actual operating staff and all normal applications of the machine and equipment. The technicians of the die -casting plant must safely indicate the prevention measures at the level, especially in summer Under the circumstances, we should pay more attention. Today, I will introduce everyone in detail to the common problems in the summer production safety of Shenzhen die -casting plants. 1. To carry out temperature reducing heat and heat. In summer, high temperature weather, and very irritable. If the staff is constantly overloading, it is easy to have malignant incidents of the Central Committee. Therefore, we must further strengthen the countermeasures to reduce the temperature and heat and heat up to clear the periodic safety risks of safety risks. Essence The actual operating staff of the first -tier manufacturing manufacturing of Shenzhen die -casting plant must be configured with heat -reducing tools or drugs, and then full -time personnel should bear the supply of tea tea and salt -containing drinks to avoid the production of the China Department and Dry Safety. 2. Safety at the level of electricity. In summer, the average temperature is very high. The actual operating staff usually wear weak clothes and pants, and sweats right, so it will increase the risk of an electric shock accident. Moreover, this stage is also more common in wet and cold and rainy, and the strength of the dielectric equipment of electrical equipment can also be reduced. Therefore, summer is the most common season for the safety accidents of electrical equipment. The more critical. 3. Safety at the level of raw materials and machine equipment. In summer, the construction and disassembly of steel pipe scaffolding and the construction and disassembly of large and medium -sized machines such as the steel pipe scaffolding and the disassembly of the steel pipe scaffolding. The disassembly method stipulates that it is necessary to carry out security technology, and technicians must do a good job of supervision and management. For industrial equipment, grounding devices should be carried out in accordance with the standards; if there is a strong wind above level, the construction of the project should be terminated. In summer, when the production and manufacturing work of Shenzhen die -casting plant, in addition to the above -mentioned safety prevention measures, we must also pay attention to the safety production work at the level of high -pressure containers and fire safety. The actual operating staff must wear protective equipment. When carrying out high operations, pay attention to safety; when carrying out special work, strict implementation of work standards.Aluminum alloy die casting光芒还有在类似There arediecast manufacturerOakland CaliforniaMedical die casting partsThe introduction of the aluminum alloy die -casting term: The beer of the beer part of the beer is leaving the mold under the action of the top institution: the angle of the mold or the outline of the outlet of the mold: Elementary mold: The schedule of the mold: The type of the cavity is in the upper mold, and the core of the mold is a mold structure anti -brother: the type of the heart is in the upper mold, the type of mold structure of the type in the lower mold The process of the process of the upper and lower mold: the benchmark needle, the needle is used as the benchmark when the needle is equipped with the needle: the proportion of the glue sample is enlarged: the duplicate surface of the glue sample: when carving, adjust the process of adjusting the surface of the glue sample and the process of processing the surface parallel to the surface of the processing surface. Placing sculpture: During the carving, because some surfaces are not easy to process, the plastic samples are placed into a certain angle of processing method. The pillar is used to seal the bottom surface of the shaped pillar with the top surface of the thimble, so that the pillar molding thimble pinstonus: the top needle: the thimblestick Excessive or improper needles, so that the thimble bag is in the inside of the product: there is a cone -shaped hole in the front end of the column. Mostly used for die -casting mold inlaid pillars: Use the top surface of the needle to seal the bottom surface of the forming column, and make the pillar forming inlaid pores out of the hole: use the needle to form a hole to produce The method of forming a large water outlet: Two -board mold fine water port: Three -board mold dives into the water: Figure icon 角 来 来 来 来 来 来 来 来: Beer is transparent or requires small -walled parts with less deformation. The position method of a buffer effect between the flowing channel is added. This buffer position is to put the corner of the water pond grinding angle: use the grinding bed to grind the right angle gongs: use the milling machine milling plane or the right -angle FIT plane: Use the polished machine to process the plane and process it to the plane to the plane to the plane until The required coordination range FIT pillow position: Use a polished machine to process the pillow and process it to the required tolerance range. Performance of the puppet process to the required tolerance range inlaid: inlaid inlaid from the upper surface of the inner mold into a certain depth, not to the bottom surface. Use screws to fix the inlaid inlaid from the bottom of the inner mold. On the surface, the bottom inlaid of the entire inner mold: inlaid inlaid from the bottom of the inner mold, directly to the upper surface, through the entire inner mold, fix the side inlaid under the inlaid part: inlaid inlaid from the side Putting on the position: A reference hole on the glue sample, all positions must be eroded from this hole: Copper level motion processing photos: Use the central mirror to use the central mirror to perform the coordinate values \u200b\u200bof the processing site to determine the blind hole: Machining blind hole damage with electric sparks: The loss of the loss of copper -consuming carbon: carbon accumulation produced during EDM processing on parts or bronze public, so that the plane of the processed parts is uneven and rough. The spark gap is generally a unilateral 0.25 young man: the bronze public used during the process, the spark gap is generally a unilateral 0.07 violent: bronze is larger than the rough spark gap, and the three -dimensional processing with rough processing Gong, the shape of the shape as the entire upper model or this lower -molding Copper: For some right -angle parts, there is a balance because CNC cannot be fully processed. The copper public used to process these right -angle parts is called Qingjiao Tonggong to avoid the air: that is, the pores of the gap: If the line is cut or retains a piece of material, it must be in the opposite position.Drill a hole to let the molybdenum wire pass through the molybdenum wire: the copper wire cut for wire cutting: the processing trajectory of the milling cutter generated by CNC programming is too cut: The phenomenon of tremor generated when CNC processing thin wall parts is rough: Rough machining refined gongs: use milling machine or CNC milling machine for precision processing waste amount: Reserve processing waste amount Labitan Flat tie knife handle: Differential handle of the handle of clamping and milling cutter: twisted knife septum: divide a vertical water transport hole into two parts of copper throat: flat -headed screws that block the water transportation pores to attack: processing with tap cone processing: processing with tap cone The method of threading method: Machining the coordination of the pillar of the processing oblique pillars: typing code combined: the upper and lower mold combined with FIT needle: use the polishing machine to grind the needle or the thimble to achieve a suitable tolerance to the tolerance Point with needle: The process of assembling the thimine is tried to transport the water: block the outlet, add water and press the water to see if there is a leakage seat: process the pressure seat to make it matches the position with the line: Machining the line to make the process of locking the mold with the pressure bars: installed outside, fixing the upper and lower molds together: there is a nylon buckle machine and a mechanical buckle, mainly used in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds, mainly in three board molds. The role of controlling the sequence of the mold openings: The pre -recovery institution is used to protect the thimble, and the slingshot of the slingshot of the slingshot of the slingshot of the slingshot that can be seen outside is exposed when the thimble is interfered. Slingshot slingshot: Disan slingshot to water outlet: You can control a kind of water -entering device guide edge in the direction of the water: Guide column oblique guide edge: oblique guidance column guide cover: The capsule with the guidance column exhaust: Avoid the inside of the guide cover A vacuum, a reference angle of an exhaust tank on the top surface of the guide cover: the angle of the two reference edges on the mold: the slot top of the four corners of the mold frame: the device on the beer machine is on the beer machine Cannon cylinder: The barrel of the beer machine: the injection header of the beer machine: the plate and the T -type block of white: the surface of the beer parts is topped with a white trace of the thimble. The top height of the top is different: Due to the deduction of the mold, the top needle has a downturn from the top of the beer parts: due to poor exhaust, which causes vacuum in the mold and cannot enter the folder water The signs of the solution flow that can be seen on the surface of the product is not enough: due to poor exhaust, the concave pit deformation is generated on the beer parts: the shape and size of the beer parts change due to internal stress Moom: Deduction Flying Material: There is a small amount of material overflowing needle on the type of molding: When the wall thickness is uneven, a shrinkage is generated, add a pins to the uniform position to make the wall thickness thick Uniform holes: Pole flowers formed by hanging needles: When the outlet angle is insufficient, the inner mold scratches the beer parts and the material is not uniform. Due to improper methods, the phenomenon of inverted corners is produced: the provincial belly is caused by the misplaced of the upper and lower mold: excessive processing during polishing, and the inner mold surface generates concave pits over oil stones: processing plaster drill with oil and stones: A kind of paste used when polishing, apply to the surface of the parts to process parts和Scottsdale Arizonadiecasting manufacturer点亦Metal die castingfirst-class能就Metal die casting打散Medical die casting parts

The surface layer of zinc alloy pressure casting is very similar to the surface layer of steamed ravioli. There is a layer of 0.02 to 0.10mln thick, smooth and high -density metal material layer, and a loose and porous structure structure is directly below it. Therefore, when grinding and polishing, it resolutely eliminates its smooth and high -density layer to prevent the exposure of the internal materials of loose and porous structures, resulting in hidden safety hazards such as bubbles and molting. During the whole process of aluminum pressure casting, the harm of the processing process elements will cause zinc -rich and aluminum -rich positions in the same zinc alloy die casting parts. Strong acids are preferentially selected to fuse the aluminum -rich phase, while strong alkali is preferentially selected to fuse zinc -rich phase. If the oil or corrosion is used to apply strong acid or strong alkali during the whole process, the coating will cause bubbles and molting during electroplating, which is more seriously harmful to the output rate. Therefore, zinc alloy pressure casting is not suitable for removing oil and corrosion in strong alkali or strong acids. Zinc alloy pressure casting should be plated at the bottom after being solved before plating. Generally, it is plated in the cyanide roller groove without NaOH, or nickel plating in a neutral nickel plating liquid. The tube parts should be accumulated in coke phosphate salt plating. The thickness of its coating should not be less than 61, otherwise the thin copper layer will quickly spread to the zinc alloy material, producing a layer of crispy copper -zinc alloy, which harms the quality of the coating. The thinner the copper layer, the faster the rate of copper to zinc alloy materials. The pre -plating solution of the zinc alloy pressure casting is to remove the oily stains on the surface layer of the part and the air oxidation film converted into the air oxidation of the CO2 air after staying in the air. On the surface layer. The partial part of the post -plating before plating should be entered into the gallery plating process. It is not allowed to stay in the air or stainless steel sinks to prevent the surface from being oxidized or the surface layer to produce hydrophilicides, which harm the binding of the coating. If the parts have a mild air oxidation film or hydrophone, they can be immersed in a 20g/L boric acid solution, and then transferred to the NACN liquid of L0L to activate the surface to repair the surface layer.        势双Which one is very professionalZinc alloy die castingWhich company is more professional入狼Aluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich company is cheaper用吞Welcome to inquireWhich is cheaper大地Medical die casting partsThe precision die casting has many characteristics in the operation process. Its physical properties are higher than the physical properties of the raw iron, but the worse the characteristics of its raw iron, and the comparison of the solubility point in the entire process of precision die casting is different from the dissolution point. The raw materials are higher. Many people do not master the characteristics and temperatures of precision die -casting. Let's take a look today. There must be many problems that must be paid attention to during the entire process of production and processing of precision die -casting. The basis of melting state metal materials can be worse. In the whole process of production and processing Not enough or cold, the thickness of the casting components cannot be lower than 8mm. The structural power of the precision die -casting system software is relatively simple. In the whole process of production and processing, the hot metal casting or dry metal casting is selected. Precision die -casting temperatures ensure that the solution is very good in the entire process of betting. Selecting precision die -casting temperatures should be confirmed according to the distance of the bet, the condition of the reducing process, manganese steel, specification model, total flow, etc., stainless steel plate precision precision The temperature of the casting temperature is 50 to 110 ° C than the high -efficiency liquid phase of manganese steel. The production temperature of precision die -casting can reasonably ensure that its solute will have a very good flow rate during the entire process of re -betting. The machine and equipment must be based on the distance between the forging temperature and the spacing of their bets and their bets. Some elements of the overall process, etc. to carry out some elements to confirm that the cracking trend of the precision casting of stainless steel plates is relatively low. In the entire process of application, it must be reasonably ensured that its manganese steel has its excellent exhaust pipe supplementary work ability. In this way, it can create the standard of sequential crystals at a certain level, so that it can increase its relative density, and the temperature that forged will be high.How long will it take?了待Metal die castingShenzhen die -casting plant, aluminum die -casting raw materials, aluminum die -casting machines, and abrasives are the three major factors of aluminum pressure casting manufacturing, which is indispensable. To put it bluntly, the casting process is a comprehensive application of these three major factors in various aspects, which can also be stable and efficiently produced to manufacture appearance, high -quality cost -effective, specifications or protocols. The entire process of reaching standard casting and even high -quality casting, zinc alloy die -casting plant. The aluminum alloy selected by the Shenzhen die -casting plant is mainly aluminum alloy of the non -colored sector. For light metal (steel, iron, etc.), it is less applied because of mold materials and other problems. The color of aluminum alloy casting components in the non -color sector is more common in aluminum alloy profiles, and zinc alloy materials are second. Let's simply introduce the condition of the rare metal of the aluminum pressure casting of the zinc alloy die -casting plant. (1), Shenzhen die-casting plant aluminum pressure casting color sector aluminum alloy category is blocked and collected, mixed and collects aluminum alloy-0.2-0.3%0.3-0.4%0.4-0.5%low melting point aluminum aluminum alloy alloy alloy Materials ----------- 0.3-0.4%0.4-0.6%0.6-0.8%aluminum silicon system --0.3-0.5%0.5-0.7%0.7-0.9%aluminum die-cast aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum copper system Aluminum Magnesium-0.5-0.7%0.7-0.9%0.9-1.1%High-soluble point aluminum aluminum aluminum-zinc lyric cast aluminum -------------- 0.5-0.7%0.7-0.9%0.9-1.1% Alloy copper (2), Shenzhen die -casting plant, various aluminum pressure cast aluminum alloy strongly recommended cast temperature aluminum alloy type casting average wall thickness \u0026 le; 2mm casting components average wall thickness \u0026 gt; 2mm constructor simple structure, complicated structure, simple structure, tedious aluminum alloy Calcus aluminum silicon system 610-650 ℃ 640-680 ℃ 600-620 ℃ 610-650 ℃ Aluminum copper system 630-660 ℃ 660-700 ℃ 600-640 ℃ 630-660 ℃ aluminum magnesium system 640-680-700 ℃ 660-700 ℃ 640-670 ℃ 650-690 ℃ aluminum zinc system 590-620 ℃ 620-660 ℃ 580-620 ℃ 600-650 ℃ Zinc alloy material 420-440 ℃ 430-450 ℃ 400-420 ℃ 420-440 ℃ lying cast aluminum 640- 680 ° C 660-700 ° C 640-670 ° C 650-690 ° C Metal Copper 910-930 ° C 940-980 ° C 900-930 ° C 900-950 ℃ Silicon Copper 900-920 ° C 930-940 ° C 910- 910- 940 ℃*Note: ① The casting temperature is generally measured by the temperature of the metal material liquid of the heating furnace. ② Shenzhen die -casting plant, the casting temperature of zinc alloy materials cannot exceed 450 ° C to prevent the crystal stout.

Cold pattern is a major problem for Shenzhen die -casting factories. So where is the cold pattern improvement method of die casting molds? The manipulation of the surface temperature of the die -casting mold is very critical for production of high -quality casting parts. The temperature of uneven or uncomfortable die -casting molds also causes unsatisfactory casting components. During the entire production process, casting parts are deformation, which produces defects such as heat work pressure, sticky mold, surface depression, internal shrinkage, and hot bubbles. When the difference between the mold temperature is very large, the independent variables in the production cycle, such as adding time, cooling time, and spraying time, have different levels of harm. 1). Cold pattern: The temperature of the front end of the melting soup is too low, and the marks will be printed when stacked. Improvement method: 1. Inquire whether the wall thickness is too thin (overall planning or manufacturing), and thin areas should be filled immediately. 2. Inquiry whether it is not easy to fill; the spacing is far away, the area (such as the fin (FIN), the protrusion), the area and the arc are not easy to fill. And pay attention to whether there are ribs or cold points .3. Reduce filling time. Methods of reducing filling time: \u0026 hellip; 4. Modify the filling method .5. 6 .6. 6.7 .7. 7. 8. 9. Add vacuum equipment to be effective .2). Cracks: Reason: 1. Reduce the stress. 2. Press or the whole edge. . Add time to modify (cold room machine) .4. Add or reduce the time of locking .5. Plus the molding angle .6.bestone. Technology introduction TD coverage process, hard alloy coating process of thermal diffusion method (thermal diffusion hard alloy coating process). This process is called Daoming cover treatment. It has a high hardness on the residue, which can be made into about 3200 at high pressure, and is produced with metallurgical parent material. This type of residue has strong friction, strong resistance to obstruction, and strong corrosion resistance, which improves the service life of hundreds of times, and proves high use value in practice. 2. Make full use of the main effects of TD coverage. 1. Significantly increase the life of molds or parts, and fold the cost of Obo or lucky line. 2. Greatly improve the appearance, increase the uniformity of the size, and improve the quality. 3. Repair time and labor intensity are greatly reduced, and the loss of loss is MRR. 4. The number of friction systems is reduced, and the anti -blocking performance is greatly improved. There is no need to use lubricants, nor does it need to use high enjoyment of nursing lubricating sliding fluid system. 3. The proportion of technical appointment is relatively high through the formation of high -hard friction materials on the surface of the finished product, which is uneven and anti -blocking, which improves the corrosion resistance. It is an effective and economic service life method. The appointment of TD cover processing technology is carbon dioxide high voltage ~ 900. Like traditional surface treatment methods, the surface treatment is high, such as carbonized high voltage ~ 900; electroplating high pressure ~ 1000; it is more durable than these surface treatment methods. Physical gas phase (PVD), pleasant chemical qi (PCVD), happy chemical gas (CVD), happy TD GAJUMARU layer is a modern method of superconditioning surface treatment, of which the temperature of PVD and PCVD technology is low, deformation, 2000, 2000 The HV titanium top point formed around the year is less than nitride. The bonding force of the two is poor. The conditions of use are serious, such as, such as, extended type; it cannot be used correctly, and it has no effect. Therefore, PVD and PCVDs are often difficult to use the performance advantages of the composite layer of hard alloy. The surface treatment of the layer of the high -temperature CVD method and the surface treatment of the apex of the titanium carbide vertex near -vertex floor hardness TD vertices is combined to the iron floor and TD vertex of the high -temperature CVD process. Compared with the PVD of PVD, the film group is the most at present. Effective surface supercision method. In contrast, the CVD coverage layer has high operating costs, and the subsequent processing is also very troublesome. It is mainly concentrated in hard alloy materials. Because the TD cover is relatively convenient, steel or hard alloys can also be used. TD cover treatment technology can be repeatedly treated without removing existing coating. 4. Application of fan TD covering layer treatment can be widely used in the superb problems of shyness and wear between types and work, or work through various alternative methods. Bite andTurning scratches and hair are the best, because solutions determine the world's current TD coverage measures.It is said that the problem of TD coverage, such as the oversight of the working size, increased the life by 10 times by deterioration.The processing of materials, including the composition of carbohydrates, and more than 0.3% of the hard alloys of various steels.Under normal circumstances, a variety of high -alloy fans with birds are introduced.The source of the pressure and influence of the pressure during the injection process have its unique effect in the fourth -stage injection molding of the domestic die -casting machine. The following is the speed of the deposits of the alloy solution at the aggregation stage of the alloy solution: the pressure radiation speed is slow, the pressure radiation speed is fast, a stage. The slow shooting speed is at the speed of the casting hole of the pressure chamber by pressing the alloy solution of the betting head. This speed level is very low, which prevents the scattering of alloy liquid from scattered in the pressure chamber. The pressure of this speed comes from the machine oil pump. After slow shooting speed, the main speed injection speed is activated. At this stage, you can press the alloy solution to reach the inner door. The pressure of this speed comes from high -speed pressure beam storage layers. The die -casting machine integrates these two speed stages to a stage, and is called a third -stage die casting. The thrust (PA) required for the first category and the fast injection speed (PA), whether it is the friction force between the injection head and the pressure chamber (P1)+ the friction between the voltage cylinder and the hydraulic cylinder (P2 ) + The force of the alloy liquid beam is equal to the force of the voltage head (page 3), and the pressure required for this speed is relatively small. PA \u003d P1 + P2 + P3 is a simple relationship expression. 2. The speed of the filling phase of the alloy solution at the speed of the alloy liquid, the speed of the secondary high -speed pressure, the speed of the filling. The second stage of high -speed pressure injection speed is to increase the alloy solution from the inner door to the speed of filling cavity and slag bag. The pressure pressed at this speed comes from high -speed pressure beam reservoirs. The second stage (PB) high -speed pressure (that is, filling speed) required for the thrust, alloy liquid filling type cavity (P4) + pressure head and pressure chamber (P5) friction force, pressing the cylinder Pre -combustion cylinder and friction (P is equal to 6). In other words, it is a simple relationship expression of PB \u003d P4 + P 5 + P 6. 3. In the supercharged stage, after the alloy solution fills the mold cavity, the injection head pushes the alloy liquid residue center to solidify the push room under the high pressure, directly fill the alloy liquid, it reaches the mold cavity, and through the center through the center The alloy liquid completes the center of the alloy solution, and the liquid has not yet solidified in the inner door. The internal structure of the molding mold is more dense. At this stage, because the head slowly moves forward, it is also called the injection speed of the fourth stage. This speed drives pressure comes from a single thickener. The required pressure will be determined as needed. The analysis of the pressure field in this article refers to the distribution analysis of pressure.Medical die casting parts

2022最新:The selection of zinc alloy die -casting mill is a very critical stage in the whole process of all mold production. Material selection of abrasives must be considered as three standards. The abrasiveware considers the requirements of wear resistance and strong ductility. The grinding gear considers the processing process regulations. In addition, the abrasive gear should consider the acceptability of economic development. 1. When abrasion -resistant embryo is plasticized in the abrasive and concave mold, drags along the concave mold layer and drags, causing strong friction between the surface layer and the embryo. And invalid. Therefore, the abrasion resistance of raw materials is one of the most basic and critical features of abrasives. Power is the key element of hazard wear resistance. In general, the higher the strength of the mold parts, the smaller the wear rate, and the higher the wear resistance. In addition, abrasion resistance is also related to the type, total, shape, size and size of the Malaysia in the raw materials. 2. Most of the standards in the work of tough molds are very extreme, and some often assume great impact loads, which may lead to crispy break. In order to prevent the mold parts from suddenly crispy at work, the abrasive gear must have higher pressure resistance and ductility. The key to the abrasive is the carbon content, grain size and institutional conditions of the raw materials. 3. During the whole process of fatigue and rupture characteristic grinding gear, under the long -term effects of the geographical stress of the circulating system, fatigue rupture is usually caused. Its way has a small movement of impact fatigue and rupture, the fatigue and the fatigue, the fatigue, the exhaustion, the exhaustion, the exhaustion, the exhaustion and the rupture. The key to the fatigue and rupture of the grinding gear lies in its pressure, ductility, intensity, and the water content of ginseng in their raw materials. 4. High temperature characteristics When the operating temperature of the mill is high, the intensity and pressure resistance will be reduced, causing the abrasive to damage or cause plastic deformation and invalid. Therefore, metal materials should have high anti -quench reliability to ensure that the abrasive has a higher strength and pressure resistance at the operating temperature. 5, heat -resistant and cold, fatigue characteristics, some mills are constantly adding mild and cooling during the whole process, causing the concave molded surface layer to be pulled and stressful work pressure. Force, blocking plasticity variation, reducing the specifications and precision, which may cause the abrasiveware to be invalid. Hot and cold fatigue is one of the key ways for the invalidation of thermal grinding tool. Helping this grinding gear should have higher thermal and cold fatigue. 6, corrosion resistance, some abrasive gear such as molds at work, because there are elements such as chlorine and fluorine in plastic, dissolved strong corrosive gas such as HCI and HF after heat Degree, aggravate milling loss. (2) The milling of abrasives considering the use of performance specifications The production and manufacturing of abrasives must generally go through several process processes such as 煅 (, drilling production, processing, and quality adjustment treatment. In order to ensure the production quality of the abrasive and reduce costs and costs, their raw materials should have excellent forgedness, drilling process performance, quenching and compulsory, cutting performance and cuttingability; they should also have small air oxidation, carburizing sensitivity Degree and thermal treatment of cracked tendency. 1. Forgedness, there is a lower thermal forged transformation, the plasticity deformation is good, the temperature of the creation temperature is wide, the cracking and cracked and dissolved mesh structure of the mimaex tends to be low. 2. The temperature category of the heating process is wide, the quenching intensity is low and the undulating modelSmall scope and high ballization rate. 3. Drilling process performance Knife is durable, CNC blade is low, and the production and processing roughness is low. 4, air oxidation, carburizing sensitivity to high temperature, antioxidant can be good, the carburizing is very slow, it is not sensitive to the warm substance, resulting in smaller the black spots. 5. After the force heat treatment, it has a well -proportioned and high surface intensity. 6. After the cutting performance heat treatment, you can get a deeper hardening layer, and you can harden the relieving thermal treatment substances. 7. The transformation of the heat treatment form is small, the transformation of the basic thermal treatment volume is small, the appearance is shrinking, the light becomes light, and the abnormal shape changes. Basic thermal treatment is low -sensitive, which is not sensitive to heat treatment temperature and steel parts. 8. The relative loss of cuttable sand wheels is small, and the amount of cutting without permanent injury is large. It is not sensitive to the quality and refrigeration standards of sand wheels, and it is not easy to produce cutting cracks. In the selection of abrasives, it is necessary to consider the standard of rationality and minimize production costs as much as possible. Therefore, under the prerequisite for considering performance indicators, the first price is low. You can use carbon steel without carbon steel, and you can use domestic raw materials without importing raw materials. In addition, the production and supply status of the sales market should also be considered when selection of materials. Selected alloy structure steel should be avoided and concentrated as much as possible.台空Medical die casting partsTelephone锥之Metal die castingThe design scheme of die casting molds is extremely important for die -casting manufacturers.If you want to come, you are also clear. The zinc alloy pressure casting is taken in one step, so whether the design plan of the mold is immediately harmful to the quality of the product.So what must be paid attention to in the design scheme of zinc alloy die -casting mold?For this problem, give you some technical explanations.1. The first zinc alloy die -casting is taken for a step. Therefore, people must determine the consistency of the product and mold design plan before the zinc alloy die casting, so that the zinc alloy die casting constructor that can be cast is consistent with the requirements of the product.2. The design scheme of zinc alloy die -casting mold must be in line with the die casting production process, so that it can ensure that the goods can be manufactured normally.3. The selection of zinc alloy die -casting mold materials is very critical, so that it can ensure the use of zinc alloy die -casting molds, and it can also be conducive to the usual maintenance of the mold.米大Aluminum alloy die castingThree new injection mechanisms. As a new type of extruded mechanism that can effectively solve the problems listed at the beginning of this article, we introduced an institution that regulates the speed of oil (see Figure 2). At the beginning of the institution, the DV 1 valve opens the HDV valve in order to press the high -pressure oil directly into the high -pressure reservoir ACC 1. Increase. In the case of the pressure on the pressure of the piezoelectric device, the piston and the pressure head are static. At this time, only the needs of the Castrole process to enter the continuous control variable in the proportional node flow valve DVV2. The injection speed is obtained accordingly. The change mode of control speed enters the head slowly, fills quickly, and finally increases the pressure. The main features are: (1) The structure is simple, easy to control, and accurate. Because the entire firing process only opens the HDVV valve and the control ratio of power saving valve DV2, the structure is greatly reduced compared to the traditional voltage mechanism. By shortening the control cycle, the continuous and accurate control scale valve can be used to close the actual obtained rate close to the set value, and the possibility of setting the sputter parameter is close to the required state. (2) When the pressure combustion process is fast, mild, and no impact vibration acceleration, the HDVV valve is completely opened, and the ACC1 of the hydraulic cylinder is directly connected to the entire pressure burning process, when the combustion process begins. The voltage syringe can get a stable pressure and have enough traffic. In the traditional pumping structure, the interference of faulty factors such as oil transfer and valve switch of the piezoelectric device does not exist. , quick response. It can be continuously controlled in the range of 0% to 10%, and can be continuously controlled in the process of total combustion 3. There is a constant back pressure from the beginning to the end. Therefore, the native, acceleration, and impact are completely backlog balances that may occur when load mutations and injections are terminated. Infusion is adversely affected. (3) Regardless of the peak and thickening process of the injection end, or the valve continuous control of the valve without a peak ratio, the response speed is fast. Therefore, at the end of the spraying process, you can press the piston to decelerate (if the performance of the selected percentage stream valve is sufficient), adding the damping absorption effect of the hydraulic impact after the exhaust tank is added, and the oil inlet ratio of the adjustment speed of the inlet ratio is squeezed. Pressive mechanism. When you work, you can completely eliminate the impact of pressure by minimizing the pressure. (4) Use computer technology to intelligently control the injection process. The author designed the J1120 20OKN horizontal cold -state die -casting machine with an export splitting structure with an export rate. 17. If the booster construction time is within the range of 8-13 S. No stress impact peak. Due to the effect of customer useThe adjustment of injection parameters is higher than the traditional stamping structure. The number of successful castings in each type of casting uses traditional pressure combustion mechanisms. The qualification rate of castings is much higher than the J16 160kn die casting machine. Although the mold 250kn die casting machine adopted by traditional pressure mechanisms has successfully described the test pressure of the J120 die casting machine, reducing and eliminating the impact of pressure is of great significance to improve the utilization of lock -type power. The results of the J20 die -casting machine show that in the die casting with complicated shape and high density requirements, the injection molding mechanism that uses oil port ratio node flow has such advantages compared to the traditional compressor mechanism. In other words, compared with the traditional pumping mechanism, the spraying mechanism of the discharge port is reduced. In the case of small manufacturing costs, it can improve the performance of gas injection. This is a breakthrough in the theoretical principles of traditional news institutions. In terms of research and development of our server -level injection mechanism, we have laid the foundation for theoretical and practical. Compared with the traditional pressure combustion mechanism and the existing garbage grading burning mechanism, the discharge port has better improve the performance of node flow injection institutions, and it is suitable for NIS in Japan. It is expected to have strong communication and wide application in the near future.大殿Zinc alloy die casting Medical die casting partsWhich one is more professional

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