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        Minneapolis Minnesotaaroundpressure castingWhich is cheaper【Please discuss】          Minneapolis MinnesotaAluminum alloy die castingThere are王妃When it comes to the die casting process, the people of the insiders will immediately think of the die -casting mold. This is particularly important for the samillet mold to have fundamental harm to the die -casting process, and it also has a particularly important effect on the quality of the casting of the casting components. Therefore, if you have to choose aluminum alloy profile or zinc alloy pressure casting, this article must be read, firmly believes that you can aggravate your mastery of the die -casting mold. People first look at the key effects of the bottom die -casting mold: 1. Decisions the appearance of casting parts and standard tolerances. 2. The casting system software decides the addition of melting metal materials. 3. Manipulate and adjust the heat circulation of the whole process of aluminum die. 4. The compressive strength of the abrasive gear limits the large bottom limit of the pressure ratio. 5. Harmly is the productivity of aluminum pressure casting manufacturing. The key to the die -casting mold is composed of two parts of the fixed and motion mold. The key will be introduced in detail below. (1) Fixed mold: The fixed mold is the key composition of the die -casting mold. The fixed mold and the aluminum pressure casting machine are connected, and the fixation of the fixed part of the press and the pouring system software interoperate. The key composition. The key consists of a fixed mold inlaid, a fixed model, a positioning, a tight block, an oblique column, an inlet inlet, and a fixed mold and a core tissue. (2) Movement mold: Movement mold is another key composition of die -casting molds. Moving the mold is a part of the other general with a fixed non -dynamic mold. And combined with fitness exercise, separate and close with the fixed mold. Most of the core and firing tissues are usually in this part.其中

        Minneapolis Minnesota消失Metal die castingImprove processing technology. The temperature of the temperature of mold and melting is a method used to reduce the stress at the exit of the mold, but other problems such as the deterioration of the material lead to a sharp increase in the low molecular weight component in the melting material. Therefore, it is necessary to consider changes in the melting temperature and mold temperature. In addition, due to the decrease in the temperature of the mold, the cold resin layer is formed on the surface of the mold, and the flow rate of the outlet to the mold is extremely slow. The cold resin layer may be formed from the heat flow of the main resin. It will get dirty. First, decide the melting temperature, and then design the shape of the mold according to the melting temperature. Here, the standard melting thermocouple is often not very correct, so it is necessary to manually check the melting temperature. Although this is a bit difficult, it is still worth eliminating mold pollution. Moreover, the surface temperature of the mold exit is lower than the temperature of the mold itself. In order to check the temperature of the mold exit, the surface thermocouple is required. The use of a gauge in mold exports helps reduce pollution and control pollution. The air mouth is stick -shaped and must be consistent with the shape of the squeezing profile. Another advantage of this method is that it can cool the attachment of the mold during the spraying process, so the attachment of the mold is not easy to oxidize or darkens. Nitrogen can also be used to prevent oxidation, but because it may affect the quality of squeezing forming products, it is necessary to pay attention to controlling the strength of blowing plastic or cooling the mold. If you change the material improvement materials, from thin and easy to flow to thick and soft things, it is possible to generate a variety of mold accumulation. Sub -accumulated accumulation may be caused by low molecular weight polymer components that are volatilized on the outlet of the mold. Thick and loose sediments are usually caused by local bubbles inside the melt, such as compatible problems between materials or excessive stress in the mold. Here, you need to pay attention to whether there are excess water in the resin, as well as whether the resin degrades, whether it is degraded, and whether the melting material is damaged or insufficient. There are also suppliers that provide resin that are more likely to produce dirt than other products, but so far, there are no fully uniform resin specifications in the market. When mold pollution occurs, try other materials from the same supplier. If the dirt is improved after the use of new materials, this information can be notified to the original resin supplier. The low -cut viscosity provided by different sources can be the same, but the elongation rate is very different. When there is no other performance difference, try to test the stretch viscosity. Resin with higher tensile viscosity, due to the higher stress at the exit of the mold, it is more likely to cause pollution problems in processing. Resin with high incidence soy foam may have high dirt rate. The narrow molecular measuring resin has a lower mold well, which does not mean that the possibility of dirt is lower. The narrow molecular weight distribution has a tendency to generate a large amount of low molecular quantum molecular components, so it has a tendency to be difficult to process. This time, it may worsen mold pollution. In order to test the degree of pollution of the mold, the processor tried to use several chemical methods. Recycling wastes often degradate during the previous processing process, and often generate a large amount of low molecular weight ingredients. If you add inhibitory pointsThe additives that solve, or the chain expansion agent that can be polymerized, may help improve dirt.If these methods are not good, you can only resold the information to others.Sometimes, using some kind of lubricant can help reduce dirt.EssenceHowever, if you use excessive use, the foul rate may increase.The chemical compatibility between different ingredients also plays an important role here.For example, a very unsuitable polymer mixing together often bring very serious mold pollution.In this case, it can be reduced to some extent by using a compatible agent.In order to reduce the stress at the exit of the mold, a small amount of fluoride polymer processing auxiliary can also be added.Several molds are quickly oxidized into brown or black.EssenceAdding several antioxidants can solve this problem.The problem.Although it cannot solve the dirt problem of the mold, because the scale of squeezing profiles and forming products becomes not obvious, it can reduce the impact of dirt on the quality of the finished product.Aluminum Alloy Die-casting身份还有在一个first-classdiecasting manufacturerDallas TexasAluminum alloy die castingThe reasons for the problem of air holes and analysis in the production of aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturing and analysis in the production of aluminum alloy alloy die -casting manufacturing, everyone often vaguely refers to the pores of the goods as the pores, so what are the pores caused by the pores? Let's make a brief analysis: 1. Due to the poor quality of exquisite qi, the pores are produced in aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturing, and the melted aluminum pouring temperature is usually 610 \u0026 ordem; C to 660 \u0026 ordem; There are a lot of steam bodies (mainly cymbal), and the solubility of sorchium aluminum alloy profile is closely related to the temperature of aluminum alloy profiles. It is about 0.69cmj/100 grams of liquid aluminum in 660 \u0026 ordem; The solid aluminum alloy profiles up and down of 660 \u0026 ordm; Therefore, when the aluminum alloy type is condensed, many hydrogen dissolves to the shape of the bubbles in the aluminum alloy die casting. Reduce the amount of gas in the aluminum water, and avoid the dissolved surface of the dissolved surface of the aluminum alloy material when the aluminum alloy material is condensed. This is the purpose of refined Qi in the process of smelting the whole process of aluminum alloy material. If the ingredients of the auto body are originally reduced in the aluminum fluid, the dissolved volume of the steam body will be reduced immediately during condensation, so the steam bubbles cause are less and less and significantly reduced. Therefore, the refinement of aluminum alloy profile is a very critical processing process. The refined cost -effectiveness is high, the outlets must be less, the fine quality is poor, and there must be more pores. The countermeasures to ensure the fine quality are the excellent refining agent first, and the excellent refining agent is 660 \u0026 ordem; C can reflect the auto bubbles up and down, which causes the steam bubbles to be not too strong, but it is proportioned and continuously causes steam bubbles. The effect of ordering, the foam and aluminum liquid are touched with sufficient touch, the longer the better, the bubble time of 6-8 minutes. When the aluminum alloy profile is refrigerated to 300 \u0026 ordem; The pores of the air are decentralized, with a slight needle eye. I feel that it is harmful and the surface of production and processing. The human eye foundation cannot be seen. When aluminum liquid is condensed, it is easy to dissolve the production and production of air bubbles. It is mostly a core part of the aluminum liquid. Although it is also decentralized, this kind of steam bubbles often cause water leakage. Compared to often cause steel parts. 2. Due to the poor exhaust pipes, the air pores are in the aluminum alloy die casting. Due to the poor exhaust pipe safety channels of the abrasive, the abrasive exhaust pipe design conceptual structure is not good, and the steam body in the concave mold during aluminum die does not have no auto body. The law is completely smooth and smooth, which leads to air holes in some fixed positions in the product. This type of air outlets made of steam body in the abrasive concave mold. The inner cavity of the air -out -out cavity is aluminum and heavy nitride reaction air oxide shades, which is different from the pores caused by the dissolution of the air. The inner cavity of the gas pores is not as bright as the gas hole, and there is no air oxide, but it is just a gray inner cavity. For the outlet caused by poor exhaust pipes, Should improve the exhaust pipe safety channel of the abrasive, and immediately remove the remaining aluminum skin on the safety channel of the abrasive exhaust pipe. Third, the pores of rolling gas caused by the poor parameters of aluminum pressure casting are not good at the main parameters of aluminum die -casting in aluminum pressure casting. The squeezing concave mold is rolled into the aluminum fluid by the aluminum liquid. Because the surface layer of the aluminum alloy material is quickly refrigerated, it is wrapped in the condensed aluminum alloy shell shell. Essence This type of air pores are usually under the surface of the steel parts. The aluminum water imports are less than the final convergence, and it is pear -shaped or oval -shaped. For this type of air pores, the charging rate should be adjusted, so that the aluminum alloy fluid fluid should be stable, which does not cause rolling gas. Fourth, the air pores and casting defects of aluminum alloy profiles are the same as other raw materials, which causes closing during condensation. The higher the pouring temperature of the aluminum alloy profile. The pores caused by the final condensation position of the aluminum alloy. It is irregular and more serious when it is more serious. When living in the product, it is existed with the pores that are easily dissolved in the condensation. There is a pores that are gathered around the periphery of the hydrogen to dissolve the pores or roll out the pores. Or a mesh structure. For this type of stomach, it is necessary to handle it from the pouring temperature. Under the condition of the casting process standard, the aluminum water pouring temperature during aluminum die is as possible. This can reduce the volume of the casting components, reduce the pores and casting defects. If such stomachs often appear in the addition position, you can consider improving the core or cold iron, so that it can change the final condensation position to deal with water leakage and in shortcut problems. Fifth, due to the large wall thickness of the product, the outlets of air -pores often occur in the problem of wall thickness difference. Usually, it is not possible to change the product. In the area of \u200b\u200bthe wall thickness management center In the position of the pores, the air holes in this kind of wall thickness are the combination of dissolving the pores and gathered pores, and it is not a general countermeasure to avoid. When designing the product, when designing ideas, you should consider reducing wall thickness or too thick problems. Using a hollow structure, you should consider adding cores or cold iron, water cooling heat dissipation, or raising the grinding gear in the stamping mold, or improve the grinding gear. The cooling rate here. In the production of aluminum pressure casting, pay attention to the low temperature of this location, and reduce the pouring temperature moderately. For the cause of the pores on it, how should people prevent it in normal manufacturing? 1. Ensure the essence of aluminum alloy material smelting, and use a good refining agent to reduce the amount of gas in the aluminum water. Immediately eliminate metal oxides such as liquid level mud and foam, and avoid bringing into the casting part again into the casting parts. 2. Choose an excellent decontamin. The decontamination agent should be used in aluminum pressure. 3. Ensure that the exhaust pipe of the mill is smooth and not blocked, and the exhaust pipe is smooth, ensuring that the auto body in the abrasive gear is completely discharged, especially at the end of the aluminum water polymer, the exhaust pipe safety channel must be smooth. 42. Adjust the main parameters of aluminum die -casting, the charging rate cannot be too fast to avoid curls.5. Reduce the humidity of the pouring environment. It is best to not need to be more than 660 \u0026 ordem; C. YL-II3 aluminum alloy profile cannot be less than 580 \u0026 ordem;Manipulation at 610 \u0026 ordem; C --640 \u0026 Ordm; C.6. In the design of products and stamping molds, pay attention to the application of core pumping and refrigeration to avoid defects of excessive wall differences.7. For air holes that often appear in fixed positions, you need to improve from the abrasive and design ideas.In general, in the aluminum die -casting, if the seven countermeasures are implemented, the reimbursement rate of aluminum -voltage casting products of aluminum alloy profiles can decrease sharply, and it will significantly increase the compliance rate of the product's standard rate.和Worcester Massachusettsdiecasting锁即diecast manufactureraround巨大Aluminum Alloy Die-casting琐之pressure casting

Detailed introduction of the characteristics of aluminum die casting. Aluminum pressure casting is an forging method that adds aluminum alloy alloy alloy to the speed, adding milling tools under the pressure standard, and the cooling forming method of refrigeration and forming under the pressure. One of the methods of heat treatment for molding processing process has incorporated the precision, complex, environmental protection energy saving, lightweight, and emerald green regulations in the contemporary processing manufacturing industry. Aluminum pressure casting is a high -precision forging method. The standard tolerance for casting components made by aluminum die casting is not large, and the surface layer is extremely precise. In most cases, the casting parts can no longer be milled and processed, and it is possible to do it. Use the wiring to use, and the parts with external threads can be cast immediately. Most of many complicated parts are manufactured based on aluminum pressure casting method, such as: small parts such as general printing machines, digital camera parts, decorations, electronic computing devices, etc. Parts, etc. The key difference between the die -casting manufacturer Zhongxintai informed everyone that the key difference between aluminum die -casting and other forging methods is the speed and pressure. 1. Metal material solution is quickly filled with concave molds, generally 10-50 meters per second, and some can still exceed 80 meters/s. Therefore, the charging time of the metal material liquid is very short, about 0.01-0.2 seconds, and then, it is within about 0.01-0.2 seconds. Can be covered with concave molds. 2. Metal material liquid adds concave molding under work pressure, and crystals condense under high work pressure. The general working pressure is 15-100MPa. What are the characteristics of aluminum die casting? According to the above aspects, everyone has a certain masterpiece. It can be seen that aluminum pressure casting has a fast rate and very high work pressure. This is also a problem that is better than other forging methods. , Can inquire about die -casting manufacturers.        而神Which company is cheapdiecasting manufacturerHow to contact而开diecastingWhich is closer然他Welcome to inquireWhich one is near上扯Medical die casting partsThe basic requirements of vacuum die -casting production have no special requirements for vacuum applications for high -quality die -casting production: fine -grained die -casting machine precision molds, with close -up room and punching high -quality alloy materials and melts to keep the process of precise temperature control and other good temperature control and other good temperature controls. The craftsmanship is lubricated. Different from traditional crafts, there is also a best exhaust design, that is, the vacuum exhaust environment is relatively closed, that is, the vacuum exhaust environment. The relative closure of the cavity is the most basic requirement for vacuum applications. From the appearance point of view, the release of the empty cavity will not fly, and the punch in the press room will not fall. If you meet the most basic requirements, vacuum exhaust will always be effective! Solving the exhaust problem in vacuum, regardless of the brand level of molds and die -casting machines, exhaust demand is the same. In addition to the successful imported molds and die -casting machines in the vacuum market, there is also a fact that domestic molds and die -casting machines produce high -quality products in vacuum. On the other hand, the application of vacuum can be improved, but the shortcomings of other conditions cannot be resolved. There are problems that there are no special conditions. For example, the vacuum is relatively reduced pressure and reduces the pressure rate, but this is not the mainstream target using vacuum exhaust.apprentice力甩Zinc alloy die castingMold is a traditional manufacturing industry. In China's mold design and manufacturing, advanced computer technology was used in the late 1990s. It has been developed for more than ten years. At that time, large state -owned enterprises could buy expensive CNC devices and design software, but due to historical reasons, the 30 -year -old technician was blank. Due to the limited acceptance capacity, the computer technology used at the time of the mold industry was not successful. In recent years, a large number of practitioners have poured in, and the application of CADCAM/CAE has only improved. After graduating from college in 1997, I just caught up with the introduction of Spanish CNC machine tools, the introduction of the software of the American PTC company, the guidance of the company's old technicians and the guidance of the older generation of studio technicians. The application of CAM in the mold industry has its own experience and comes here and fights with mold partners. At the same time, I want to thank all the masters who teach me this opportunity at the second steam carburetor factory. Step 1: 3D modeling die casting size can be divided into three sizes: hole size, axis size, and position size. Each size is processed separately according to the requirements of the tolerance, and one explanation is performed at one time. (Assume that the accuracy of the management of the unsatisfactory tolerance dimension is \u0026 plusmn; 0.1) Pole size: In traditional die -casting products, if the tolerance is different, the size of the hole will usually give positive deviations, and the shape list looks like correct The table. Pole size: This is very simple. Generally, the die -casting product is \u0026 plusmn; deviation, which can be directly in the shape of the nominal size. In short, the shape of the product is summarized in a sentence and follows the principles of \u0026 quot; small entity principles \u0026 quot; \u0026 quot; The purpose is to leave a fixed number of mold maintenance, which inevitably has a certain degree of processing accuracy during the workshop manufacturing process. This should be considered a modeling model. The above is the solution determined by the company's process level. Each company can determine the specific modeling solution according to the technical level of the workshop and the principle of this small entity. However, the mold -shaped personnel should pay attention to such a fact, that is, the tolerance cannot be marked on the drawing and must be reflected in the 3D shape.

3. Factors affecting shadow polishing quality of the shadow. Because the polishing of the machine is mainly done manually, the appointment of polishing technology is also the main reason for the current level of the raid quality. In addition, it continuously involves mold materials and surface environment before polishing, and enthusiastic processing technology appointments. It is better that because steel materials are prerequisite for obtaining abrasive quality, if there are differences in hardness and surface characteristics, it is easy to grind. Various switches and air holes in the steel are not conducive to gloss. 3.1 Hardness is the appointment of increasing hardness affecting polishing technology and increasing the effect of polishing, but the roughness of polishing is MRR. Due to high hardness, the polishing time required to be lower. It also has higher hardness and less polishing opportunities. 3.2 The appointment of the appointment of the shadow effect of steel materials The surface of the appointment of the project parts is a broken past cutting machine processing, which is kept on the surface of the cutting machine, internal stress, or is broken by other elements. The failure of the cutting parameter affects the shadow to the polishing effect. The surface of the electric spark processing, due to the polished general machine processing surface and enthusiastic processing, is Comare polar \u0026 quot; if there is no proper selection of the electric fireworks, the depth of the thermal influencing layer will rise to 0.4 mm. Because the thin residue of hardening is higher than the substrate hardness, it must be removed. Therefore, it eliminates residues on the surface of the scratches on the bottom of the sea and established an average coarse metal surface, providing a good foundation for polishing.NearbyDo you know how to evaluate the quality of high -precision die -casting molds, the evaluation problem of the quality of die -casting mold, in the following, the technical engineers of the die -casting plant will make a detailed introduction for you, and look forward to some assistance to you. Under general conditions, the specifications of the quality assessment of die casting molds are carried out in all aspects, including the accuracy of specifications, the productivity of aluminum die -casting, the credibility of the abrasive utensils, the life of the mill, the design scheme of the die -casting mold passerby,, the design plan of the die tract, and the design plan of the die tract, and the design plan of the die tract of die -casting molds, and the design scheme of the die tract of die -casting molds. Is the design of the die -casting mold effective six levels, and the following will be explained in detail one by one. 1. The accuracy of the specifications is whether the zinc alloy casting of the aluminum lying bias can be cast. 2. The productivity of aluminum die -casting, that is, the time required for a commodity for aluminum pressure. 3. The credibility of the mill, the die -casting mold can always be maintained. 4. The use life of the mill, die casting molds can generally be removed by 100W set, far lower than that of this standard value is not a passing mold. 5. The design scheme of die -casting molds in the runway. The products cast by aluminum pressure are not easy to have flow patterns and rupture. 6. Is the design of the die -casting mold effective? This effective includes, the overall design of the die -casting mold is effective. The design plan of the water inlet is appropriate. Pumping cores, products are not easy to stick. This must be engaged in the work experience of stamping mold for many years.The production of casting in zinc alloy die -casting technical properties must be used to use a certain temperature, and the selection of temperature is quite high -level decision to produce the quality of the quality of the casting parts. The role of casting components, so it is necessary to notice the temperature selection when the technology of zinc alloy die -casting is technically. First, the selection of the melting temperature of zinc alloy materials, because the method of metal material is used during die casting, so it is necessary to clarify a certain temperature when the metal composite material is carried out. There are differences in the dissolution of the raw materials, so this also determines the selection of temperature, which is based on the specific situation to clarify how the temperature is. When performing die -casting on metal materials, the injection work pressure of the die casting machine must also be decided according to the working pressure of zinc alloy compression casting and its fertilization rate. It can only be improved to the formation of the casting for only good renovation of zinc alloy pressure casting. The selection of operating temperature during zinc alloy die casting is very critical. It cannot be too high, which will cause high density in the internal structure of the casting component. The gas cannot be removed, so it cannot be formed. It is very critical to the temperature when developing zinc alloy die casting. It has important decision -making effects for all casting components, which is important to harm the quality of casting components and its casting characteristics.pressure casting

2022最新:9. The purpose of preheating (mold) preheating (mold) is to prevent (mold) type heat shock cracking, reduce the cooling temperature of the casting, increase the covering force, and damage the push rod and core. In the production of aluminum alloy castings, the surface of the core and cavity is generally 150 ~ 210 \u0026 deg; C. When preheating, be sure to heat and evenly heat the mold parts (front mold), especially the stretching protrusion and corner. Before preheating, please clean the mold (mold). Do not apply the lubricant to the core material or push rod, because the lubricating fat is lubricated during overheating, or the surface of the mold is corroded. The preheating of the mold is the last preparation before die casting, so you can only preheat the mold before confirming all other preparation work. After the preheating, check the status of each active component, please pay attention to the cord core, push rod, slider, etc. should not cause card mold phenomena. 10 types (molds), with temperature, die -casting cycle and cooling water volume control type (mold), temperature, die casting cycle, are directly related to the amount of cooling water, general, long cycle time, type (mode) temperature, short cycle time , High mold temperature. The cooling water volume is large, the type (mode) temperature is low, the water is small, and the mold temperature is high. If the temperature of the mold (mold) is too low, the bottom casting, the shortage of meat quality, the cold separation, the pattern, the contraction, etc., can cause cracking, mold (mode) temperature, slow condensation, shrinkage, pores, and prone to needle holes. Hot accumulation, heat cracking and fixing. The temperature control range of the aluminum alloy system (mold) is 210 to 300 \u0026 deg; C. The type (mold) mentioned here, using the temperature, after washing, refers to the molding by spraying the mold before the mold. (Mold) at temperature. In addition, the temperature of the mold (mold) starts to reduce the temperature of the mold (mold). Different temperature measurement time. Due to the different measurement temperature, it is necessary to choose the temperature measurement point to a typical fixed point. Although the type (mold) is a design, there is a cooling channel and overflow slot to balance the temperature distribution, but in general, there is always a temperature difference unbalanced, the measurement point is not selected, and the measurement temperature is different. In order to control the temperature of the mold, first stabilize the die -casting cycle, and then determine the mold temperature field (model) according to the surface quality of the casting. Distribute and then adjust the cooling channel water to meet the conditions for manufacturing high -quality castings. In addition, when you interrupt your work, you must turn off cooling water.让本diecasting manufacturerWhich is fast还需Metal die castingIn fact, there are many reasons for the deformation of zinc alloy pressure casting. ; Some surface layers do not smooth the frictional resistance, and the commodity changes when it comes out; the temperature of the abrasive gear is too high, the goods are not thoroughly solid, the time is large, or the small chain setting is not good. ; Caused product deformation. Zinc alloy die -casting manufacturers casting and solutions caused by the problem of casting and solutions (1) Features: ① overall shape change or partial deformation; ② the geometric graphic sample of casting parts of the casting of the casting parts does not meet. (2) Cause: ① The zinc alloy pressure casting structure is not good; ② the outlet is too early, the casting part of the casting parts is insufficient ③ the small chain setting is not good, and the support is not uniform when the top is out; The thickness is too thick, and it is very easy to deform when removing the inlet of the tape; ⑤ from the partial surface layer is not smooth, the friction resistance is large, and the commodity will change the time; , Caused product deformation. (3) Solution of die -casting manufacturers: ① Improve zinc alloy pressure casting structure; ② Effectively regulate pressure -keeping and molding date ③ effective setting top parts and small chains, preferably 4, wide areas; ④ Improve the plastic port area, so that the inlet mouth has a point, reducing the thickness of the inlet of the inlet, which can ensure the forging quality of the product as the standard to remove the product when the inlet is removed; Resistance; ⑥ Decompatiently manipulate the temperature of some abrasives to maintain the heating cycle of the abrasive gear. This kind of problem above the reliable pressure casting manufacturer can be manipulated, not only the quality is ensured, but even the maintenance of the middle and late stages is more meaningful. Therefore, people must choose a manufacturer with overall strength without customized aluminum alloy castings.坏事diecastingDecades ago, the heat chamber die -casting was the first to achieve automation. In order to truly (especially automated) production, good molds and peripheral equipment must cooperate. In any case, it is necessary to have molds suitable for machines. It only needs to be produced. The process penetrates into it. The so -called process is stayed in the mold. 1. Installation and operation of the heathouse die -casting machine requires certain care for the installation and operation of the hot room die -casting machine. (1) The slope of connecting the nozzle body to match the tilt of the body, making it the same as the CL line in Figure 1. When the mold is fixed on the front panel, the heart of the mold door band and the nozzle (the deviation), the nozzle may bend and deform during the mold casting process. Therefore, metal liquid overflows and scattering, and there are potential safety hazards. (2) The nozzle contacts of the molded band, and the nozzle (subject) heated at the same time, and on the other hand, the door -toas cooled down. Therefore, the nozzle and the gate are in contact with the pipeline to reduce the contact surface. It is necessary to reduce heating and cooling. The mutual influence. There is risk of interference work, and the nozzle is blocked in severe cases. (3) The temperature of the nozzle (subject) is heated to avoid the temperature of the metal solution. At this temperature, the metal solution in the nozzle will not return to the pot when the head is flowing back. The punching journey changes, affecting the die casting quality, and does not work in severe cases. (4) Calculate the quality of the metal solution. In addition to the quality of the casting, the quality of the 20mm liquid pad from the quality of the casting, the massage system, and the metal to the bottom of the pot. While maintaining the pressure, the punching of the hot room continues to move forward, while continuing to press the uncompressed hot water road, cast through the liquid pad, and the gap between the peristals and metal solution overflows the pores. This is different from the cold chamber die -casting machine. The punch cannot be directly contacted with the bottom of the pot.就将Metal die casting pressure castingWhich is better

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