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        South OxfordshireAroundMetal die castingIs there a solution【Look forward to consideration】Delivery & Service          South OxfordshireAluminum alloy die castingnearby同时The accuracy of aluminum alloy castings is high, and the surface is smooth, which can be applied to various mechanical equipment.Tianyao Aluminum Alloy Die Casting Company is engaged in the processing and processing of castings, providing one -stop service experience for friends who cast.Aluminum alloy die casting manufacturer.However, the quality of die casting is obviously in beauty, and there is a difference in price, too.The order price of aluminum alloy die casting is not solved at all.What are the shadows in the custom price of aluminum alloy die casting?First of all, the process of each single -voltage casting process is a common flow, die casting, die casting, pressing, square, polishing, surface treatment, and packaging.However, for high -precision die casting, these processes do not need to be processed CNC, and there are some products such as sodium drilling.Secondly, the price of die -casting surface treatment process is different.Each process has the price of each process.Each color has its own price.忧了

        South Oxfordshire常的Aluminum alloy die casting7. The impact of die -casting production process on the life of the mold. Because the processing benchmark of each part of the mold is required, the use of the processing center in the process of molding is the most appropriate. Please test the size of each process to meet the design requirements. The size accuracy and matching accuracy of the mold are high (this is the main difference between us and the imported mold). In order to meet the product accuracy requirements, the size of the cavity must be made as much as possible. If the size cannot be placed once, leave the remaining amount of the cavity, and use the test graph to measure the size. The processing and manufacturing of the mold are not bad products. Try to avoid welding repair caused by artificial factors, which may cause cracks due to the repair parts of the mold. The surface of the cavity after discharge processing forms a degeneration layer composed of a melting solidification layer (generally referred to as a white light bright layer), an over -cold layer, and an over -the -LE layer (matrix) from the surface to the inner layer. The melting solidification layer is formed by the surface of heating and melting molds to quickly solidify in the spraying liquid. Its thickness is about 0.10 mm. The melting solidification layer itself is fragile, with stress and many tiny turtles. This is the early increase of the mold. The thickness of the surplus fire layer is determined by the current strength and frequency of the processing of the current, the depth in the rough processing, and the shallow decisions in the fine processing. When the electrical pulse or line cutting discharge is made of fine processing, the low current and high frequency are used as much as possible. The burns on the mold surface [8]. Electric sparks, special oils for the purpose of preventing cleaning, cooling, lubrication, insulation, ionization, and reducing the degeneration layer. After soaking, soaking oil can better reduce the deterioration layer. It has nothing to do with the depth of the degeneration layer. A large stress is applied on the surface of the mold. If the white light layer and the residual stress are not removed, the surface of the mold will be ruptured quickly, eroded, and rupture. After the mold cavity is completed, please reduce the number of cutting knives. Do not leave the knife marks. If necessary, please leave the grinding blank. The entire surface of the mold cavity is polished and polished to remove the hardening layer and white light layer generated by the tool processing or discharge processing, even if there is no trace of the tool. However, be careful not to cause the mold during the grinding process, prevent the mold surface of the mold, and reduce the hardness of the mold. Remove the curing layer, white light layer and stress removal method: 1. Use the crushing, crushing and grinding, and chemical dissolution of the sand wheels; 2. Spray glass particles to remove the surface solidification layer to remove the residual stress stress and form compression stress. Low temperature recovery can also significantly reduce the surface stress of casting mold without lowering hardness. When grinding the surface of the mold cavity, the roughness needs to be determined according to the product. 1. The surface position of the product with thin walls and bright surfaces, the surface of the mold cavity should be grinded to RA 0.2 ~ 0.4. Generally speaking, because the height is not grinded by the mirror surface, the molding agent can be evenly attached to the surface of the mold, but in order to avoid the mold, please do not grind the rough knife label and do not place it. Early rupture of the period; 4. NoteThe grinding grinding, the surface of the molding mold does not have a clear grinding direction, so as not to find the source of stress concentration of thermal concentration.Metal die casting动瞬as well as剑凝bestMetal die castingLeedsdiecasting manufacturerJapan has become the Obo base for bakery (die casting, ordinary casting, bakery, etc.). Japan, the United States, Macau and other countries have continued to grow. The cost and technology are worth better thanks. There are two types of bird yarn molding technology. Those raw AOBO yarns are seen with very similar eyes. Who is not enough for a person's professional doors, usually another easy. (Ugly cast). 1. Die -casting and die -casting (ugly casting) are archived to the district and the units and birds with at least two types of manufacturers: one includes parts and the entire manufacturer, at some domestic desk facilities. The part they undertake is outside, and Obo is also looking for some manufacturers and life in China. Because the AOBO technology of the two brick raw materials is different and acceptable, the current hierarchical market price is different, and the quotation of the latter is usually higher than the former. If you do not have these two long districts, you will receive a transaction quotation. If your currently rated cheap casting price, if you come out, your current first -level error management will affect the profit and loss of shadows. These two are the manufacturer of the cast noodle shop Obo. I thought that Obo was die casting, and life was possible to live with traditional die casting methods, and Mofa was carried out. After turning on the pressure Siri mold, in the end, from most of the mold technology, Obo's yarn, flawed or seeing Siri holes with defects, hair length is a fault. The most anticipated is that it causes loss that it should not be the loss. Essence 2. The quality of the continuous casting noodle shop of casting and continuous casting continuous bread stores is the quality of continuous casting noodle shops. In a trailer set, it is to complete the type of casting and charging of the bakery and the same mold. Continuously casting continuously is not the appointment of new technologies, but this principle has a long history. The most typical, the most Spanish single casting continuous bakery is the process of liquid bakery (baking of taste soup building), we know. Die -casting mold bakery is a specialized trailer setting and higher self -use image, as well as Obo, a rough liquid bakery of general die casting journey. Therefore, the die -casting mold bakery and normal die casting are not easy to find in appearance. There are continuous casting and continuous bakery, which is close to the quality of the fabric. Casting bakery is often seen by us: two sets of long molds for raw AOBO, one is a hand for ordinary metal casting, and the other is a finished seed bakery with frictional dilution or liquid pressure platform. Construction. News and casting technology is a technology that has finally appeared in the world in recent years. Due to the limitations of patented technology, this technology has not yet appeared in Japan.andSt HelensMetal die casting一些Zinc alloy die castingThere are强大diecast manufacturer中的Metal die casting

In the design of resin sand casting modeling design water glass sand shape design, although the two types of modeling design are very high, the sandy and sand conditions will continue to appear in the casting parts. Because the sand mold is not clean in the sand mold, there are residual sand gravel. Improve the output rate of casting parts, improve the quality of casting components, reduce the fixed cost of casting components into the tube of the glue mouth, the product is convenient to use, it has a smooth circulation of goods, refining steel furnaces, steel fluid flushing, and not digesting and absorbing steel liquid. The characteristics of sawing are good, which can simplify the design and processing technology of the modeling, save the difficult work of the building coatings on the side of the rubber mouth, and the layout of the improvement of the software pouring system to prevent casting and sand, sand, sand, and sand disadvantages. Essence It is very effective for improving the quality of casting components and the output rate of casting parts, especially in various self -compulsory forging modeling design, the characteristics are even more prominent. Treatment of sandy holes: Do not pay attention to the dirt brought in the processing process; building coatings, metal casts, and core shafts are damaged by metal material liquid; during the whole process of pouring Part of the dirt brought to. Some during the whole process of pouring, because the iron liquid flushing the type of sand on the wall. Some manufacturers choose to paint building coatings to avoid it. It takes very good actual effects, but there will also be cast components and sand. The first is because the inlet brush coating building coatings are more painful. It is very easy to fall off during the whole process of pouring, large, and large flushing, and the building coatings are easily dropped under rinse and high temperature invasion. Causes sand and sand holes. Many casting factories have not attached great importance to direct lanes. Ignoring the flushing of the straight road wall during the entire pouring process. As a result, the cast is sandy. In order to ensure that the casting parts have high physical properties and low thermal stress after thermal treatment. Sometimes it is used for warmth treatment, that is, the lava processing parts of menstrual processing into the heat substance insulation and thermal insulation of 200-250 ° C must be quenched. Time, integrate timeliness with cold processing. The key to the actual effect of the timeliness processing of aluminum alloy pressure casting is the following three elements: (1) the time processing temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the fusion rate of the element, the better the actual effect. Generally, the limitation of the heating temperature is less than that of the aluminum alcoholism, and the low limit of the heating temperature should be integrated into the solid solution as much as possible. In order to obtain good solid solution reinforcement and actual effects, and troublesome aluminum alloy coarse crystals, sometimes the method of hierarchical classification heating is used, that is, insulation at the temperature of the low -soluble point co -crystal temperature, so that after the group primary abroad diffuses and melts There will be no soluble points, and it will be increased to a higher temperature to carry out warm thermal heat treatment. When processing, it should also be noted that the heating rate is not suitable for too fast, so as to prevent the casting and part of the melting of the low -soluble dot mechanism that produces deformation and partial agglomeration. The relocation time of the fire treatment of thermal treatment should be as short as possible. Generally, it should not exceed 15s to prevent the characteristics of aluminum alloy from spreading and dissolving the aluminum alloy element. (2) Heating and insulation time. The thermal insulation time is decided by the melting rate of the enhancement. This lies in the type, ingredients, institutions, forging methods and casting of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy pressure castingThe thermal insulation time looks more than the aluminum alloy material. Generally, the experiments are clear. The general sand mold casting is increased by 20%-25%compared to the same type of metal castings.(3) cooling rate.The greater the refrigeration rate of the casting parts during thermal treatment, the higher the survival of the solid solution from high temperature conditions, and then the high physical performance of the casting parts is high, but the more thermal stress generated by it isThe greater the probability of deformation.The refrigeration rate can be changed according to the use of different thermal guidance, heat transfer, volatile heat, and viscous refrigeration substances to obtain small thermal stress. The casting parts can be in thermal substances (boiling water, rolling oil or melting melting, melting.Salt) Refrigeration.        紧蹙Wherediecast manufacturerWhich one has strength依然Aluminum Alloy Die-castingBig company屑道Specially invited to considerWhich company is very professional名大diecasting manufacturerIn the processing manufacturing industry, choosing a good forging process is a critical problem. So in the whole process of selecting forging processes, it is necessary to consider which problems. When it comes to considering which ones, we must first know the long -established processing process of forging. The forging process originated in 1838. With the development of contemporary technology, there are many different ways to forge. So what is the difference between aluminum die -casting and forging? The following Desso will analyze the difference between the next two for you. First, the whole process of die casting process: Simply put, when the casting is cast, the melting metal material is introduced to a hard -toasted steel template cavity. When the metal material is condensed, it is pushed out of the special tools, and the whole process is repeated. This whole process is different and very different based on the raw materials you selected. The hard -toasted steel template can create 150,000 aluminum pressure casting in all areas to cast an aluminum pressure of more than 1 million times, and then it must be maintained or disassembled. Second, the molten mold casting processing process is called lumpy -wax casting, which includes the processing processes such as wax pressure wax, wax repair, group tree, stained pulp, molten wax, casting metal material solution, and post -treatment process. Lost wax casting is a wax mold that built parts needed to be built with wax, and then painted with drilling mud on the wax mold. This means mud mold. After drying the mud mold, put it in the boiling water to melt the internal wax mold. Remove the mink miles of molten wax molds and then burn it into pottery molds. Once cooked. Generally, the pouring mouth is left when the mud is made, and then the pouring port is poured into the metal material melt. After the water is cooling, the required parts are made. Most of the casting components are rare metals such as zinc, aluminum, and magnesium. The melting mold casting can be forged with rare metal metal materials, including stainless steel plates. If you want to apply a non -metal material, the production process shows more characteristics. As everyone knows, if you want to apply stainless steel plates or alloy copper, forging is a stronger selection. The formation cycle of aluminum die -casting and forging: forging and aluminum pressure casting manufacturing complicated parts, the cycle is quite different. Traditional melting mold casting must be very human resources and time, while die-casting casting manufacturing 3-4 times each point, and the multi-guide slider aluminum pressure casting reaches 45 times per minute. 1 aluminum die -casting parts can generally be created without manual production of automation technology! The cost of aluminum die -casting and forging costs: The circulating system time decision to decide 60%of your last part of the cost fee. Forging is generally greater than aluminum die -casting costs, which is not weird at all. Its height and width ratio is very similar to the components caused by the whole process of manual type, but the cycle is much longer. When large -volume pouring, the casting components have higher cost and costs for economic benefits than melting mold casting. When you can only have one or many parts of forging specifications or large stainless steel plates, forging will be a low cost fee.programme原本Medical die casting parts

Do you know how to evaluate the quality of high -precision die -casting molds, the evaluation problem of the quality of die -casting mold, in the following, the technical engineers of the die -casting plant will make a detailed introduction for you, and look forward to some assistance to you. Under general conditions, the specifications of the quality assessment of die casting molds are carried out in all aspects, including the accuracy of specifications, the productivity of aluminum die -casting, the credibility of the abrasive utensils, the life of the mill, the design scheme of the die -casting mold passerby,, the design plan of the die tract, and the design plan of the die tract, and the design plan of the die tract of die -casting molds, and the design scheme of the die tract of die -casting molds. Is the design of the die -casting mold effective six levels, and the following will be explained in detail one by one. 1. The accuracy of the specifications is whether the zinc alloy casting of the aluminum lying bias can be cast. 2. The productivity of aluminum die -casting, that is, the time required for a commodity for aluminum pressure. 3. The credibility of the mill, the die -casting mold can always be maintained. 4. The use life of the mill, die casting molds can generally be removed by 100W set, far lower than that of this standard value is not a passing mold. 5. The design scheme of die -casting molds in the runway. The products cast by aluminum pressure are not easy to have flow patterns and rupture. 6. Is the design of the die -casting mold effective? This effective includes, the overall design of the die -casting mold is effective. The design plan of the water inlet is appropriate. Pumping cores, products are not easy to stick. This must be engaged in the work experience of stamping mold for many years.bestThe gas -tight test of the alloy die -casting fails. When the pressure is applied, the pressure leakage of the inside and outside of the die casting may occur, and the phenomenon of oil leakage, air leakage, and water leakage may occur. The density of die -casting gas is one of the most difficult problems in die casting defects. The cause of aluminum alloy die casting may be that various defects in the combination may be. How to solve the problem of die -casting gas? First, the cause of gas deficiency in die casting is analyzed. The casting is infiltrated into the water, the cavity of the compressed air enters the casting, and the compressed air enters the water surface through the channel formed by the inside and outside of the cast. Casting defects occur each other. Solution: Select a reasonable pressure room filling: After selecting the punch diameter and the die -casting machine, the weight of the metal liquid to be accommodated in the pressure chamber also becomes a normal value. The weight of the metal liquid injected by each aluminum alloy die casting is different. When the metal liquid injected by the pressure chamber is insufficient, the gas in the pressure room cannot be eliminated in advance when the pressure is stressed. The turbulent disorder flow is formed by the high -speed piston of pressure piston. Gas is likely to involve pores and prone to water deficiency and other defects. At the same time, due to the excessive dirt in the pressure room, skin dirt is likely to form inside the castings, and the local intensity of aluminum alloy die -casting is reduced, and it is easy to leak and leak pressure in large experiments. Therefore, by selecting the degree of charge of the reasonable pressure room, the pore defects of the casting can also be effectively reduced, and the leakage rate of the casting can also be reduced. In order to solve the problem of failure to conduct gas detection in production in production, the reason may be caused by various casting defects. Therefore, when dealing with poor gas tightness, it is necessary to investigate the nature, process, molds, etc. of the alloy as much as possible, find the main reasons, and take corresponding measures to effectively improve the gas tightness of the die casting.1. In fact, we do not understand the die casting technology and die casting technology in the traditional sense. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. In the die -casting process, the metal liquid is in a high -temperature melting state, and the molded metal products are obtained in a specific cavity by pressing high -speed mechanical equipment through high -speed mechanical equipment. Die -casting products have the advantages of dense tissue and high mechanical properties, such as stretching, clean appearance, and size accuracy. However, various defects, such as pores and contraction holes, are prone to internal. Compression processing is a product. It has a mechanical effect and forms a constant shape and tissue state by specially designed holes (mold port). [2] Compared with die -casting technology, the construction efficiency of traditional extruded casting equipment is not high, the size accuracy of part molding is low, and the cost is relatively high. Due to the low degree of equipment automation, the laborer's skills are high, the operation is difficult, and the labor intensity is high. In the same part, the on-site cost of squeezing casting technology is about 2-3 times that of die casting technology. The pressure fire system is imperfect, and the structure is difficult to produce complex parts, which restricts the widespread application of squeezing casting technology. With the advancement of modern technology, the product structure has become more and more complicated, especially car parts. In recent years, the prosperity of China's automobile industry has led to the development of China's mold industry and the development of the die -casting industry is rapid. Large -scale complex parts in automobile parts, such as cylinders, lower cylinders, main boxes, and clutch bodies, there are some shrinking holes in foreign objects. In this case, it is necessary to solve such problems by linked the pressure technology with the die -casting technology, and it is possible to bundle the intensity of the two together. Increase output, reduce process, reduce energy consumption and reduce costs. Note: The choice of squeezed out of the squeezing range of the die casting is usually several prefabricated holes. In addition, as the number of positions increases, the complexity of the mold will increase, so there is no more space. Combining the technologies of the two, achieving normal die casting in practice is the effect of supplementing squeeze casting shrinkage.Metal die casting

2022Latested:The first performance of aluminum alloy pouring is high exclusion and cold fatigue. Since the mold is a continuous life, we maintain the same temperature. This time, the mold we ordered should remain high. This is no adhesive at oxidized skin. The second is hardness, hardness, plasticity and resistance, because the mold is easy to deform and respond, and to a certain extent avoid light shape and hardness. It must also have good thermal conductivity. In addition, in order to melt the characteristics of the metal well, the mold needs to maintain life for a long time. One thing is that cast gold is not enough. Because you cannot just make one mold, the casting mold is broken, because the mold needs to be obtained from the shape, and the original power of the abrasive casting is low. Aluminum alloy die casting is not easy to receive at low temperatures, and air conditioners can be seen everywhere, allowing small items, large products, abbreviations, miscellaneous parts, single items and large quantities. The type is cast sand, which promotes the function of aluminum mechanics. Although oxygen is added, such as vacuum holes is an effective path for advanced alloy mechanical functions, it is definitely difficult to specify extensively. The advanced skills of early cold rooms. Essence人造Auto die casting partsprogramme队被diecasting manufacturerI firmly believe that the general public has encountered a mutual distress. When everyone purchases zinc alloy pressure castings, everyone will encounter the price of each manufacturer, which is far from the difference. So why is the price of each zinc alloy die -casting supplier evaluated by the same product? How is the price of a zinc alloy die -casting product? Many people have 11 yuan and many people are priced at five yuan. What you see is half the price of each other price. And seemingly similar products, but you can't see the cost fee behind the zinc alloy die -casting goods, and the credibility of its future application. Usually the cost of customers' consciousness is the main standard. It is believed that they have obtained high cost performance, but do they really get cost -effective? Due to the low price of zinc alloy material dealers who are actually small, they are actually small companies. The allocation of aluminum die -casting equipment is not complete, and the processing of the casting parts is not mature. It is not a 24 -hour production and manufacturing. The productivity is extremely low, and the production plan cannot be carried out on time. Second, the management of human resources is not enough, and one person will have a multi -time position. Big enterprises refer their positions and make simple production and systematic. Third, the service items are not guaranteed. Fourth, as a die -casting manufacturer, we must have a solid dealer and closely cooperate with manufacturing. Generally, companies in small processing plants do not have such authoritativeness, which will usually continue to increase the production cycle and endanger the rights and interests of customers. Fifth, the quality of the product is not very good, and the product qualification rate is extremely high. So, do you want to feel that zinc alloy pressure casting is really expensive? Will you damage the future benefits in order to make a small profit at the moment? You say that there is no profit, is it not profitable? The zinc alloy pressure casting, usually represents the buying commercial insurance, high -efficiency productivity, solid product quality, strict manufacturing supervision and steps, and five -star steward -based after -sales maintenance services. And when you are stubbornly pursuing the perfect and cheap, usually the quality and service items of the product itself are usually out of the product. What is harmful is your rights and interests!们佛Metal die castingIn recent years, with the rapid development trend of the hardware industry, more and more die -casting manufacturers will also be created. What is the reputation? In terms of the current situation, the insufficiency of the aluminum die -casting manufacturing industry is that the cost of aluminum die -casting costs is higher to reduce the cost of aluminum pressure casting. Each die -casting plant will explore the way of controlling costs. To reduce the cost of zinc alloy die casting, we can consider several levels such as machinery, equipment, raw materials, and casting processes. 1. When selecting the appropriate aluminum pressure casting machine, you must not only consider the specific situation of the die -casting manufacturer, select the appropriate price of the machine and equipment, but also consider the operating cost of the machine and equipment. When selecting the selection of the dust collector equipment, when selecting the production line equipment, most die -casting manufacturers usually pay more attention to the quality of the machine equipment, and ignore the quality of the dust collector equipment. In fact, the advantages and disadvantages of the dust collector equipment immediately endangers the quality and cost of zinc alloy die casting. If the actual effect of the dust removal equipment is not very good, it will not only endanger the office environment and air pollution. The water content of the residue of zinc alloy materials is immediately increased by the poor increase of zinc alloy die casting and increased product costs. 2. Considering the credibility of the machine and equipment, the production and processing methods of the machinery and equipment manufacturer, the level of assembly line, and the level of machine equipment are determined to make the credibility of the machinery and equipment. The chance of the machine and equipment is abnormal, and the frequency of disassembling machine and equipment parts increases, and the use of machinery and equipment will decrease. So, not only will increase the labor volume of maintenance employees, expand the maintenance costs of machine equipment, and reduce the maintenance costs of machinery and equipment, and decrease The productivity has been improved, which increases product costs. 3. Considering that the energy consumption of the machine and equipment is considering the prerequisites specified in the casting process, try to avoid the installed capacity as much as possible, prevent the condition of the big horse sedan, and use the resources flexibly, reduce excess power and energy, and keep the equipment use overhaul Maximize the profit of loading and power energy, and enhance the economic and social and economic benefits of the die -casting plant. 2. The formulation of proper and effective casting process is an important production process for reducing the cost of zinc alloy die casting costs. It immediately harms the output rate, casting quality and forging cost of casting components. The key should be clearly clear: the main parameters of the appropriate casting process (1) In the manufacturing, it is also necessary to get rid of the two levels of trends: on the one hand, it is to increase the pressure on the wind and keep the wind, which causes the forging to increase the capital, which will lead Luxury waste; on the other hand, it is very low -pressure resistance for cost -keeping costs. As a result, the quality of unstable quality and large undulating category causes the quality of zinc alloy die casting to be harmed by raw materials and operators. The die -casting plant should be clearly defined according to its own condition, and then exceed the prerequisite of ensuring the quality of the zinc alloy die casting, which saves large ingredients and reduces the cost of aluminum pressure casting. (2) Clarify the appropriate casting process.The suitable casting process can not only ensure the quality of zinc alloy die -casting, but also reduce the cost of aluminum pressure casting, reducing the unqualified rate of casting parts is one of the most significant and immediately immediately controlling costs.Third, proper selection of 恰 raw materials is the basis for reducing the cost of zinc alloy die casting.选 The selection of raw materials is very harmful to the cost of aluminum pressure casting. This has been recognized by most of the industry. Due to the advantages and disadvantages of the raw materials, the amount and amount of various raw materials are harmful.On the other hand, the quality standards for casting are harmful.Be sure to choose a suitable zinc material manufacturer to ensure the quality and stable quality of the ingredients of the die -casting manufacturer.土表diecasting Metal die castingCompany address

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