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        Garland TexasmajorZinc alloy die castingWhich is faster【Sincerely invite consultation】          Garland TexasAluminum alloy die castingThere are达时The precision die casting has many characteristics in the operation process. Its physical properties are higher than the physical properties of the raw iron, but the worse the characteristics of its raw iron, and the comparison of the solubility point in the entire process of precision die casting is different from the dissolution point. The raw materials are higher. Many people do not master the characteristics and temperatures of precision die -casting. Let's take a look today. There must be many problems that must be paid attention to during the entire process of production and processing of precision die -casting. The basis of melting state metal materials can be worse. In the whole process of production and processing Not enough or cold, the thickness of the casting components cannot be lower than 8mm. The structural power of the precision die -casting system software is relatively simple. In the whole process of production and processing, the hot metal casting or dry metal casting is selected. Precision die -casting temperatures ensure that the solution is very good in the entire process of betting. Selecting precision die -casting temperatures should be confirmed according to the distance of the bet, the condition of the reducing process, manganese steel, specification model, total flow, etc., stainless steel plate precision precision The temperature of the casting temperature is 50 to 110 ° C than the high -efficiency liquid phase of manganese steel. The production temperature of precision die -casting can reasonably ensure that its solute will have a very good flow rate during the entire process of re -betting. The machine and equipment must be based on the distance between the forging temperature and the spacing of their bets and their bets. Some elements of the overall process, etc. to carry out some elements to confirm that the cracking trend of the precision casting of stainless steel plates is relatively low. In the entire process of application, it must be reasonably ensured that its manganese steel has its excellent exhaust pipe supplementary work ability. In this way, it can create the standard of sequential crystals at a certain level, so that it can increase its relative density, and the temperature that forged will be high.道他

        Garland Texas强时Medical die casting parts3. Draw the-Q Figure P-Q relationship to determine the size of the pouring system, and determine whether the selected pressure casting function can generate high-quality castings. In order to better apply this relationship, for specific mold pressure casting machines, the method of drawing can be used, the so-called P-Q diagram. By applying this relationship, you can easily determine the effect of using the mold on the die -casting machine. Examples of P-Q are displayed in Figure 1. The intersection of the transmitting capacity boundary line and the horizontal coordinate axis of the die casting machine represents the maximum metal flow. This flow velocity is determined by the formula: q \u003d vd_ag. AG's plunger area, VD is the launch rate of \u0026 quot; dry \u0026 quot;. Theoretically, this speed is the maximum speed that can be achieved by the plunger of the die -casting machine. \u0026 quot; dry \u0026 quot; pressure rate, speed control valve is completely opened, and can be measured by pressing without burning metal. You can also estimate the injection rate of \u0026 quot; dry \u0026 quot; in the measured pressure rays. The intersection of the emission capacity boundary line and die casting machine vertical coordinate axis indicates \u0026 quot; static \u0026 quot; metal pressure. This pressure can be calculated from the parameters of other measurable die casting machines, as shown in Figure 2, PM-metal pressure P1 pump top pressure P2-SYRINENGe pump pump pumping pistol A1-upper area A2-SYRINGE pump pump pump bottom area The boundary of the ignition capacity of the AP plunger area determines a specific die -casting machine (the band layout can only be manipulated below this row). The situation of the die -casting machine changes, and this capacity boundary will also change. As the injection capacity of the die casting machine increases, the line levels move upward, and the slope remains unchanged. Changes in the plunger area will affect the spray pressure and metal flow rate. Because the jet ability is proportional to the diameter of the plunger, the inclination of the spray capacitor boundary of the die casting machine also changes with the plunger area. The minimum flow boundary is the cast volume (V) divided by the theoretical filling time (t): q \u003d v/t. By dividing the casting weight (W) in the melting metal density (*), the casting volume: v \u003d w/\u0026 alpha;. The theoretical filling time can calculate the T the theory filling time in the formula of the following experience formula (equivalent to the maximum filling time) K-EXP constant TI-melting metal temperature metal flowing TF minimum temperature TD-mold temperature fill S -solid score Z -unit conversion coefficient T casting thickness. The use formula is based on experience data, because some official parameters are difficult to measure accurately. These data have been collected after years of practice and can be reviewed by various die casting reference books. The filling time can also be estimated based on the experience of the die -casting plant itself. In order to obtain high -quality castings, the door speed should not be too low or too high. If the door speed is too low, the casting defect is caused by the non -atomic filling conditions, and the port speed is too large, resulting in the filling of the mold. eat. The door speed recommended by the North American Die Casting Association is zinc alloy die casting 40-55 m/sEssenceTherefore, by using the formula (1), the value of the metal pressure boundary can be obtained.Metal die casting乱这还有在乎连professionalMetal die castingJacksonvilleAluminum Alloy Die-castingThe source and generation of impurities (or) the source and generation of impurities refer to the compound of zinc alloy is a compound of aluminum component and alloy iron components in high temperature environments. Therefore, it is due to the synthesis of impurities unused in multi -repeatable and unused in Mizuguchi materials. What is the source of impurities extracted from practice? (1) Electroplating and return to the furnace. (2) Die -casting thermal components of residual materials in the high temperature corridor. (3) The water inlet material is returned to the generation of oxidation furnace multiple times. Next, Case 2 is introduced as a case of mobile phone case 2. (1) Product: Mobile phone case. 1) Material: zamak3) Die cast device: DC8 die casting. 3) Die-casting alloy temperature: 415-425 \u0026 deg; C4) Modular holes No. 1. (2) Defective state. The product is produced by 20 and 000 models. It is not detected in the pollution test. After the product is produced, it is observed in the direction of the product's return slot in the direction of the product's return slot. After observation, the hard point quality is very high, and the polishing technology cannot be removed. After trying, a wet steel sound is made. (3) Analysis and improvement measures. 1) Stop production, replace new pots, goose torso and new raw materials, and then re -produce. It is found that there is no difficulty to find materials when producing products. Through the test, the source comes from die -cast heating products because it has been proven that there are no miscellaneous materials in the new raw materials. Assume that the maximum working temperature of the three working objects is the injection body, and the pot and neck are analyzed from the three points of the main body (assuming the iron in the aluminum ingredients and the steel in the alloy are synthesized at high temperature). The outer surface is set between 450-480 \u0026 deg; In the observation, it was set to 450 \u0026 deg; c, and heated covering more than 50 \u0026 deg at the mature temperature; C was smooth in the dark red, the inner hole was smooth, and it was not stored in a brand new sputtering state. After a certain period of time, the zinc alloy solution has a concave hole to varying degrees of inner holes, especially the middle high temperature part. Due to the existence of concave pores, the ALFE compound is generated by the corrosion of the synthesis of the synthesis and the injection in the aluminum component. 2) In addition to the above methods, the cleanliness of the entrance and secondary regeneration materials must also be controlled. The electroplating waste cannot be returned to the furnace, nor can it be placed in the furnace field. Due to the existence of chromium and oxide, these two metals are difficult to be difficult to exist. Dissolved in the alloy melt solution. Because the particles contain alloys, there is a mixed alloy in the process of manufacturing die -casting, so it is possible to display the hard point by polishing. 3) In the case of the mobile phone, in addition to the following two methods, from the perspective of the die -casting machine, the injection molding ratio, and the mold gate, the existence of the product can be effectively eliminated by changing the reasonable combination of the overflow tank. It is conducive to filling type and tail gas, and its purpose is to quickly discharge impurities and cold liquid into the overflow tank.和Tallahassee Floridadiecasting东极Medical die casting partsfirst-class恢复Zinc alloy die casting险外Zinc alloy die casting

How to clean these zinc alloy materials and deep -hole polishing creams must be mastered by some basic knowledge. 1. Steel parts: zinc alloy pressure casting 2. Cleaning the purpose: replace the valentine, except polishing ointment to oil 3. Production process: 1) Aluminum die -casting \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; polished polishing \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; stamping mold \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Ethyl chloride removal cleansing \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; electroplating process/powder spraying/oil pump 2) Aluminum die -casting \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; polished polishing \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; stamping mold \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; Spray/oil pump 4. Cleanings regulations: 1) Eliminate the deparagine and ingredient oil used in the entire process of wax and aluminum die -casting or stamping molds caused by polishing and polishing; Order. 3) Apply high -efficiency and environmentally friendly cleaning agent, but the steel parts do not lose color and does not produce air oxidation. 5. The problems existing at this stage: 1) The slope of buried holes or deep holes and holes is not cleaned up, and it becomes yellow and black. Easy to fade, produce air oxidation. 6. Floating environmental protection and cleanup Solidation results 1) According to the condition of steel parts, the floating environmental protection cleaner is used to solve it. The resolved steel parts are determined by customers and meet the actual cleanup requirements. Cleaning the actual effect is compared with the three -chloride ethylene. All the angles of buried holes or deep holes and holes are cleaned up and timely, and the steel parts do not lose color and do not change black; keep oil removal and wax with one time. Piaojie uses project engineers to show service support for manufacturers to help manufacturers maintain high efficiency, safety, environmental protection, and environmental protection and energy saving of the entire process of cleanup. 2) Piaoling cleaner is non -toxic and odorless, does not evaporate harmful and harmful substances, uses safety, is not harmful to the body; it has degradability and does not endanger the value of the index value of the sewage high manganate index. It has obtained the quality certification of China's environmental protection products and is in line with the European Community environmental protection identity. In line with the environmental protection regulations of the Environmental Protection Bureau, the ROSH and Reach commands are ordered.        空间equipmentdiecast manufacturerWhich company is very professional出现diecastWhat's the company phone number规则We sincerely invite you to inquireWhich company is fast大陆Medical die casting partsChemical thermal treatment forms a hardening layer. Nitrogen that enters the surface of the steel through penetration of nitrogen is called nitrogen moisture, which is usually called nitride. Compared with carburizing, the die -casting mold has been nitroded, and steel has high surface hardness and abrasion resistance after nitride. At present, gas nitride is generally used. In other words, ammonia is introduced into a closed nitrogen tank and heated to the nitride temperature, which is decomposed into a source nitrogen atom and is absorbed on the surface of the steel band. In order to shorten the nitride cycle of deep nitrogen layer, the ion nitride process is currently widely used. Ion nitride treatment is suitable for any steel and cast iron, fast nitride speed, die -casting mold nitride, nitrogen layer and nitride tissue can be controlled, the deformation is very small, the brittleness of the nitrogen layer is reduced, and the steel has been significantly improved. The process and parameters of toughness, surface hardness, and fatigue strength of the gas nitride mainly depends on the requirements of component nitride depth and surface hardness. There are generally three types of nitride: equal temperature nitrogen, two stages of nitride, and third -level nitride. Nitride uses ammonia to decompose active nitrogen atoms during heating, and forms a nitride layer to be absorbed on the surface and spread to the heart of the rock. Carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel do not apply to nitrogen components that require high hardness and high wear resistance. In order to improve corrosion resistance, carbon steel and ordinary alloy steel can be selected. Generally speaking, most nitride components work under friction and complex dynamic loads, regardless of its surface or core characteristics. Ion nitride is completely different from the traditional ammonia splitting method and cyanide nitride. It is widely used in the fields of automotive, machinery, precision equipment, and extruded molding machines. The scope of molds and many other areas is still expanding. The advantage of ion nitrogen is that the nitride is fast, and there are many such high thermal efficiency. Compared with further gas nitride, the transmission layer is not crispy, dense, abrasion -resistant, corrosion resistance, and high fatigue resistance. In the ion nitrogen, there are problems such as brittleness and nitride. Shanghai Yinyin Metal Products Co., Ltd. has special crispy and uneven nitride technology.Which one is cheaper走着Aluminum Alloy Die-casting2. Improve the life of the die -casting shape. There are many ways to improve the life of die -casting molds, mainly from four aspects: one is mold material, the other is mold design, the third is mold manufacturing, and the fourth is the use and maintenance of molds. (1) Mold material. The heat treatment of mold materials and materials is the main factor affecting the life of the mold. The mold materials include cavity materials and plate materials. 1. Type -type material. The type of cavity material and thermal treatment are the main direct factors that affect the life of the mold. There are two main forms of mold damage in the previously described, one is cracks, and the other is surface cracks. Select the appropriate mold steel according to the requirements of different castings and different die casting conditions. Optimized thermal treatment technology is an important way to extend the life of the mold. When selecting cavity materials, mold steel must have the ability to resist crack expansion and stretching. In order to avoid the overall cracks and Europe, research should be carried out in three aspects. The improved H 1 and H 13 steels produced by different manufacturers in Japan have improved the toughness and ductility of die -casting mold steel as the first. Simply put, high toughness and extension properties improve the heat -resistant fatigue of steel and improve the life of the mold. The other is the gold phase analysis of the material. The fine tissue structure determines that the performance of the steel is not just alloy elements. The thinner the golden phase organization, the higher the impact. On the one hand, the gold phase organization depends on the characteristics of the material itself, and on the other hand, it also depends on thermal treatment. The third is the quality of the material. The die -casting cavity material is usually forged steel, and it is prone to micro -cracks inside. Fast discovery and avoidance are very important. To this end, Huiwang Company configured the impact test machine, the gold phase analyzer and the detector, which controlled the materials, confirmed the effect of thermal treatment, ensured the quality of the mold and extended the life of the mold. However, at present, most domestic die -casting mold manufacturing companies have no detection equipment, so they cannot control mold materials and thermal treatment effects, which affects the life of the mold and deserves attention. In the model heat treatment, thermal treatment process is an important factor affecting the life of the mold. Two problems are very important. One is the heat treatment process, especially the high temperature maintenance time during thermal treatment. Choose appropriate processes according to the size and shape of the parts. On the other hand, according to the differences in the heat treatment manufacturer, in order to reduce costs, sometimes the heat treatment of various components of various characteristics will be used to save costs to reduce the time of the mold in order to reduce the time to maintain the time. The quenching of material heat treatment is not good. As we all know, if no quenching, it will have a great impact on the life of the mold, so the faster the quenching speed, the better. The second is the choice of hardening hardness. The thermal treatment of the cavity is usually between HRC 43-52 degrees. It is a many die -casting manufacturing enterprises. It is generally consistent when choosing mold hardness, most of which are HRC 4-46. The actual template thermal treatment hardness should be comprehensively considering the selection of materials and thermal treatment according to the characteristics of casting alloy materials, castings, die casting technology and the quality characteristics of castings. Under different hardness, the materials are also different. The hardness of the cavity is high, the mold is not easy to stick to the mold, but it is easy to rupture. The aluminum is easy to stick together when the hardness is low, but the mold is not easy to break. Die -casting zinc alloy and magnesium alloy, moldThe hardness of the cavity is as high as possible. Can extend the life of the mold. Therefore, choosing the appropriate material and thermal treatment hardness can also extend the life of the mold, which is also a subject worthy of in -depth research. 2. Overlap material. The sleeve material contains sliding, rods, etc., which is also the main reason that affects the life of the mold. During the high-voltage casting process, the die-casting ratio is usually 40-90 km/square centimeter, which is very high pressure on the impact of the die-casting cavity. On the other hand, the sleeve is important as the fixation of the cavity, the sliding of the slider, and locking. If you choose improperly, it will also affect the life of the mold. Therefore, according to the requirements of each casting and different die casting conditions and cavity materials, the appropriate board must be selected. Nowadays, most of our country's die -casting boards have used graphite cast iron or cast steel. In recent years, some of the S 50 C forging steel have been used. After the quality adjustment, from the actual effect, it has a greater improvement than before. It is used abroad to quench steel or 4140 quenching before P20. Although the cost of mold is increased, it has greatly improved the stability of the board and prolonged the life of the mold. This is our reference.

It is important to choose a high -quality die casting. The long -term production and sales of aluminum alloy die castings of the hardware factory have been supported by many friends before building and development. These support should not only promote our factory, but also provide motivation for the development of the factory, encourage all employees of our factory to not give up in difficulties and move forward bravely. It has become a reliable aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturer. Many companies believe that their downstream suppliers are reliable, and their technology is mature and strong. A good stable supplier can save a lot of funds and improve the efficiency of the company. How to determine the capabilities of aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers, and how to achieve standards? First of all, from the scale of the factory, if the number of employees in the aluminum alloy die -casting plant is large, we can see that the profit of this manufacturer is not good. The reason is that if the profit of the aluminum alloy die -casting plant is not good, it is impossible to bear the burden of so many employees. Next, how many die -casting machines are there and how many tons are there? The strength of aluminum alloy die -casting manufacturers can also be seen. Generally speaking, the die -casting machine continues to run for 24 hours, saving funds. Finally, we must understand whether the aluminum die -casting plant has its own design team. As a production engineer in the die -casting industry, it is very important to evaluate the product structure, mold production, design, manufacturing feasibility and operability.There areZinc alloy materials are hard and solid, and are idealized mechanical processing manufacturing, molding, copying, and manufacturing raw materials for production and assembly. 1. The characteristics of zinc alloy: 1. Hard and sturdy 2. High conductivity 3. High heat conductivity 4. High -cost low raw material 5. Precise and stable three -dimensional characteristics 6. Excellent thick wall characteristics 7. Good refrigeration characteristics, easy to connect 8. High -quality finished product 9. Powerful corrosion resistance 10. Energy -saving type, recall system application 2. Classification of zinc alloy materials 2 zinc alloy materials are also called Kirksite. It is the strongest aluminum alloy of this family. However, because of the high copper composition and the changes in time, it will accompany the characteristics of brittleness. This change includes the mild volume increase (0.0014mm/[inin]) after 20 years, A certain reduction of capabilities. Although the No. 2 zinc alloy material is a very good mold material, it is very rare to be selected by the molding operator. Its stress relaxation is mainly higher than other zinc alloy materials, and after being brittle, it still maintains high hardness and sturdy. No. 3 zinc alloy material is preferably raw material for zinc pressure models, and is the hottest zinc alloy material in North America. Its balanced house and organic chemistry are the most consistent, especially in the appropriate injection molding mold. The three -dimensional type is stable and aging. This is why most of the abrasives use it as raw materials. The quality of the No. 3 zinc alloy material is very good, suitable for electroplating technology, spray paint and chromium sulfuric acid. It is a standardized aluminum pressure casting raw material.Zinc alloy materials are very beautiful and generous. However, before the formation of zinc alloy material precision die -casting, you know how necessary it is to have the hairy embryo. Whether the precision die -casting of zinc alloy materials can be done well. In addition to the irresponsible relationship with the abrasive and machinery and equipment, it is even more important to cooperate with each other. Below it will explain the benefits of the precision die -casting of zinc alloy materials for you. Often you cannot ignore the production of precision die -casting hair embryos of zinc alloy materials. Because it has many benefits, this benefit can be combed as the following five points: 1. Can fully ensure the smooth development of the metal surface treatment process afterwards. Greatly improve the quality of the product of the die. 2. Save the time of going to the front, increase productivity, and quickly carry out the next production process stronger and rapidly. 3. With the improvement of the quality of the zinc alloy pressure casting, the polishing and polishing will also be very rapid. The probability of poor quality is low, and the time can be very good. 4. Zinc alloy material precision die -casting hair hair can greatly improve the actual effect of metal surface treatment, and then make the resolved product exquisite and gloss, and the metal luster is obvious. 5. Make the work efficiency of the full inspection of die -casting products steadily increased, and then quickly increase the delivery rate of delivery according to the advantages of 5 points. You should be able to understand the necessity of the hair casting of die casting.Zinc alloy die casting

2022最新:There are three elements of precision die -casting processing processes, aluminum alloy, die -casting mold and aluminum pressure casting machine. In the whole process of die -casting manufacturing, there are certain regulations for the precision specifications of precision die castings. The key features of die casting different from other forging methods are pressure pressure and speed. Today, let's take a look at the precision specifications and manufacturing regulations of precision die casting. The aluminum alloy can be divided into zinc alloy die -casting and aluminum alloy die casting. The aluminum pressure casting machine is also divided into a hot room die -casting machine and a cold room die -casting machine. The production cycle of precision die -casting is very short. Therefore, the cylinder head, engine crankshaft and its engine cylinder and other castings are reasonably selected by its clay wet sandy processing technology. At that time, it was necessary to consider the application of clay sand tables. The net weight of clay wet sand forging can achieve tens of kilograms, and the net weight of its casting products can reasonably achieve dozens of tons. Generally, large and medium -sized castings are targeted at large and medium -sized castings. Sand and stainless steel castings can be manufactured with water glass sand. That precision die casting can reasonably obtain its high precision specifications. The surface layer of the product is very smooth, but the cost of application costs is relatively high. At that time, other forging methods should be selected. In the process of carrying out many production and manufacturing, precision die -casting must reasonably choose its excellent core and its modeling design methods. If its old -fashioned method is selected, its productivity is unqualified and the labor efficiency of construction workers is used. When the goods are made, their noise is large, which is not suitable for many of its manufacturing regulations.你叙diecasting manufacturerWhich formal封锁Zinc alloy die casting9. The purpose of preheating (mold) preheating (mold) is to prevent (mold) type heat shock cracking, reduce the cooling temperature of the casting, increase the covering force, and damage the push rod and core. In the production of aluminum alloy castings, the surface of the core and cavity is generally 150 ~ 210 \u0026 deg; C. When preheating, be sure to heat and evenly heat the mold parts (front mold), especially the stretching protrusion and corner. Before preheating, please clean the mold (mold). Do not apply the lubricant to the core material or push rod, because the lubricating fat is lubricated during overheating, or the surface of the mold is corroded. The preheating of the mold is the last preparation before die casting, so you can only preheat the mold before confirming all other preparation work. After the preheating, check the status of each active component, please pay attention to the cord core, push rod, slider, etc. should not cause card mold phenomena. 10 types (molds), with temperature, die -casting cycle and cooling water volume control type (mold), temperature, die casting cycle, are directly related to the amount of cooling water, general, long cycle time, type (mode) temperature, short cycle time , High mold temperature. The cooling water volume is large, the type (mode) temperature is low, the water is small, and the mold temperature is high. If the temperature of the mold (mold) is too low, the bottom casting, the shortage of meat quality, the cold separation, the pattern, the contraction, etc., can cause cracking, mold (mode) temperature, slow condensation, shrinkage, pores, and prone to needle holes. Hot accumulation, heat cracking and fixing. The temperature control range of the aluminum alloy system (mold) is 210 to 300 \u0026 deg; C. The type (mold) mentioned here, using the temperature, after washing, refers to the molding by spraying the mold before the mold. (Mold) at temperature. In addition, the temperature of the mold (mold) starts to reduce the temperature of the mold (mold). Different temperature measurement time. Due to the different measurement temperature, it is necessary to choose the temperature measurement point to a typical fixed point. Although the type (mold) is a design, there is a cooling channel and overflow slot to balance the temperature distribution, but in general, there is always a temperature difference unbalanced, the measurement point is not selected, and the measurement temperature is different. In order to control the temperature of the mold, first stabilize the die -casting cycle, and then determine the mold temperature field (model) according to the surface quality of the casting. Distribute and then adjust the cooling channel water to meet the conditions for manufacturing high -quality castings. In addition, when you interrupt your work, you must turn off cooling water.再过Metal die castingInjection molding molds are simply a device that can turn metal materials from liquid to solid. The basic principle is to forge and charge in the injection molding mold in the injection molding mold at a low speed or speed, and then accompanied by the metal material liquid liquid The whole process of refrigeration is made of coercion, and eventually produces the products that everyone wants to think. The injection molding mold can be said to continue to run every day, so what should everyone do to increase its use period? Below, we can simply introduce the editor. I. Maintain the best grinding gear gap: The language narrative of the grinding gap in technical majors is the sum of the gap between the punch in the gap in the upper model. Maintaining the best grinding gear gap can ensure the quality of excellent punching machines, and reducing the production of wool edges and collapse, which can increase the service life of injection molding molds. So what should I do? We can determine whether the injection molding mold gap is suitable according to the condition of the stamping mold waste. When the gap is too large, the waste will appear without smooth fluctuations and its smaller bright surface, which will cause the punching machine to have a rolling and rupture, and even a thin bump. 2. Moderate grinding: The abrasion of the abrasive has not been used for the long -term damage of the injection molding mold, reducing the use of the abrasive utensils. Therefore, when the steel parts appear too large or stamping molds, abnormal noise may be caused by the abnormalities. At this time, it is necessary to check the punch and the mold. When the edge of the blade is damaged, it needs to be grinded when it is half a curved of 0.11mm. And the appropriate grinding method should be used to repair. How to reasonably increase the use of injection molding molds? On the top, only two ways to increase the service life of the abrasive use of the abrasive tool. I look forward to the specific work of everyone. Only everyone can usually love the abrasive gear to make it more efficient.相拉Aluminum alloy die casting Zinc alloy die castingHow to charge

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