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        South GloucestershiremajorAluminum Alloy Die-castingtoolDelivery & Service          South GloucestershireMedical die casting partsWhere百里1. Good lubrication performance. The losses of friction and wear during metal processing are more complicated. The body is lubricated to different parts, there are also mixed lubrication, and elastic flow lubrication. The proportion of various lubrication depends on different processing technologies. Changes in the change of method speed, which leads to the diversity and ability of the additive formula. 2. Good cooling performance. By generating a large amount of heat during metal processing, workpiece, and tools, improve the temperature of the mold, affect the processing accuracy, affect the hardness of the tool, and the sintering occurs in a terrible time. Due to the defects of processing, the heat flows through the flow of metal processing solution to reduce the temperature. The cooling performance is related to the heat conduction coefficient, thermal capacity and vaporization heat of the machining solution, and it is also related to moisturizing. The cooling performance of water is much better than oil. Low viscosity oil is better than high viscosity oil. Water boils at 10 \u0026 deg; C or higher, and vaporization also carries a lot of calories. 3. Good water and good permeability. When cutting, after rubbing the lubricant to the wrench part, if the lubricant is not satisfied during the friction process, the performance of the lubricant is even useless, and the good humidity and permeability are required. 4. Prevent rust. After processing, the surface of the workpiece is the fresh surface of the material. Without any protection, it is easily eroded by the environment. One is that oxygen and moisture in the air will oxidize or corrode the metal surface. Another additive in the cutting fluid, especially in the super additive, contains a variety of active elements such as sulfur and chlorine, which may produce sulfide or chloride metal, sparse materials, metal processing solution has certain protection capabilities for this, parts, parts, parts, parts, parts, parts There is a rust -proof function in the process. 5. Foam. Metal processing liquid contains a certain amount of surfactant, some of which will promote the formation of bubbles. Metal processing liquid produces bubbles in the flow. The sword yarn is installed in the air during the rotation process. Among them, to reduce cooling and lubrication, accelerate the oxidation of oil to shorten life. Therefore, the metal processing solution has good bubble resistance. 6, mold measurement. In nutrients, in the water -contained metal machining solution contained in bacteria, bacteria are prone to breeding odor during use, and have high antifungal ability, and it is necessary to add effective sterilizers. 7, low oil fog. Some workpieces or tools rotated during the processing of metal processing solution are scattered in the surrounding environment. The operator exposes long -term inhalation or skin. It affects the health of the body. No poison is required. Other functions, it is easy to discharge and handle waste liquid, with small smell. It requires thin and transparent. The color of the oil filter needs to be visible. 8. Cleanability. The parts are packed or assembled as the finished product after the final processing. The quality, metal processing solution is easy to clean. 9. Antuction cleanliness. After ignition, the metal surface is lowered after rolling. It needs to be cleaned lightly, and the lubricant is required to have good volatile, low gray, and residual charcoal. At high temperatures, the sediment should not be left on the metal surface. Due to goldThere are many types of processing, and there are many types of metal processing solution. It does not require all the above performance, and it may require some special performance.不放

        South Gloucestershire盛满pressure castingTo be honest, aluminum alloy die casting is a long -term popular machine component. The product has a long history, high performance, and many types of surface processing technology. The most common is the widest electronic product. Aluminum alloy die casting is one of the common die casting materials today. Various problems have occurred during processing, causing major economic losses to manufacturers. The author analyzes and studies from the perspective of cutting fluid, blades, and processing methods to reduce the occurrence of aluminum alloy casting defect products. Aluminum die -casting problem: (1) During processing process: Aluminum is the occurrence of natural oxide molds in the occurrence of air molds. The essence is loose aluminum. The cast aluminum is relatively weak and the mold increases. (2) The wear and folding of the blade: If the casting contains impurities, or if the hard point is formed by the deflection phenomenon, the tool may be damaged. The coating of the electroplating tool also contains aluminum, and the blade is often folded. (3) Product processing facial exposure: Due to contraction of aluminum alloy casting surface workpieces, there is a very dense tissue, there is a small hole, if the processing amount exceeds the thickness of the dense layer. The cave increased significantly. (4) The surface smoothness and size accuracy are not high: aluminum alloy die -casting hardness, good plasticity, dandruff may occur during cutting, which seriously affects the elastic recycling after cutting. The dismissal of cutting fluid for cleaning, lubrication and processing is used for cooling. If the degree of lubrication during processing is insufficient, the scraping quality may affect the accuracy of the size. Therefore, the main elements of determining the quality of aluminum alloy pressure casting are cutting fluids, tableware, processing methods, pressure positions and compression force. To accurately grasp these key elements, ensure the size and accuracy of the castings, are conducive to large -scale production, and can expand the economic benefits of manufacturers.Aluminum alloy die casting得没还有在会变NearbyMetal die castingSouthend-on-SeadiecastHandlers are the mother of modern industry and plays a very important role in industrialization. The mold can quickly produce products. The modern industrial civilization we enjoy can be seen everywhere. Computer, telephone, fax machine, keyboard, cup, chair, spoon, car, motorcycle engine. As long as it is a mass -produced product, it is inseparable from the mold. In order to better promote the mold to the zinc alloy die casting, it has a higher universality. All countries have formulated a lot of mold standards. Modeling standard: mold frame (GB/T2851-2861); steel plate mold (JB/T7181-7188); parts and technical conditions (JB/T7642-7652); round convex mold and round concave mold (JB/T5825-5830) Plastic injection model standard parts (GB4169-4170); medium and small molds and technical conditions (GB/T12556.1-2); large molds and technical conditions (GB/T12555.1-15) And technical conditions (GB4678-4679) forging model standards for the general forging module size series and measurement methods (JB/T5900); diamond brushes (JB3944-85) technical conditions (GB/T14662-93) molding steel and its Thermal treatment technical conditions (JB/T6058-92); technical conditions for molding molds (JB/T8050-95); Modeling mold accuracy inspection (JB/T8071-95). Technical conditions for plastic injection mold acceptance (GB/T12554-90) Plastic seal mold technical conditions (GB/T14663-93); plastic seal mold size tolerance regulations (GB/T14664-93); some steel and thermal treatment technical conditions for plastic mold molding (some steel and its heat treatment technical conditions ( JB/T6057-92); Plastic molded mold type and roughness (JB/T7781-95) Die-casting mold acceptance technical condition (GB8844-88) roller forging technology (ZB/TJ46003-90) fastener coldware J j 镦 镦 镦 (JB/T4213-96); technical conditions for cold forging mold steel and thermal treatment (JB/T7715-95); hot forging mold steel and its heat treatment technical conditions (JB/T5823-91); Technical condition of drawing mold (JB/T5823-91); Hard alloy drawing mold technical condition (JB/T3943-85)和NottinghamAluminum Alloy Die-casting都是Metal die castingfirst-class已经diecast manufacturer领土Aluminum Alloy Die-casting

Pot friends in the casting industry are more mastered. Precision die -casting refers to a kind of forging process that is less diamond or is not drilling or production processing. Excellent production process. Recently, there are also many pot friends who come back with mailboxes. The use of precision die -casting is insufficient. Today, the staff of Dezo Hardware will take everyone to take a look. Silicon -soluble precision die -casting not only applies a variety of types and various types of manganese steel. When applying, the precision of the casting components and its surface layer layer in this type of technical processing process is more than other forging methods. It is much higher, so that other forging methods are difficult to cast, it is difficult to produce and process, and its heat -resistant casting components, such as new energy technology shells and embedded shells. If people want to manufacture products with very simple appearance and shapes, and they are not very good specifications. For products with high specifications and precision specifications, people can choose aluminum materials or choose forging carbon structure steels first. Production and processing. The advantage of applying steel die -casting molds is that the price of raw materials is low, the defect is relatively heavy, and it has certain regulations on the production and processing knife. It is more troublesome for some handmade. The shape is complicated, the precision is high, and the product specifications are very good. It can be taken into consideration of the use of silicon -soluble precision die -casting. The relative nature of the steel template, the advantage of the aluminum alloy template is the lightest quality, and the CNC blade of production and processing die -casting molds The regulations are not high. Perhaps the cost of raw materials is slightly higher. The shape is complicated, and the specifications of silicon -soluble precision die -casting itself are not quite large. For products that are not very high for precision, it is possible to consider the application of aluminum -frame tin pupae for die -casting molds. The net weight of tin 的 die -casting molds is relatively heavy. Due to the lapse of the cricket, it is concerned that the production is fast and saves the cost of the machine.        暗界Which is fasterdiecasting manufacturerWhich one is near来折Aluminum alloy die castingcompany询问Please inquireWhich company is closer个黑diecastAfter finding the specific cause of damage, a technical analysis is performed to clarify the repair objects and purposes, and confirm the repair scheme through the symptomatic treatment. For molding parts with unreasonable structural design or poor machining, it is necessary to change the structure, improve the performance of the process, and replace, repair and mosaic to solve the damage, wear and deformation defects of certain parts, and must correctly select the relaxation of the processing standard method and method to relax And the correction of the assembly. By bundling the actual production capacity of the company, maintenance cycle, and mass production of products, a comprehensive maintenance process is established, the process is reasonably divided, and the processing and binding images are attached if necessary, and the method can be easily, economical, and reliable to pursue this method. Execute. Different methods vary from person to person. Mainly rely on the accumulation of long -term work experience, and finally create technical documents in the \"Period\" documents. There is a big difference between 4 maintenance and processing parts and machine processing parts. Maintenance is generally replaced and maintenance. Generally, the processing standards for part of the size are selected, and the formation is formed to meet some assembly relationships. If it is the surface of the molding, it is necessary to choose and handle the standard according to the actual size of the molding surface, but the general method is as follows 4.1 replace the respective parts. It is processed according to the part diagram. And pruning. This is the difference between maintenance and new manufacturing, because the mold will continue to wear and deform after a period of use. 4.2 Surface treatment and trimming If there are special requirements for the surface of the molding and polishing and trimming, the surface treatment is performed in a mechanical manner. The curved mouth of the molding surface and the collapse of the curved mouth. If the crack is not serious, the weld is usually repaired with the appropriate material. Then process and mold on the surface of the weld. In addition, if the molding is not complicated, it can also be processed by discarding the shape surface. 4.3 mosaic and mosaic. For complex molding parts, after local damage, wear, deformation is damaged. When replacement of parts, it takes time and energy. Especially if the maintenance cycle is not allowed, it is necessary to repair locally. This situation often uses mosaic and mosaic technology, and appropriate measures are taken according to the degree of parts damage. This technology is also the most commonly used and effective way. 5 assembly molds are assembled among multiple parts. The assembly accuracy is the main content of the quality indicator, and it is also a prerequisite for ensuring mold work. Therefore, the repair worker must be familiar with the structure and the requirements of the product in the assembly process, and understand the appropriate size, reference plane, cooperative surface, and forming surface. Zero, which must be repaired, and parts, leave a certain amount of adjustment in the original assembly relationship. In order to adjust, repair, and cooperate in an orderly manner, the final assembly and prototype are finally passed to complete the maintenance of the entire submade mold. 6 The quality inspection in the maintenance process In the process of manufacturing throughout the mold, due to the high geometric tolerance, high geometric size and accuracy, the detection accuracy of mold parts is high, but the repair of the mold is only partially repaired.There are fewer levels.General parts are every step in the maintenance and processing stage. The operator's self -diagnosis. The complex individual molding parts must be replaced by the inspector to check the process.Self -diagnosis of assembly and assembly quality according to the fixture assembly stage and assembly diagram.After self -diagnosis, the inspector completes the maintenance process of the entire sub -mold through inspection.Which one is strong果迷diecasting manufacturerThe production process of the navigator alloy enterprise is smooth. There are many problems in the production process of alloy boxes. There are many materials and equipment participating. In the production process, various problems and defects are encountered.When the aluminum shell is deformed, the customer only proposes a higher -quality alloy shell when we need it. If it is aluminum, what is the deformity?(1) Die -casting products have adhesive patterns (2) Destinations are unreasonable, the mold location is unreasonable, deformed, and uneven.(3) High temperature, the temperature difference between different parts of the valve, high hardness of the type, and unevenness are quickly cooled. Online consultation is the cheapest alloy manufacturing process.For product evaluation quotations, we will improve customer suggestions.In this way, it can avoid the occurrence of the final issue and may lead to unnecessary losses.

The characteristics and composition of zinc alloy material 1. The aluminum pressure casting of zinc alloy materials: the physical properties and electroplating process characteristics of zinc alloy materials are very good. The roughness, pressure resistance, and ductility of zinc alloy casting are very good. Because zinc is very good, it can make thin products (wall thickness can guarantee 0.5). The large disadvantage of zinc is a large proportion, so the net weight and cost of goods are higher, which is more suitable for large -scale goods. In addition, zinc alloy materials are weak. 1) Percent: pure zinc: 6.6g/cm3; aluminum pressure casting zinc alloy material: 6.7-6.9g/cm3; 2) dissolved point: pure zinc: 419 ° C; zinc alloy material: 387-390 ° C; aluminum die casting temperature: 390 -410 ℃ 3) The most common specifications of aluminum pressure casting zinc alloy materials are 3#zinc alloy materials (ZAMAK3) 2. The efficacy of organic chemical ingredients in zinc alloy materials: 1) Aluminum (Al). Among the aluminum pressure casting materials, 3.9-4.3%aluminum is generally carried out. Aluminum can improve the pressure resistance of the casting components, but the pressure resistance strength of the casting is only when the two points of 3.5%and 7.5%are the best. In addition, the addition of aluminum will harm the liquidity of zinc alloy materials. The ingredients of aluminum in zinc alloy materials are best when 0%and 5%. Because the composition of aluminum is contradictory of the harm of zinc alloy material casting, the composition of aluminum in zinc alloy material is stricter. 2) Magnesium (mg). Magnesium analysis in the micro -amount in zinc alloy can improve the crystal erosion (micro -erosion) caused by the existence of the residue, and excessive composition of the magnesium will increase the delay in the casting. In manufacturing, because the magnesium is a very easy to obscure ingredient, the more returning to manufacturing, the lower the composition of magnesium. 3) Copper. The role of copper in zinc alloy materials is similar to the effect of magnesium, which can reduce crystal erosion. In addition, it can improve the pressure resistance of zinc alloy materials, but the composition exceeds the requirements of the requirements, and the reliability of the specifications of casting components is reduced, because the melting point of copper is high. The ingredients of copper in production and manufacturing should be controlled. 4) Iron (Fe). The iron in zinc alloy materials is very easy to reflect the transformation of aluminum to be transformed into a proportional than zinc (Feal3) when clearing the slag. The physical properties of the iron to the casting parts and the characteristics of aluminum die. It is harmful to polishing and production and processing knives.first-classTo put it bluntly, the hardware aluminum die casting is actually an forging method that puts the aluminum alloy liquid into the room to condense the aluminum alloy liquid under the work pressure and produce the casting. Nowadays in many industries, it must be used. What are the common problems in the process of hardware die -casting plant. 1. First, the hardware die -casting plant must pay more attention when picking up the goods. Generally, the situation of bumps is not allowed. 2. According to the actual guidance of the actual operation, the accumulation is not allowed, and it must be placed in the tooling fixture together. 3. Do not throw it. It is necessary to ensure that you should be careful and lightly. 4. The hardware casting parts in the tooling fixture must be separated, and it should be slow during transportation to avoid collapse or falling casting. 5. Appropriately applying actual operation tools to avoid bumps. Aluminum pressure casting cannot be selected or pushed out of the casting itself. 6. What people must pay attention to is that when clearing the knife and Chongzi, it is necessary to accurately operate in the position where it needs to be cleared. Above is a detailed introduction to the common problems of the hardware die -casting plant in the process of processing. I look forward to everyone who can have a new understanding and grasp after watching it. The web editor must remind everyone that before applying all processing processes or objects, we must have a mastery of it beforehand. Because only that, people can carry out a stronger use of them in the future. Therefore, if everyone still wants to master a lot of information about the hardware aluminum die -casting or find a technical hardware die -casting plant.Although die -casting molds are very important in the manufacturing of zinc alloy die -casting molds, whether it can produce zinc alloy die casting parts well or not, it is much more convenient to open a high -quality die -casting machine.In fact, a set of high -quality die -casting molds can extend the service life of die -casting molds by surface treatment technology while improving the performance of die casting molds.We are now divided into three categories of die -casting technology: traditional thermal treatment process improvement technology 2.Surface modification technology, such as surface laser processing technology.Coating technology.After using these three main surface technology to process die -casting molds, many problems were avoided during zinc alloy die -casting manufacturing.Its improvement is that the surface treatment of die casting molds in zinc alloy die -casting is very necessary.Die -casting materials, die -casting machines and molds are the three major elements of die casting, and are an important part of die casting manufacturing.The so -called die -casting process organically combines these three elements, allowing a stable, rhythmic and efficient casting appearance, internal quality, size in line with drawings and contracts, and even high -quality castings.Aluminum Alloy Die-casting

2022最新:The shelf life of aluminum is also very long, and we are also a detailed relationship. For example, the aluminum production process of alloy control, alloy control and the raw materials of our selection of aluminum ingredients. Therefore, we must choose high -quality high -purity aluminum materials, high -quality aluminum raw materials guaranteeHigh -quality aluminum production.First of all, we must store it reasonably in aluminum raw materials so that the quality of the die casting cannot be reduced.The temperature of the melting furnace is controlled at the appropriate temperature of aluminum raw materials, ensuring the liquid filling cavity of the alloy solution, and stabilizing the mechanical properties of aluminum die -casting.The following methods were submitted to the Jianguo Electric of Leqing City for aluminum pressure casting products.1. After purchasing aluminum die -casting raw materials, it must be placed in a dry and clean place. Before use, the sample inspection (or regular inspection) is performed on the aluminum die casting.2. After the surface treatment, the aluminum pressure removed from the die -casting is performed, and it is allowed to place it in a place where it is difficult to dry, so that the aluminum die casting is not easy to be oxidized by the air.横在diecastTrick段同diecastThe product quality problem that is easy to occur in zinc alloy pressure casting and nickel plating processing process is bubbles and black. For the condition of the bubble, the fusion microscope analysis is based on the specific manufacturing conditions. It is irregular, and the position of the appear is similar. It can be used as the bottom layer of cyanide copper plating; and the bubbles caused by the poor processing process of the processing process during the resolution of the poor and electroplating process are sequentially spreading. Select the vibrating oil -de -oil process to replace the past organic chemical oil -deduction process. Practical activity description: After the steel parts vibrate after 30 to 60min, the surface cleanliness level and smoothness of the steel parts have been significantly improved. After the pickling passivation activity process, the process of erosion of the surface layer of the steel parts is enhanced, and the surface activity of the steel parts is strengthened; thereby ensuring the excellent binding of conventional and coating and reducing the production of bubbles. Because the nickel layer turns dark, the bottom layer is too thin, and routine erosion or nickel -plating processing process is maintained. Zinc alloy pressure casting production process: finished product inspection and testing \u0026 rarr; vibration oil removal (indoor temperature) \u0026 rarr; cold water washing \u0026 rarr; pickled passivation activity \u0026 rarr; cold water washing \u0026 rarr; cyanide plated copper \u0026 rarr; ; Cyanide plating bronze \u0026 rarr; acquisition \u0026 rarr; cold water washing \u0026 rarr; medium -integrated activity \u0026 rarr; cold water washing \u0026 rarr; bright nickel -plating \u0026 rarr; cold water washing \u0026 rarr; passivation treatment \u0026 rarr; dehydrated \u0026 rarr; For small and medium -sized zinc alloy pressure castings, the cyanide copper -plating process process in the process can be eliminated. 3 The cost and quality of electroplating from electroplating process products, the generality of plating fluid and excellent considering that the editor has been experimentally experimentally experimentally experimentally experimentally, and the selection clearly clearly clearly uses cyanide plating fluid as the base coating process.能量Metal die castingThe thickness of the aluminum alloy pressure casting wall is called wall thickness, which is a key actual significance in the die casting process. The effective wall thickness of the casting part is the actual structure of the casting component and the characteristics of aluminum alloy, and it has a close relationship with the main parameters of the die casting process. In order to implement various regulations, it is advisable to use thick walls and well -proportioned wall thickness. 1. The wall of aluminum die -casting products is not suitable for too thin, large -scale too thin walls, and defective diseases such as lack of casting and cold partiality are prone to occur. 2. The thin choice of aluminum die-casting goods wall: Under normal conditions, wall thickness is not suitable for more than 4.5mm, small and medium-sized casting parts are suitable for wall thickness: zinc alloy material 1-3mm, aluminum, magnesium alloy 1.5-4mm, alloy copper 2-4mm 2-4mm Essence 3. The thickness of the aluminum die -casting goods should be well -proposed, which is beneficial to the aluminum alloy liquid \u0026 ldquo; charging \u0026 rdquo; It can prevent the disadvantages of forging ground stress, shrinkage, cracks and other disadvantages. 4. For the thick wall tube on the variety of aluminum die -casting products, tendons, or inlaid mosaic pieces can be selected to improve their physical properties and improve process performance. 5. It is not suitable to choose a thin way to improve the wall to increase the carrying capacity of aluminum die -casting products. The thickness of the casting component must have a bottom limit, and its impact toughness will decrease as. The wall of the casting part is too thick, which can easily cause shrinkage and air pores. It will cause adverse conditions such as the process of giving the aluminum pressure casting production process, the large contraction, and then the difficulty of removing the core, and the difficulty of removal.去铿Zinc alloy die casting Aluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich company is very formal

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