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        Indianapolis IndianamajorMetal die castingWhich is better【We sincerely invite you to discuss】With a large investment in die casting equipment, manufacturing facilities and measuring equipment in our metal foundry, complex shapes can be produced with increased durability and reduced cost, each product will be ensured to meet the required specifications of customers.          Indianapolis Indianadiecasting manufacturerbest界可The manipulation of the ambient temperature of the die casting is very critical for the casting parts of production manufacturing. The temperature of the abnormal or uncomfortable mill can also cause unstable specifications of the casting. During the processing process, casting parts deformation, resulting in the disadvantages of heat work pressure, sticky mold, surface dentation, internal shrinkage and hot bubbles. When the difference between the mold temperature is very large, the independent variables in the production cycle, such as adding time, refrigeration time, and spraying time, will cause different levels of harm. The name of the gas marks: pattern. Features: The surface layer of the casting part is consistent with the liquidity orientation of the metal material, and it feels that the part of the depression is cleaned. This disadvantage has no development prospects, and the polishing method can be removed. Cause: 1. Different metal material flows in the double -share metal material. 2. The temperature of the mill is low, such as the temperature of the zinc alloy material is less than 150 ° C, and the mold temperature of the aluminum alloy profile is less than 180 ° C, which can easily cause such shortcomings. 3. The charging rate is too high. 4. Excessive use of building coatings. Clear countermeasures: 1. Adjust the internal inlet section or location. 2. Adjust the temperature of the grinding gear and expand the overflow groove. 3. Moderate adjustment to add an increase rate to change the flow of metal material liquid to add concave mold. 4. The application of architectural coatings is thin and well -proportioned.一个

        Indianapolis Indiana打了Zinc alloy die castingThe density of magnesium alloy is small, and the density of the lightest metal (such as AZ91 magnesium alloy) is 1. 81g \u003d cm-3, about 2/3 aluminum, 1/4 zinc, less than 1/4 of the steel or cast iron, close to the density of processing plastic. The specific proportion of magnesium in polycarbonate composite materials containing 30%glass fiber does not exceed 10%. Therefore, the use of magnesium alloys will reduce the quality of the car. The density of the surface is compared with the intensity of the magnesium alloy die -casting part of the intensity, which is high, strong in the yield strength, and corresponds to extension and aluminum alloy castings. From the perspective of designers, if the strength of low -density metals is not high, it is meaningless. Experiments show that the specific intensity of magnesium alloy is higher than aluminum alloy and steel. Therefore, magnesium alloy castings are about 25%lighter than aluminum castings without reducing component strength. Table 2 shows the performance of some traditional magnesium alloy. The melting point of magnesium alloy die casting, the melting point of magnesium alloy die -casting has good welding and casting performance. It is lower than the thermal capacity and phase change heat of aluminum alloy. The power viscosity of magnesium alloys is low, the performance and size stability of the die -casting forming is good. The magnesium alloy casting production cycle is shorter than the aluminum alloy. The capacity of fixing iron is low and difficult to mold. The mold life is 2-3 times higher than the production of aluminum alloy. It is suitable for the production, vibration of various automotive die casting, has a good damping coefficient, and has shock absorption performance. Magnesium alloy die -casting has strong vibration energy absorption capacity. Compared with aluminum alloy and cast iron, the shock resistance and shock absorption performance can reduce the noise of drivers and transmission components, and reduce the vibration of seats, wheels, and handles. After the car collision, it absorbs impact energy well to improve the safety and comfort of the car. More importantly, magnesium is one of the most widely distributed elements in nature, covering a shell quality of about 2.35%, ranking eighth, O, Si, Al, Fe, CA, NA Chemical activity. It mainly exists in the form of compounds in nature. The land content is 1.930%, and the content of seawater is 0.42%to 2.1 times. 1015 tons Japan is the country with the richest magnesium mineral resources in the world. The resources are mainly magnesium -containing resources, including Du Songzisha: the total resources of 314.5 billion tons, ranking first in the world; halogen in salt lakediecast manufacturer共有as well as的球There arepressure castingHenderson NevadaAluminum alloy die casting6, other names: ventilation, air eyes. B Features: A regular, surface -to -surface holes, shape formed by the inside of the die -casting gas. The cause of C is mainly due to the selection of winding gases 1. The selection of the position of the grid position and the shape of the conductivity. The metal liquid enters the cavity and a front collision and vortex occur. 2. The shape of the mold is poor. 3. The pressure room has been discharged. 4. The speed of the gate is too high and turbulent. 5. The exhaust pipe is broken. 6. The mold cavity is too deep. 7, too much paint, no light before filling. 8. The material of the stove is not clean and the smell is not good. 9. The processing space is too large. D exclusion measures 1. Select the gate position and conductive shape that is conducive to the exclusion of the cavity gas, so that the metal solution will not first close the relief system on the separated surface. 2. The spray section of the nozzle of the straight road is greater than the cross section of the gate. 3. Increase the charging of the pressure room, try to choose a small pressure room, and use quantitative pouring. 4. If the formation conditions are good, increase the thickness of the mouth and reduce the speed of filling. 5. Open the pressure reducing slot and exhaust pipe at the last filling point of the cavity to make the pressure reducing slot and the exhaust pipe from being blocked by the metal solution. 6. Open the exhaust plug in the deep room and increase the exhaust port in the mosaic. 7. The amount of paint is thin and uniform, and fills after burning, using a small amount of paint gas to generate the amount. 8. The furnace must be handled and dry, and strictly abide by the melting process. 9. Adjust the turning point, slow shooting speed and fast shooting speed. 10. Reduce the pouring temperature and increase the pressure.andFayetteville North Carolinapressure casting时间Zinc alloy die castingNearby由自Metal die casting远你Metal die casting

Talking about the new technology of aluminum alloy die -casting hot tops, the difference between the hot -top electromagnetic aluminum alloy casting method and the ordinary electromagnetic aluminum alloy die -casting method. The special shielding structure is adopted. In other words, the hot top has a shielding function. The new technology of hot -top electromagnetic aluminum alloy die -casting has the following advantages. 1. The top is conducive to pouring the metal solution and weakening the impact of irrigation on the metal liquid column. 2. Compared with electromagnetic die -casting technology, the hot top has the effect of restricting local liquid molding. It is easy to control the position of the metal liquid, and it is also conducive to the height of the stabilization liquid column. 3. Due to the gradually increased from the bottom to the top, the increased or reduction of the height of the height of the metal liquid during the die -casting process significantly weakened the height of the liquid column, thereby enhancing the stability of the height and size of the compressive ingot. 4. Because the liquid column of the liquid solid boundary is constrained by the electromagnetic force to the semi -floating state, the surface of the ingot side is solidified on the surface of the free surface to ensure that the electromagnetic mixing effect of the liquid hole is not weakened. The surface light of the electromagnetic aluminum alloy die -casting inherits the intensive advantages of internal tissue. The hot -top electromagnetic aluminum alloy die -casting technology has fully demonstrated the advantages of universal aluminum alloy die casting and electromagnetic connection, and also enhanced the operability of the system. The magnetic field strength and the distribution of electromagnetic pressure can be effectively controlled. Improve ingots and internal quality.        体而Which one is fastpressure castingtool的话Aluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich one is very formal奈何Looking forward to discussionWhich company is cheap然绽Aluminum Alloy Die-castingEveryone knows that the zinc alloy die casting in Dongguan has the value of the use of key economic development and manufacturing. So what is its manufacturing processing process? Many people want many people to care about these problems. In fact, the production process of such products is relatively excellent. In the actual entire process, the temperature in the furnace can be developed before it can be carried out. At the top of the furnace wall, a ultra -strong filtering heat dissipation fan will continue to be set. According to the efficacy of the drainage system software in the furnace, the efficacy of the drainage system in the furnace is given. In the first time, the drainage will be optimized for high -quality high -temperature resistance and high -temperature stainless steel plates, and gradually make the product formed, and in the furnace to avoid its deformation. Generally, suspension installation methods are used. In the Shanghai zinc alloy die -casting manufacturing manufacturing, the hanging of the furnace is generally carried out by the crane, which is equipped with a dual -speed drive material for the rolling machine system.当炉口开启后,起重机全自动迅速降低,将载满钢件的料架快速进水热处理,当料墙上再次提前准备进到炉内时,起重机则以慢速度吊装料架,以合理地Avoid the body's fitness inertia, ensure stable operation and difficulty destroying the sealing equipment of the furnace door and its insulation materials. Above this is some professional knowledge on the production process of Dongguan's zinc alloy die -casting production process that people given by people. In fact, the better the production process process, the better the quality of the product. The manufacturing method prompts it to have very good characteristics.Little trick南犹Aluminum alloy die castingDie cast management die casting management includes every stage of the use, maintenance, maintenance and storage. The specific content is as follows. Preparation before mold: Determine whether the mold standard number, product type and name are matched with the craft document. Determine whether the die -casting mode and the die casting machine to be used are correct. Is the mold cavity and tiny surface clean? Fully or not, is the lubrication of each activity part, whether the exercise is free, the exhaust system, and the water cooling system is smooth? Die -casting mechanic should understand the structure, work principles and use methods of the mold. Use of mold: Before entering, check and warm up the mold. The product will be checked for the first time and stops when a failure. Strictly abide by the operating procedures, use various tools appropriately, observe the mold cavity and mold at any time, and the top stick deforms, check whether it is bent, if there is defect, it should be processed in time. The lubricant is made regularly, and it arranges the flying edge and other debris of the mold. Monitor the mode temperature in time during the production process to prevent overheating. In order to extend the service life of the die casting, it is necessary to use a certain time to make the decompression recovery process. The company checks the materials in the production process before starting each class. There are no petroleum pipes and leakage of water pipes, and the installation is properly installed. The core conductor is not damaged and the installation is correct. Move (the corresponding indicator lights are on. The action of each action is accurate and stable. The power supply that has been confirmed to match the type. The prominent movement is accurate and smooth. Date and time code. Check the last part of the quality before the decomposition. The decomposition work is performed in accordance with the operating regulations. Be careful not to hit the casting machine. After the mold is cleaned, the surface of the mold cavity is scratched and collapsed. Tree stumps, and anti -rust oil, cleaning and ventilation in the storage venue. If the surface of the mold maintenance is obscured or scratched, it should be polished and polished. The tungsten electrode reinforcement is strengthened and polished . In addition to cracks, concave pits and scratches, there are also welding, processing, polishing, polishing, and replica. These are all nitrogen. If you have a top bar or guidance bar, you must organize or repair it. If there are bending and wear, it is necessary to repair it in some way. The type of core projection of the type must be repaired or replaced with bending or cracks. The exhaust system should be cleaned and the cooling system should not fail. Inspection and identification. Mold storage to store new molds, you need a number, a drawing, and a test. And there is a die casting pass the test mode. Describe the use of the mold used. The quality department is checked. The ledger, card and things are completed. The same type of card. Classified ledger must record the storage time, storage location, number, name and quantity of the mold. , Destination parts name, materials, sketches, and record die -casting machines, use terms and maintenance status.Paper secrets are applied to rust oil and guide holes to be stored, and do not enter the dust.The mold cannot be disassembled and stored.To avoid all parts of the work, keep their sorting and orderly.For long -term molds, please always save storage.To repair the damaged structural parts immediately, please store some fragile parts spare parts.The storage of spare parts should not be too much, usually 2-3 pieces are good.

1. The structural characteristics of the zinc alloy die -casting plant master the structural characteristics of the zinc alloy casting is very similar to the surface layer of the steamed cricket, with a layer of 0.02 to 0.10 mln thick, smooth and high -density metal material layer. Structure structure. Therefore, when grinding and polishing, it resolutely eliminates its smooth and high -density layer to prevent the exposure of the internal materials of loose and porous structures, causing the coating to cause bad atmosphere such as bubbles and molting. 2. The organic chemical characteristics of the zinc alloy die -casting plant to grasp the zinc alloy pressure casting are in the process of aluminum pressure casting. The harm of the processing process elements will cause the position of zinc and aluminum rich in the same zinc alloy die -casting parts. Strong acids are preferentially selected to fuse the aluminum -rich phase, while strong alkali is preferentially selected to fuse zinc -rich phase. If the oil is removed or corroded, it is used in the process of strong acid or strong alkali, and the coating will cause bubbles and molting during electroplating, which will seriously harm out the output rate. Therefore, zinc alloy pressure casting is not suitable for removing oil and corrosion in strong alkali or strong acids. 3. Considering the specifications of the pre -coating of the zinc alloy pressure casting, the zinc alloy pressure casting should be plated at the bottom after being solved before plating. Generally, it is plated in the cyanide roller groove without NaOH, or nickel plating in a neutral nickel plating liquid. The tube parts should be accumulated in coke phosphate salt plating. The thickness of its coating should not be less than 61, otherwise the thin copper layer will quickly spread to the zinc alloy material, producing a layer of crispy copper -zinc alloy, which harms the quality of the coating. The thinner the copper layer, the rate of spread in the inside and outside of the copper -to -zinc alloy material is getting faster and faster. 4. Accelerate the pre -plating of zinc alloy pressure casting to solve the pre -plating resolution of the connection rate of zinc alloy pressure casting in the groove electroplating process, so as to remove the oil stains on the surface layer of the part and its parts in the gas, and the CO2 air is oxidized and oxidized by the CO2 air. The converted air oxidation film allows the metal material in the plating fluid to be piled up immediately on the pure surface. The partial part of the post -plating before plating should be plated in the groove. It is not allowed to stay in the air or stainless steel sink to stop, so as to prevent the surface of the surface from being oxidized by the air or the surface layer. If the parts have a mild air oxide film or hydrophone, they can be immersed in a 10 g/L boric acid liquid, and then transferred to the NACN liquid of L0 L to activate it to repair the surface layer.NearbyCasting is a type of work pressure forging. It is a working pressure casting mechanical aluminum die -casting machine that is used to apply for casting and abrasives. Pour the heating into metal materials such as copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles in liquid The feed inlet of the machine, through the aluminum die -casting of aluminum die -casting machine, casts a limited manner and specifications of copper, zinc, aluminum parts or aluminum alloy profile parts of the abrasive gear, and so that the parts are generally called casting components. Casting parts are called differently in different areas, such as aluminum die -casting parts, work pressure casting, casting components, die casting aluminum, aluminum die -casting zinc parts, die casting copper, copper casting, zinc casting, aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum Alloy die casting, aluminum pressure aluminum alloy casting, aluminum alloy casting parts, etc. The technical characteristics of the casting component force casting are: 1. The air pores inside the casting part are small, and the quality adjustment can be carried out. After the quality adjustment, the pressure resistance of the product can be greatly improved, and even beyond aluminum die casting products. There are few air pores inside the casting components. 2. The high density of the goods is low. With the weight of the liquid, the high density of the product is lower than that of aluminum die casting, and its pressure resistance strength is slightly weak, but its stretch strength is lower than the high density of the product. 3. The surface layer of the product is not high. The surface layer of the casting products is very easy to produce the dentation of the rust and rust from the surface of the refrigeration. 4. Slow charging and low productivity. Its productivity is only a quarter of the pressure forging, resulting in high production costs. 5. The lifting of the mill is longer than the aluminum die casting, and the abrasive gear is low. 6. The processing process is simple. 7, not suitable for manufacturing thick wall parts. Because metal material copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles have very good liquidity and ductility, and forging production and processing is forged in aluminum pressure casting machines with work pressure. Therefore It can also make higher precision and smoothness, which then reduces the amount of mechanical processing and manufacturing of the casting components and the forging capacity of copper, zinc, aluminum or aluminum alloy profiles of metal materials, which not only saves electricity, but also saves electricity Engineering, metal composite materials, and also greatly saved the cost of workers; and copper, zinc, aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles have high -quality heat transfer, smaller proportions and high process performance.Recently, many customers write to write inquiries: whether zinc alloy pressure casting can be dipped in water.Zinc alloy pressure casting cannot be dipped in water. For the sake of reason, listen to people below.Because of its own raw material processing process, the rate of air oxidation of zinc alloy pressure after dipping water will accelerate.General pure water has a very weak conductivity. Daily life water will be slightly stronger because of a small amount of soluble conductivity.After sticking to the water, the two metal materials in the product are positive and negative to generate a original battery.Regardless of the emergence, cathode metal materials are because the electronic devices are fused, so no matter what the other metal material is in zinc alloy materials, zinc and another metal material will definitely be fused in it., And then damaged the structure of zinc alloy materials.Metal die casting

2022Latested:product analysis. Pipe diameter: 22.5 mm. Total length: 250 mm. The thickness of the tube is 3.5 mm. The thickest thickness is 7 mm. Product weight: 250 grams. Product material: 356 requires T 4 processing. Product appearance: no pores, deformation, hair edges, cracks and other phenomena. Product structure analysis. 1. The long hole must be drawn, and a small hole next to it must also slide. 2. The thickness of the product is 30 mm, and the air flow is poor. Starting from the actual shape of the filling theory and the product, it is determined that the material is placed in the thickness of the thickness. Die cast selection. According to our experience and actual situation, we use the Toyo350T horizontal cold chamber die -casting machine. In one mode of one mode, select the 60 standard material tube and use a large amount of exhaust system. Overview of mold design parameters. Mold structure 2D, 3D diagrams and key points. Because the fixed edge waterway is three -in -one, unless the flow road penetrates from one side to the other side, the two sewer on the top of the finished product is its own. The water comes from the side of the material pipe. Can't connect through all driving. This will lead to the imbalance of calories. It can be seen from the decorative picture and cross -section view that the slider at the top has the structure of obliquely selling the cylinder. This structure can reduce the burden on the cylinder, especially when the hydraulic pressure of the old pressure casting machine is also practical. Essence In addition, the ink cartridge extraction time is shorter. Mo Fang's waterway is in seventh 7. It may cool alone in addition to the product, in addition to the racer, and by connecting all the inflows and the concentration of water cooling at the time of receiving. The operation of the structure is that when the mold is opened, according to the constant MO moving mold, the slider starts the core tension. In addition to the core 4 mm, the big leather on the product is enough to extract 4 mm because it is oblique. If the cylinder starts to move, the long Chinese child is pulled out, and when the mold keeps open, the product can smoothly thrust. When the cylinder is tilted in the predetermined position when clamping, the mold is inserted into the diagonal hole of the pulley bracket again. By pressing the slider to the predetermined position, the pressing operation can be performed. The key to the overall operation is that when the ink cartridge is fixed with the diagonal line and the slider retracts, the cylinder does not work, and the slider cannot interfere with the connection rod on the cylinder. Because the cylinder moves forward when bonding, the diagonal and diagonal pins on the slider are aligned, so it is necessary to inject spring brackets from the slider and internal mode. Big, if you may push the slider well, then it is fine. The extended stroke and sedimentary stroke are considered 1 mm or more size. After the first type T4, there are many bubbles in the product. In the second prototype, the door is thick, stretching to a low -speed position, the product can adjust the squeeze speed appropriately. The T4 can meet the requirements of the customer even if there is no bubble strength test. Essence陀大Zinc alloy die castingcontact number天下Auto die casting partsIn recent years, there have been many Dongguan zinc alloy castings in China's sales market, and many die -casting manufacturers have appeared. Zinc alloy pressure casting is essentially a kind of part. It is driven by the strong working pressure of the aluminum pressure casting machine. Under general conditions, more common aluminum pressure casting parts include zinc alloy pressure casting and aluminum alloy casting. In the case of aluminum pressure casting zinc alloy materials, the quality of zinc alloy materials itself should be paid to the quality of zinc alloy materials. And the aluminum die -shaped zinc alloy pressure casting has a certain look and specifications. Next, the editor of the net will talk about the size of the size tolerance of the zinc alloy pressure casting of Dongguan in Dongguan. When the standard tolerance of the zinc alloy pressure casting of Dongguan is clear, the size tolerance of the sizes has a moderate marking value, that is, about 50%of the standard tolerance value as the size tolerance value; the instrument manufacturing industry is about 20 %Standard tolerance value is used as a size tolerance value; the overweight manufacturing industry is about 70%standard tolerance value as the size tolerance value. It is not difficult to see that the higher the precision of the standard tolerance, the smaller the proportion of the standard tolerance of the standard tolerance. Therefore, when the design scheme indicates the specifications and the size of the size tolerance, in addition to special circumstances, when the specifications are clearly precise, generally use 50%standard tolerance values \u200b\u200bas the size tolerance value, which is conducive to manufacturing and beneficial benefits. To ensure the quality of zinc alloy pressure casting. In general, the standard tolerance of zinc alloy pressure castings in Dongguan has a very critical relationship between the standard tolerance between the two tolerances, and they will harm the quality of the zinc alloy pressure casting. And for different manufacturing industries, there is a big difference between the size of the sizes they necessary.开阔diecastThe life of the mold is one of the most concerned issues that many trading partners and mold manufacturers. The quality of the mold has passed. If it becomes difficult, life will grow. Someone asked me how to determine the life of the deceased. Determine whether the mold has lost its effectiveness. Today I will show you a briefing. The life of the mold refers to the inevitable number of molds in the normal jail time. It is necessary when there is a molding of the blade of the mold country. The total life of the mold completes the combined planning of the amount of polishing control of the leaves of each country or the maintenance itinerary of each country's blades. Daling means that the mold loses normal capacity, which does not mean that the mold part of the mold will be severely worn. It can re -use general maintenance methods (tableware and discard). The form of revocation mainly includes tear, excessive deformation, surface damage and heat fatigue. The heat fatigue mainly appears in the mold in the mold. It is not the current level in the cold mold; the other three forms may be the current level of mold cold and enthusiastic operations. Many losses of mold work are currently in the same way on the road. It penetrates each other, promotes and develops pain, and develops separately. Become a complete effect.硬圣Aluminum alloy die casting Metal die castingWhich one is more formal

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