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        FalkirkAuto die casting partsWhich company is very professionalProfessional packaging for every order and reliable logistics supplier to deliver your product on-time. Timely and clear communication throughout the whole process to understand the needs of clients promptly.          Falkirkdiecastprofessional要脸1. Shipping rust removal is to use a high -speed centrifugal leaf wheel to throw out the surface layer of the small steel ball or the small iron ball. Therefore, the air oxidation layer of the entire equipment surface can be removed. In addition, the surface layer of the steel ball or iron pills crash parts parts causes the lattice constant of the component layer layer to increase the shape of the surface layer. It is to strengthen the processing of the surface layer. 2. Generally, the rust and rust removal of the blasting balls are used with old rules. How many toss heads are tall and high, high efficiency and small infection. Repair and shipbuilding industry, rust and sandblasting treatment are commonly used. As everyone knows, whether it is a shot of rust or sandblasting, it is the situation of air compression. Perhaps it is not a centrifugal leaf wheel that does not use high -speed operation. In general, the shipbuilding industry is generally used for rust removal (small steel balls) for thick steel plate preparation treatment (rust -proof treatment before spraying); sandblast treatment (ore sand) should be used for forming The vessels or sections are to remove the old paint on the thick steel plate with rust and reinsert it. In the repairs and shipbuilding industry, the key effect of shot shot and rust and sandblasting is to increase the adhesion of thick steel plate spray paint. 3. Indeed, the removal of the ingredients is not only removed with rust, but generally conducts the roller clearance of the roller for large objects, which means that the mobilization of the cast iron parts is removed and then rolled in the barrel. Back, most of the sand on the surface layer is cleared first and then carried out rust or shot shot. 4. Discussion explanation, in terms of destruction, the surface layer of metal composite materials is much more stress when the ground stress is more casual. When the surface layer is pressured, the fatigue life of raw materials is greatly developed. Therefore, mechanical parts are used for mechanical parts. The components that are very easy to exhausting and ruptured generally use shot shot shots to form surface pressure ground stress to enhance the service life of the product. In addition, metal material metal composite materials are very sensitive to La Shan. The cause and consequences of the low pressure resistance strength, which are all metal composite materials for all normal tensile strength (bent, compressive strength) mainly expressing the function of the material function. 5. The excavation working surface of the thick steel plate of the sedan of the car is strengthened, which means that it is strengthened with shot blasting, which can significantly enhance the limits of anti -fatigue of raw materials. 6. Shipping rust removal is to promote the rotation of centrifugal leaf wheels with an electric motor. With the effect of centripetal force, the meatballs that are direct in 0. ~. , Make the surface layer of the steel part a certain surface roughness, make the steel parts elegant, or change the welding welding stress of the steel parts to the ground stress to increase the use period of the steel parts. Most of the levels of machinery and equipment are used to build ships, automobile parts, airport components, large gun tanneys, highway bridges, steel frame structures, mezzanine glass, thick steel plates, pipelines, and these. The sandblast treatment (pill) is to use air compression as an electric energy source to spray the surface layer of the steel parts directly through the sand or 0. ~ .0 to the same actual effect. The size of the pills is different, and the solution to the actual effect is different.Effective effect. At that time, the weapons and equipment at that time went into a wrong concept, thinking that it was only possible to shower the ball to remove rust. British and Japanese companies are used to enhance throws and use it! They all have their own advantages. For example, like a steel piece like transmission gear, the perspective of the pills of shot shot shot rust and rust changes helplessly, and only use DC inverter to change the initial speed. However, it solves a large amount and faster, and it is exactly in turn. 7. Sandblastic treatment is a method of using air compression to blow out the quartz sand. The processing factory is also called blowing sand. Not only is it removing iron rust, it can be removed by the way, which is very effective for spraying. Common rust -proof treatment of parts on the surface of the parts; the surface layer of the parts (the small and medium -sized wet test automatic sandblasting machine sold in the sales market means that this purpose is generally used, and the material is water); in the steel structure, high use of high height The connection of intensity bolts is a type of ratio development. Because high -intensity connections use the friction in the middle of the collaborative surface to pass on force, the quality regulations of the fusion surface layer are very high. At this time Development. 8. Satstays are designed with complicated appearance and easy to make rust -proof treatment. The legal effect is not high. The natural environment on the spot is not very good. General automatic sandblasting machines often have various specifications of sandblasting guns, which can only be not unique and small shells, which can be installed and cleaned. 9. Supporting facilities of high -pressure containers \u0026 mdash; Stainless steel sealing uses sandblast treatment methods to clear the air oxidation skin on the surface layer of poisonous steel. 10. There is a kind of production and processing that means that the use of water as a quality particle carrier to promote diamond sand to process parts, which means a sandblasting treatment. 11. Shipping rod removal and sandblasting can have the purpose of clearing and rectifying steel parts. The overall goal is to plan the following sequence. Consistency, shot blasting has enhanced effect on steel parts, and sandblasting is not obvious. Some shots are small steel beads and sandblast treatment as quartz sand. According to different pleasures, the number of sieve networks. Prepare treatment in a certain type of way to improve the surface situation to facilitate the improvement of the coordination of the coating and the effect of corrosion maintenance and maintenance of metal material plates.果有

        Falkirk够杀Zinc alloy die castingIn order to ensure the quality of the mold, the quality management in production management is important. 1) Effective management of product data management, process data management, drawing file management: ensure effective product data management, process data management, drawing file management, and comprehensiveness of files, and ensure the consistency of the drawing version. It can achieve effective sharing and effective query and utilization on the drawings. Establish a complete file management computer database that can organize and use the design drawings, scattered, scattered, and isolated information stored in the design department. In order to prevent the confusion of design graphic files, 2 d, 3 d, it is not easy to occur, the confusion of the original, settings, the confusion of the repair version, the inconsistency of the 3 d model and the 2 d drawing data, the irregularity of the 2 d drawing design, and the confusion. Timely discovering and correction, causing the modification and redemption of the mold, and reporting the waste, increasing the manufacturing cost of the mold, extending the production cycle of mold manufacturing, and affecting the delivery period. 2) Maintain the integrity and integrity of mold drawings, processing technology, and physical data: Through effective, detailed and strict inspection methods to ensure the integrity and integrity of mold drawings, processing processes, and physical data. 3) The design and manufacturing costs of each mold should be summarized in time: Through effective control of the on -site invoices, effectively managing the scrap of the tool; through the correct mold structure design, high -efficiency mold parts processing and correct parts inspection, the mold effectively reduces the mold The additional costs brought by the settings and repairs obtain the actual cost of each mold. Effectively control the quality of the mold. 4) Coordinating planning: Organic organizational planning, design, processing process, workshop production status, human resources and other information, integrate planning and production, effectively ensure the quality of molds, and deliver on time. 5) Formulate a perfect practical mold production management system: formulate mold production management systems, and formulate computer information management systems that implement product data management, process data management, planning management, and progress management of mold production management processes. From planning to completing mold manufacturing and related assistance information such as real estate management, and achieving comprehensive tracking management. 6) Establish a fault mode and influence analysis warehouse: establish mold design, manufacture failure mode, and influence analysis warehouses, add conferences, announcement, computer sharing, reward, punishment means to prevent the following the same problems: it can also be used as post -quality evaluation and design Reference. 7) Establishing processing process preparation: Establishing a processing process, summarizing the details of the mold department, the details of the foreign association department, the standard of the standard department, the self -made fine table, the self -made standard department product details, the list of materials, the details of the heat treatment department, and the damage is easily damaged Pin lists and mold costs to ensure that related resources are combined with the management and schedule management of production plans to ensure the effective use of related equipment, preventing personnel dormant, and combining each link in processing and manufacturing. 8) Establish a quality inspection department, strictly standardize the inspection methods, eliminate the lucky psychology of \u0026 ldquo; basically the same \u0026 rdquo; to ensure the accuracy of each component of the mold processing. Effectively control the quality of the mold, and according to the upper and lower processes recordCombined. Can enhance the sense of responsibility of design and operators. 9) According to the situation of the company and customers, formulate the mold design benchmark, mold design operation guidance book, mold manufacturing benchmark, mold manufacturing operation guidance letter, mold design and mold manufacturing of the company and customers. 10) Standardize procurement, warehouses and production orders, material delivery, loss of tool reporting, delivery management, and material supply chain to prevent production from offsetting. 11) Establish a review system, and regularly train the design and mold manufacturers of related molds, and discover and train the company's backbone elite team. 12) Standardize the functions of each position so that people can do their responsibilities, do their best, and prevent people's ups and downs. 13) Establish a mold project follow-up management team: set up the customer market-process-procurement-manufacturing-warehouse-injection molding and other departments to conduct detailed transactions and technical communication, comprehensively grasp the technical requirements of customer mold technical requirements, Machining, saving costs and time. Establish a customer business and technical information knowledge warehouse in stages of customers, sharing within the company, improve customer service level, and reduce errors. Follow up and supervise the production progress of mold projects, arrange test models, arrange the follow -up of related materials, sample inspection confirmation, sample delivery, and molding.diecasting恢复as well as武装WhereMedical die casting partsMaidstonepressure castingThird, die casting equipment. 1. Die cast machine model and technical parameters. 2. Select the die casting machine. [1] Locking force. \u0026 lt; 2 \u0026 gt; time. The capacity of the die -casting plate is greater than the total amount of the original metal solution. G pressure treasure \u0026 gt; (V 1 + V 2 + V 3) RC1000 (kg). G pressure gold compressor pressure treasure capacity, kg. V1 die casting volume, CM3. V 2 system total capacity, CM 3. V 3-Left scrape, cm 3. R-alloy proportion, GCM 3, zinc alloy 6.3-6.7, aluminum alloy 2.6-2.7, alloy 1.7-1.8, copper alloy 8.3-8.5. (3) The force of pushing hard. The evaluation of Kaili thrust is less than the thrust and maximum opening force of the head pressure casting machine. (4) Type size. A. Adjust the mold installation size according to the template size. B The die -casting machine after the entire mold is formed must tighten the surface of the mold strictly, and the total thickness of the mold after clamping the mold (usually 20) is greater than the minimum forming distance of the die casting machine. C. When the mold is opened, you can take out the casting. After minusing the total thickness of the mold from the maximum opening distance of the mold molding machine, it is necessary to leave the item (including injection gold) that can be recycled to recover the distance. Typical structure of four die -casting. (1) The basic form of the matrix consists of it. Basic form. (1) The cavity does not penetrate. (2) The role of pattern structure. (2) The main points of mold design. Place on the thick boardandNorth East LincolnshireAluminum alloy die casting是在diecastThere are天才pressure casting家伙Auto die casting parts

When it comes to the die casting process, the people of the insiders will immediately think of the die -casting mold. This is particularly important for the samillet mold to have fundamental harm to the die -casting process, and it also has a particularly important effect on the quality of the casting of the casting components. Therefore, if you have to choose aluminum alloy profile or zinc alloy pressure casting, this article must be read, firmly believes that you can aggravate your mastery of the die -casting mold. People first look at the key effects of the bottom die -casting mold: 1. Decisions the appearance of casting parts and standard tolerances. 2. The casting system software decides the addition of melting metal materials. 3. Manipulate and adjust the heat circulation of the whole process of aluminum die. 4. The compressive strength of the abrasive gear limits the large bottom limit of the pressure ratio. 5. Harmly is the productivity of aluminum pressure casting manufacturing. The key to the die -casting mold is composed of two parts of the fixed and motion mold. The key will be introduced in detail below. (1) Fixed mold: The fixed mold is the key composition of the die -casting mold. The fixed mold and the aluminum pressure casting machine are connected, and the fixation of the fixed part of the press and the pouring system software interoperate. The key composition. The key consists of a fixed mold inlaid, a fixed model, a positioning, a tight block, an oblique column, an inlet inlet, and a fixed mold and a core tissue. (2) Movement mold: Movement mold is another key composition of die -casting molds. Moving the mold is a part of the other general with a fixed non -dynamic mold. And combined with fitness exercise, separate and close with the fixed mold. Most of the core and firing tissues are usually in this part.        每年Which one is nearMetal die castingWhich is faster有多diecastSolution面的Special inquiryWhich company is fast强者Aluminum alloy die castingHow to evaluate the quality of a zinc alloy die -casting product? In summary, it can be divided into three levels, one is a reflection of appearance and quality, and the second is the reflection of the constructive accuracy. Life reflection. In terms of appearance: people must first grasp the surface roughness of the surface layer from the front, polish and polishing, and the standard tolerance of deformation. Essence In terms of structure: strictly grasping the precision of the abrasive gear, and the shortcomings of zinc alloy materials, physical and physical properties, the shortcomings of organizational structure and structure. In terms of usage: people must first master the characteristics and uses of this zinc alloy die -casting product; consider the requirements of the product and manufacturing specifications, mainly include (the convenience of carrying wear resistance, corrosion and production processing) In the quality management of zinc alloy die -casting products, it is not just technical control. People must write more about the content of the production and employee performance management. The 5S quality certification system is undoubtedly indispensable. In terms of employee management, people should create an effective reward and punishment system, enhance the initiative of manufacturing staff, often shape professional knowledge at the technical professional level, and improve employee behavior norms. In summary, we must grasp the quality of supervision!Company address候盯Aluminum alloy die castingDo you know what kind of machinery is needed for making aluminum alloy die casting and aluminum alloy die casting? The die casting machine produces magnesium aluminum alloy die -casting products. Aluminum alloy die casting is a very important part. Once the maintenance of the die casting machine is in place, it can produce very good aluminum alloy pressure castings. What should I do if the time spent on aluminum alloy molds always cause damage and damage to the mold? So let's see what kind of damage you can do to repair it. The following aluminum die -casting points will show you how to repair the mold damage. Mold repair machine: Mold repair machine is a high -tech equipment for maintenance of mold surface wear and processing defects. The mold repair machine enhances the service life of the mold and has high economic benefits. Arc welding repair: The burning arc between the continuous feeded welding wire and the workpiece is discharged from the torch nozzle as a thermal source by protecting the arc. Laser welding repair: Laser welding is a kind of welding that performs laser beams and focuses on high -power coherent monochromatic photon streams as heat sources. Welding methods are usually continuous power laser welding and pulse power laser welding. The advantage of laser welding is that it does not need to be performed in vacuum. The disadvantage is that the transmission power is stronger than the electronic beam welding.

1. Considering the thickness of the wall, the difference in thickness will affect filling. 2. In view of the problem of release, it is very important to implement aluminum die casting, and such problems often occur in practice. This is more difficult to handle than injection molding, so it should be careful when setting up and calculating the power of the release. Generally, the mold is 1 to 3 degrees to consider the smoothness of the release. The outer aperture type is less than the internal aperture type, the outer aperture type is 1 degree, and the internal aperture type is about 2 to 3 degrees. 3. Considering the design of mold design, if there are multiple positions in the heart, please do not put two heads at low. Over time, the problem is easy to occur; 4. Some die -casting parts may have special requirements, such as special requirements, such as Spraying and dust removal should avoid important appearances to facilitate setting the grid overflow slot. 5. Avoid the complexity of the mold layout as much as possible in the layout. If multiple hearts or spirals need to be used; 6. Please note that for parts that need to be processed on the surface, appropriate amount of processing must be performed when designing parts. If the internal pores are exposed too much and too little, it is treated with rough positioning. Black leather has not yet been treated, so waiting for the spark to enter the mold. How much will we give you? The best amount is less than 0.8mm, and the processing layer has a hard layer, so there is almost no pores. Protection 7. Pay attention to the selection of materials and use ADC12 or A380 according to specific requirements. 8. Aluminum alloy is not elastic, as long as it is plastic, it is deducted. 9. Usually not deep holes! Open the hole when it is processed after the mold is turned on. 10. For thin wall parts, it should not be too thin. In addition, ribs must be reinforced to improve the resistance. The temperature of aluminum castings should be about 800 degrees Celsius! The service life of the mold is usually short, but it is usually damaged at about 80K like a motor shell.professionalMagnesium connecting die -casting has close self -sufficiency in the world. With the development of self -defense system manufacturing technology, die casting technology has been applied to self -casting technology, facing new technical challenges, which has brought major changes to the construction of die -casting fields.We specifically introduce the die casting design and mold structure of magnesium aluminum alloy parts, and can also provide magnesium alloy attachments from model -ignition to finished products.Magnesium alloy self -winding has become an important turning point in the history of die casting, and self -industry has become the largest application area in the field of die casting.Therefore, the world's industrial destinations have great energy efficiency. In the context of low -carbon emission reduction, the light quality requirements for fish are high, making the aluminum alloy system of homemade parts lighter is a strategic direction.In this shadow, aluminum pressure casting in many countries in the world has developed rapidly, and the dependency relationship between die casting projects and self -reliance is getting closer and closer.In recent years, with the development of the world economy, the demand for precision die castings in the fields of defense, air, air, communications bases, home humidifiers, and medical devices has continued to increase, especially the self -use of aluminum pressure castings has increased significantly.In the aluminum die -casting manufacturing industry, aluminum alloy pressure castings have been warmly welcomed. For this situation, can you think about what is behind this. I will explain the popularity of aluminum alloy pressure castings in the sales market, and I look forward to some assistance to you. Regarding the aluminum alloy pressure casting, it often becomes a popular player in the sales market. The root cause depends on the characteristics of the aluminum alloy pressure casting. The materials such as aluminum itself are one of the most effective and hottest decoration building materials in the sales market. Because of the development of social development, the characteristics of the must -be decorative building materials are different. Aluminum has long been able to meet the needs of the processing process, and then there are always aluminum alloy profiles. This is a reasonable treatment of corrosion. But there are other reasons. The products of sand casting are unable to compare with aluminum alloy pressure casting. First: The manufacturing method is different from the metal materials required for manufacturing. Second: The metal materials are different, and the characteristics are different. Third: Products manufactured products, carts, airlines and other companies are more interested in aluminum alloy profiles. Because its performance improves other metal materials, it is necessary to require the selection of raw materials. Even more fundamental point, when the aluminum alloy profile has not been generated, it can only be forged by iron, and the forging products have long been very, very good. However, the design of the design scheme should take into account the relative density, characteristics, and proportion of metal material liquid. The design plan for aluminum alloy pressure castings is more beneficial to the independent innovation of the processing of processing crafts, and due to the large change of physical properties. There is also one point that aluminum alloy pressure casting manufacturers have made great success in the control cost. They ensure the quality of the goods, and also guarantee that they are more concerned about improving the production process process than in the past, reducing the loss caused by cost, and increasing the production rate value. With low -quality products in manufacturing costs and reducing category prices as the overall goal, the service purpose is for customers for others. Although the current situation is like that, the emergence of casting components in other ways is not eliminated. Nowadays, the continuous improvement of aluminum alloy pressure castings. In addition to driving several manufacturing industries such as automobile manufacturing and airlines, other manufacturing industries have just begun to be applied. In the future, the advent of autonomous innovation pressure casting will attract a large number of customers. The most critical reason is that the density of aluminum alloy is low, and can be used to be able to use corrosion and can be applied to all walks of life.Auto die casting parts

2022Latested:After a period of time, metal materials will cause corrosion to remove the rust of stainless steel passivation. In the process of processing the rust, the sandblasting process plays a key effect. Generally, the wear -resistant material is carried out.The processing is proceeded to improve the actual effect of the rust to remove the rust. In the work of carrying out the sandblasting process, it must be carried out in accordance with the relevant standard Huai Huai.When the process is solved, some wastes such as the accessories, welding, and vegetable oil of stainless steel passivation are cleared; 2. When carrying out sandblasting processes, the gas temperature should be maintained at the bottom of 85 degrees;The application of air compression of the application needs to be solved through water cooling equipment and oil and gas separators to ensure that air compressing and dryness and oil -free; 4. The selection of wear -resistant materials can be porcelain sand and steel pills., No oil stains.直接diecast manufacturercontact information过飕Metal die castingAluminum pressure casting products are very common in our daily life. Aluminum die casting is the main production method of the die -casting industry. Aluminum -pressure casting products are very common in our lives. Aluminum die casting is the main production method of the die -casting industry. The die casting is combined with reasonable parts and perfect die -casting models, and good performance raw materials. Such products have strong strength. When designing aluminum alloy die -casting structure, die casting not only clearly defines the ability and technology of the machine, but also can clarify the overall technical structure, thereby meeting the requirements of each technology. The type of booster type is a type with density of the product density after the filling type is completed. However, the little hens noticed. The aluminum alloy pressure castings we see have very obvious scratches, bubbles, cracks, and deformations. Many castings are discarded, causing a large amount of resources. Next, let's discuss the problem of casting. First of all, these problems have occurred. There are such defects in the mold used. It is necessary to know that this is because it may not be edited in the pouring. The scratches are because the surface of the mold cavity has scratches, or it is not tilted in the mold cutting direction. Because the tilt is small, when the mold is loose, the casting may be scratched. If the exhaust of the mold is poor, you can make air bubbles on the surface of the casting. Of course, the effect of the mold is too high, the metal solidification time, and the impact of insufficient strength and other conditions also affect the molding of the casting. The special content and silicon content in the alloy are too high, or the high harmful impurities are contained, the shape of the alloy is reduced, and the further range becomes a constant crack. In order to solve these problems and save resources, a mold must be selected when casting aluminum alloy die casting, making full preparation to better avoid the above problems.毒未Metal die casting1) There must be a puddle and loading around the furnace and before the furnace, and the channel must be opened. 2) The stove must be cleaned, the oil cannot be dirty, and the material of the stove must be checked strictly. There must be no things that are easy to explode. 3) Preheat various tools before using, and dry humidity when using paint. 4) When the melting workers perform various tasks, we must wear various labor protection products. 5) Be careful when melting gas fuel: 1 The operator has received safety and fire monitoring training, and must be familiar with the installation location and use of fire protection equipment. (2) Because the stove must be fully inspected before opening, it must be confirmed that its operation, especially when the air leakage age or the alarm system is invalid. (3) Check whether the gas pressure is normal before ignition. If there is abnormalities, it must be handled immediately and notify the parties. (2) Turn off the air valve before ignition. By adjusting the mixing of the air flow rate after litting the gas, the flame of the explosion is bright. When you turn off the stove, you turn off the air first and then turn off the gas. 5. If the pipeline inspection is not good, if the air leaks, the relevant parties must be notified and handled immediately. 6. Operators shall implement standardization in accordance with the \"Safety Operation Regulations for Gas Stove\" and shall not perform illegal operations. 6) Pay attention to the melting of oil: (1) Whether the air path is normal before turning on the oil path of the furnace, check whether the temperature in the furnace reaches the ignition point of the diesel, if the furnace temperature is low, it must be ignited manually. When opening the stove, first open the furnace door and move the smoke control device. If the fire is not started, spray the fuel into the stove to prevent any accidents, and then ignite the following. (2) When observing the melting or stirring of aluminum treatment, we must wear a mask, and the workers must stand on the side of the furnace entrance. 7) The location of the storage tank must be far from the source of the fire and prevent fire. 8) The forklift with aluminum liquid needs to be safe and reliable at any time. When you take aluminum liquid, it is not too fast to prevent the aluminum liquid from splashing and hurting people. Bags carrying aluminum liquid cannot be filled too much. The liquid level is kept at a height of 10 to 15 cm from the water inlet, so it will not overflow during transportation. 9) The fork speed should not exceed 10km/h, and there is a warning, prompting the curve and pedestrian to ring the bell. When pouring the aluminum liquid into the heat furnace, it must cooperate with the casting work, and at the same time control the tilt speed to prevent the aluminum scattering liquid.离不pressure casting Auto die casting partsapprentice

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